Feature Rollup: Email Enhancements, Premier Updates, & Tagging

Announcing new features seems to have become a weekly event as of late.

Be that as it may, we simply can’t apologize for doing our best to make Kajabi your favorite all-in-one tool.

So with that said, we have some new awesome features inside Kajabi that we wanted to announce!

The features outlined below were all part of our Cornell build cycle and are targeted towards enhancing email marketing capabilities and improving functionality inside Premier page builder.

Let's dive right in!

Feature #1 - Custom "From" Email Address (coming soon

We've received requests for this feature for quite some time, so we are very happy to deliver this.

With this new feature, you can customize your "from" email address that your customer sees in their inbox. Previously, email addresses were listed from "kajabimail," but now you can set it to whatever you want!

This will help prevent any confusion as to who emails are being sent by and help promote brand consistency.

Feature #2 - Additional Customization Options On Embedded Forms

If you embed your opt-in forms on other third party platforms, then this feature applies specifically to you!

We've added new customization options for embedded forms so you can get the exact look you want.

Feature #3: Customized Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails can easily be overlooked, but we wanted to make sure you had the option to make yours fit your brand.

Now you have the choice to stick with our default confirmation email, create an entirely custom email, or just forego the confirmation email altogether.

The best part is that these confirmation emails are Offer specific! Now you can deliver the right message to the right group of people.

Feature #4: Customer Tags

This is a big one...

We've built out a tagging system inside Kajabi so you can segment out your audience however you like!

This is going to significantly change how you market today because now you can deliver targeted messages to specific groups of people, and up your marketing game like crazy!

There are 4 different areas we want to highlight with this feature so let’s quickly go through each one...

1. You Can Manually Add Tags To Specific People

2. You Can Apply Tags On Offer Purchases

3. You Can Apply Tags On Form Submissions

4. You Can Filter By Tags When Sending Emails

We're so glad to finally get this into your hands, and it's not an overstatement to say this will have huge implications for your online business.

But here's the most exciting part: tagging system is going to open up the gates for even more amazing things to come!

Feature #5 - New Reports For Lead Generation

When you are going through your reports you can now easily keep track of all your opt-ins. As you can see Kajabi will now break down all your opt-ins by day, week, and by month.

That wraps up all the feature updates regarding email marketing...

Now let’s shift over to all the additions we made to Premier page builder!

Feature #6 - Rename, Hide, and Duplicate Sections in Premier

This new update is going to make building out your pages inside Premier so much easier.

Now you can rename, duplicate, and hide sections inside Premier to cut down the amount of time you spend creating the perfect page.

And it will be super helpful when it comes to testing out different sections on your landing pages.

Feature #7 - An Opt-in Bar Section In Premier

This is a new section in our builder that allows you to easily add an Opt-in bar section on your page.

This provides yet another option to collect email addresses and build up that list.

Feature #8 - Preview Fonts & Sizes For Typography

Last but certainly not least, you can now preview any font changes right in your builder!

Before, the process of testing different fonts inside Premier was tedious, but now you can easily try out different text and see what you like -- all inside Premier

Onto Our Next Development Cycle: Ascender

That officially wraps up the Cornell feature rollup, but there are more additions in the pipeline that are coming soon... 

We are working on some game-changing features in our next Ascender Development cycle.

Stay tuned because these next few rollouts are going to knock you off your feet.

All of these features are now available inside your Kajabi account...

And if you don't yet have a Kajabi account, grab your 14 day free trial today and see these features in action yourself!

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