App Update December 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, we're back with a Kajabi App Update!

You may have already seen a couple of these in the Kajabi dashboard, but just in case you haven't, here's what you missed! 

Drip Notification Times

You can set your Drip notifications to send out at the time of your choice.

Keep in mind, you'll want to keep this set to your local timezone. 

Zip/Postal Code Collection Added

When you collect the address upon checkout, customers will be prompted to enter their Zip/Postal code.

This will give Stripe an additional piece of information to further secure a smooth checkout process.  

Watch Your Language!

Check out the new updated list of available supported languages in the Kajabi Settings tab!

We're constantly working on adding new languages, so keep checking back to see if your preferred language is supported. 

Kajabi Achievement Wall

Have you completed all of YOUR Kajabi Achievements yet?!

With the Kajabi Achievement tab, you'll be able to track your progress of building out your site, and map out what your next actionable task may be.

This is a great way for both new and current members to stay on track with the pieces needed to complete their Kajabi site.  

Product Progress Tracking

So many people have been asking for the ability to see the overall progress of their individual products. 

Well, now you can view each Product's progress based on the total number of students in your course!

Simply select a product, then select the Progress tab, and you'll see a full overview of your current students' progress. 

Video Call To Action Buttons - Premier

No! Your eyes are NOT deceiving you.

You can now add a end of video CTA button in the Premier page builder! 

When you add a Video Section, you'll be able to enable and edit the CTA, then add a button to appear.

Keep in mind, on mobile devices, only the button will display on the video, and not the text. 

Pricing Grid Added - Premier

Also available in the Premier page builder is the ability to have a pricing grid showcased.

Simply select the Pricing section, and edit the sections however you wish.

You can then link a checkout page to each CTA button, add the powerful 'Most Popular' banner and convert your traffic to sales!

*PREMIER TIP: You Can Create Custom Sales Pages*

You've read that correctly! 

If you're one of the many Kajabi members using the Premier Page Builder to create a homepage, then you can link your buttons to custom sales pages!

If you're not a Kajabi member yet, then you're in for quite a surprise when you build your pages with Premier!

Simply create a Premier page, customize it any way you'd like, then direct your CTA buttons to checkout pages. 

You can have a landing page that houses 'Learn More' buttons, that then directs traffic to another landing page offering more information and purchase options. 

This doesn't add anymore steps to your users, yet it gives you the power of showcasing your products as extensively as your heart desires!

How Can You Use These Tools? 

Kajabi truly is a one-stop shop that provides ALL the powerful tools you need to sell your knowledge online and create a life-changing income.

This App Update is a tiny showcase of the new features that Kajabi rolls out on a consistent basis.

Our members are the driving force behind the Kajabi team, and we strive to bring you the most powerful tools for the greatest results. 

Read about some of our other features in here in the Kajabi Blog. 

Let us be the pillar that assists you in your ascent to online greatness.

We can't wait to see what you accomplish!

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