Feature Rollup: Professional Analytics, Events, and Custom Domains

UPDATE: You can watch a recording of our Facebook Live where our VP of Product, Jeremy Saenz, took a deep dive into each feature and did a Q&A session!


Welcome to another Kajabi Feature Rollup! 

You can check out some of our earlier feature rollup posts here.

We used to regularly put out videos giving an overview of what was new in the Kajabi platform every 6 weeks.

Recently, our team grew so quickly that now we have multiple product teams working on different parts of the app at the same time, making these rollups a little harder to keep up with 😉

The best part about expanding and having these new teams is that we now release features far more often than we used to!

And, it allows us to go more in-depth inside the app so that we can focus on creating and refining features to make the app even better and more helpful for you!

It only made sense that we got back to communicating all the amazing progress we've made for you.

Kajabi is the place where entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers go to get serious about their business – that’s why we relentlessly improve the platform to give you all the superpowers you need to build incredible success!

Today, we're going to give you a rundown on some of the major and minor things we’ve added to the app in the past few months. 

Be sure to watch the video or read the post till the end to see what we have in store for you in the future as well.

Let's get to the features!  

Professional Analytics

The first feature we are proud to announce is new upgraded Professional analytics!

We heard that you wanted more data and insights into how your business is doing so you can improve it, so we brought you professional analytic insights right inside your Kajabi dashboard.

Our new professional analytics feature new reports:

  • Sales report - See exactly how many sales you're making, and what your conversion rate is with the new sales report. 
  • Opt-in report - See how many people are opting into your pipelines and what the opt-in percentage is with the new Opt-in report.  
  • Page view reports - Learn how many pageviews your landing pages, and website receives and how long they stick around with the new pageviews report. 

Very soon, we will be adding additional analytics to help you measure subscription metrics, like monthly recurring revenue, churn and much more. Keep an eye out for that! 

Events and Assessments Just Got Easier

The second new feature we are proud to announce is that you can now clone events and assessments!

This is going to be a huge time saver for you.

Instead of having to manually upload all the materials you need to create a new assessment or event, you can now just hit the clone button, and magically all of your emails and automations that go with your event or assessment are cloned and ready to be edited.

You're also going to get some awesome new options for how the results of your assessments are displayed, which will delight your students!

Custom Domains

Sick of struggling with Cloudflare every time you want to set up a new custom domain? 

Your struggles are over!

We have updated the custom domain UI, and Cloudflare is no longer a part of the process.

That's right - no Cloudflare necessary.

Our new custom domain process is streamlined - no more extra steps or jumping through hoops! 

Momentum: A New Product Theme

You may have already seen our newest product theme: Momentum. 

One of the things we heard a lot, especially from first-time course creators is that they want a way to make everything in their course easy to see on one page. 

The new momentum theme makes viewing and navigating your course on a single page super easy.

It's pretty easy on the eyes, too! 

Email Customization, Sequence Stats, and Member Purchase History

The last 3 updates we have for you today are going to help you write better emails, keep better track of those emails, and instantly know who has purchased your products and who hasn't.

First, we are giving you MANY more email customization options. 

You'll be able to customize things like font and character size to make sure that your emails reflect your brand and your business every time.

We're also going to make it way easier to track your emails, with way more detailed email sequence reporting. You'll be able to see clicks, opens, and bounce rates.

Additionally, your members can now view their purchase history in their dashboard, and you can view it on your people list.

No more wondering which of your contacts have become members, and no more wondering what offers they've already purchased. 

We've also added an option so that your members can cancel their subscription in their dashboard.

Coming Soon

Last, but certainly not least, we have some super exciting features we are going to be rolling out for you later in the year.

You might remember after Impact Summit 2019 our VP of product development Jeremy told you we were going to be rolling out a new tax collection feature.

We are happy to announce that we are currently beta-testing that feature for the USA, and will soon begin testing it for Europe and the UK as well.

We also have our new page builder, Encore, ready to roll out to replace the Premier page builder. Keep an eye out for that.

And of course, we haven't forgotten about the Kajabi mobile app feature. 

We still hope to give you the ability to get your content into your members' phones in your own app by the end of the year.

Be sure to head to your Kajabi account to check out all of the new features, from professional analytics to improved email customization.

We will continue to work hard over here to give you all the tools you need to build your online business!