Lower Bounce Rates, Improved Delivery, & Custom Previews: Here’s what we’ve updated in April.

With so many things up in the air right now, we know stability and reliability matter more than ever. That’s why we’ve been working hard at optimizing app performance instead of adding new features.

Those small, behind-the-scenes updates that make our platform stable? This is your time to shine!

Here’s what we’ve been improving for you this month.

Kajabi Email

From better controls to back-end improvements, we've made Kajabi email even better than ever.

Longer Broadcast Scheduling

Ever wanted to schedule an email broadcast further than 30 days ahead? Wish granted! You can now schedule an email broadcast up to a year in advance. This makes planning and sending emails for holidays, special events, and seasonal promotions much easier.

Custom Email Preview Text

Your email preview text is one of the most valuable parts of your message. Now, you have even more control over this preview. We’ve updated our email editor so you can directly edit (and even personalize) the text that shows up as the “second subject line” for email broadcasts. Check out this Help Center article for more information.

Significantly Lower Bounce Rates

As we covered in a recent blog post, list hygiene plays a critical role in email deliverability and your reputation with email service providers. Now, when you send an email, we’re taking email addresses that result in a “hard bounce” (ones that don’t exist anymore) and automatically unsubscribing them. (Don’t worry, we make sure this only applies to email addresses that are no longer in use). 

As a result, we’re seeing significantly lower bounce rates, higher deliverability, and better open rates for all of your emails.

Email Subscription Status

You can now see whether someone is subscribed to receive emails from you by using People in the Kajabi dashboard. If someone unsubscribes, we also provide the exact reason why they unsubscribed. Learn more over at the Help Center

Email Delivery Improvements Across the Board

Our team’s been working with our mail partners and email inbox providers to vastly improve our deliverability. We’ve seen extremely positive improvements across every key metric on the platform. 

In fact, our platform is sending a lot more email in the last month (likely due to the global lockdown). Yet we’re still seeing higher deliverability, far less email flagged as spam, and higher engagement rates (opens and clicks).

Much of this is due to our customers cleaning up their email lists combined with the tech improvements on our end. If you haven’t cleaned your list yet, you now have all the tools you need. See the Help Center for more information.

Sender Reputation Guide

We published a Sender Reputation Guide that should help give you more information and best practice tips to building and maintaining a solid sender reputation on the Kajabi platform. Read it over on our Help Center.

In the Works: Custom Email Domain Sending

Many of you have asked about sending emails from a custom domain. We’re actively working on this capability and want to ensure that it doesn’t affect your deliverability in any significant way. Thanks for your patience as we continue working on this.

Character Counts

Length is an important factor in writing good subject and preview lines. Now you can see character counts right as you write your subjects and previews.

Kajabi Pages Updates

We’ve made some minor updates to Kajabi Pages as well, including:

  • Improving how we handle two-step opt-in and exit pop-ups
  • Adding new blocks so you can customize and personalize opt-ins
  • Making technical accessibility improvements

For more information, check out the themes changelog.

Continuing to Build Together

Is working from home quite the same as seeing the shining, happy faces of the Kajabi team every day? Not quite. But as you can see from the updates above, we’re still making big improvements via Zoom chats, Slack, and a lot of home-brewed coffee.

We’ve still got plenty of more feature updates and improvements to work on through the summer. So no matter what, expect more monthly updates like this one, and thanks for being the best community in tech.