App Updates February 10 2016

We’re happy to announce a few major updates, including one you’ve been asking for since Kajabi’s release.

Katie, our Technical Support Specialist, is here to explain some of these changes in the video above.

MULTI-CURRENCY SUPPORT - When creating an offer, you now have the option of accepting payments in the global currency of your choosing. The currency options you choose are displayed on the sales page with their appropriate symbol and country code, allowing you to open your business to the world.

SEO COMPATIBILITY - We’ve added a sitemap XML - a hidden file that contains a list of all pages that exist on your site. This provides a more effective way for search engines like Google to index your site, ensuring your business can easily be found.

CANONICAL URL FIXES -  Now, when sharing pages on sites such as Facebook, the correct page and metadata are displayed. No longer will you post a link to a sales page and one of your blog posts appears as the preview, greatly reducing confusion for your customers.

STORE PAGE DEFAULT - Your store front is now the homepage for all users, even ones who are already logged in. This ensures all visitors to your site have the chance to view your product offerings.

To see all the changes we’ve implemented this week, be sure to check out the full changelog here.