App Updates March 10 2016

We just opened New Kajabi to the public last week, but our focus remains on creating a better platform everyday.

We’ve added more updates, including a major feature you're going to love.

Technical Support Specialist, Katie, is here to give you the details.

BUILT-IN INTEGRATIONS - We’ve started adding integrations to make it easier for you to use your favorite third-party tools with New Kajabi. Beginning with Mailchimp, we have much more on the way.

MULTIPLE ADMINS - Under your account settings, you can start adding users to serve as admins for your sites. This is particularly useful for those of you who need help creating, managing, and moderating your Kajabi site.

EASIER COMMENT MODERATION - Comment moderation has been moved to the main admin dashboard so it’s no longer restricted on a product level. Now you can moderate comments across all products in one place without any hassle.

HELP WIDGET - There is now a help widget in the bottom right corner to give you easy access to browse help articles, email support, or to start a live chat if you are a premium member. Anytime you’re stuck, now you’re just a click away from getting the answers you need.

You can find the rest of the updates inside our full changelog here.

- Kajabi team