Feature Rollup: Contact Importing, Video Blog Hosting, and More

We've recently added more features to Kajabi, which means it's time for another Feature Rollup!

These updates revolve around bolstering your marketing efforts, including a heavily-requested feature we know you're going to LOVE!

So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore today's new features.

Feature #1 - Contact Importing For Email Marketing

If you were still on the fence about getting rid of your third-party email marketing platform, it's time to stop wondering...

Because as of today, you can now import your entire list of contacts into Kajabi!

So if you have a list sitting on another service and you were unsure about going all-in on Kajabi's email marketing service, now you can.

You can manage all your contacts and broadcast right alongside your website, products, and pipelines.

No more having to manage multiple pieces of software and worrying about email integrations. You can now have everything you need all in one place.

Feature #2 - Pipeline Landing Page Presets

One of our core priorities here at Kajabi is striving to always make marketing your products even easier.

While we know that Pipelines already handles a lot of the heavy lifting for you, we wanted to add a little cherry on top...

So we created new page presets (opt-in pages, sales pages, download pages, etc.) which you can easily add to any of your pipelines.

Here's how they work: 

Step 1 - Add a page to your Pipeline

Step 2 - Choose One Of Our Beautiful Page Presets

That's it! Now you have even more power over how you want your Pipelines to work!

Feature #3 - Landing Page Draft Mode

Good news - you can finally have your landing pages in “Draft” Mode!

We're happy to add this into the app as this is something that's been heavily requested.

With this new feature, you can now set your page to draft so you can make sure all the finishing touches are done before you go “live.” 

All you need to do is simply toggle between "Published" and "Draft."

Feature #4 - Hide Pages From Search Engines

On a similar note to Draft mode, sometimes you want to make sure your pages aren’t indexed on search engines.

So we added a feature where you easily hide your landing pages from all search engines.

Let's say that you have a limited time offer or a sales page you don’t want showing up publicly on a search engine. All you need to is just check the box in the settings to make sure it stays hidden, and you're set!

Feature #5 - Enhanced User Menu

This feature is also something that is optional, but ready for you to use.

You can now enable a user menu that allows for your customers to see their image in the top right corner of the page. It's a minor tweak that adds a stronger community feel to your site.

This feature is accessible inside the Premier theme landing page builder.

Feature #6 - Blog Video Hosting

We've added a major piece of functionality to the Kajabi blog!

You can now host your blog videos through Kajabi so you no longer have to embed third party videos anymore!

With our video hosting service, you can rest assured your content will have the best video experience for your audience.

Okay, that wraps it up for this week!

Be sure to login and check out all these new features in your Kajabi account.

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