App Update January 16th 2016

We're back from the holidays and we're in full-swing here at Kajabi HQ!

We've actually been rolling out new app updates all the time, and we wanted to give you a peek.

Here's our Technical Support Specialist, Katie, on the latest ones:

REPLY NOTIFICATIONS - Your members will now receive email notifications for all replies so your online community will always be connected.

THEME RENAMING - Now you can change the name of any installed theme so you won't struggle anymore trying to remember which version of "Slate" theme you've been working on.

EASY PASSWORD RESET - The password reset email now includes a visible link instead of just a clickable link. This will greatly reduce confusion for your customers and allow them to quickly reset their password in the event they forget their original one.

CLEAR THEME DESCRIPTIONS - Many of you have been asking what themes you should use with your products, so we've updated theme descriptions to better reflect their purpose and strengths.

SIMPLE DELETION - Deleting Products and offers has been greatly simplified so you can now delete an item with one-click, even if it's already tied to other assets in your site.

MULTIPLE SENDER NAMES- If you run multiple sites, the sender name on automated site emails is now unique to each site. This will help reflect the unique branding you've created with your sites.

UI IMPROVEMENTS - We've made adjustments to some UI elements to improve user experience.

REDEEM DATE FIX- The redeem date for Coupons has changed so that they will expire at the end of the selected date, not the beginning, to give your customers a more traditional close time.

That's it for now - you'll see a ton of more updates that we've made by clicking here.