Feature Rollup: People Updates, Pipeline Blueprint & Sequence Stacking

We have another exciting feature roll up to share with you today!

We are currently in our Dauntless development cycle, where our main goal is to make our app less (you guessed it) “daunting.”

Part of that process involves revisiting current features in the app and doing a little polishing. So in this feature roll up we are going to show you a bunch of minor improvements to several features within Kajabi.

Since we have a lot to cover, let’s just dive right in:

First, let’s talk about some of the updates we made in the “People” section...

People Building Block: Lifecycle Stage Improvements

To start off, we’ve added a few more details to Lifecycle section within each of your users.

Some of the major updates that should be on your radar are:

  • We added the ability to grant offers right in the user’s dashboard (see above).
  • We added assessment results to the lifecycle, which means that you can go to a specific user to see their results of an assessment they completed.
  • We improved the form submissions action on the dashboard.
  • We have also added the ability to edit the contact’s information inside the user dashboard. 

Tagging Improvements For Better Segmentation

Tagging your users is an essential part of any online business because it allows you to segment your marketing and get specific with your messaging.

For instance, you’ll probably want to add tags to people on your list who have already purchased a product. That way when you launch that product again, you can exclude your existing members so you aren’t trying to sell a product to someone who already has it.  

So, to help you out, we have improved the tag selector throughout the app. This will enable you to create and add multiple tags wherever a tag can be attached to one of your users.

Additionally, you can now Tag People when you are manually importing users. This will be particularly useful if you are moving your members into Kajabi from a different platform (see below).

Introducing Email Campaigns & Sequence Stacking

So, the first thing I want to draw your attention to is our new feature on your side bar called Email Campaigns (coming soon).

This isn’t quite a “new” feature because it's actually a merging of two older features. To put it simply, we merged “email sequences” and “email broadcasts” into one new tool called Email Campaigns. You can now take care of all your emails in this one section.

In addition to the merge, we also added an awesome new feature to campaigns that I want to make sure you take advantage of called "Email Sequence Stacking."

Email Sequence Stacking

You are now able to automatically enroll one of your users into a new email sequence as soon as they complete a different email sequence!

This is huge because it allows you to virtually automate your email marketing sequences and stack them on top of one another.

For example, let’s say you have a user subscribe to your newsletter or to a lead magnet... You could:

  1. Send them a 5 part email sequence that delivers free content and ends with a sales pitch for your online course.
  2. If they don't buy your online course, you could automatically enroll them into a different sequence that comes at another angle and sends them even more great content.
  3. Keep going on and on for whatever you want!

The bottom line is that email sequence stacking is going to allow you to build better relationships with your prospects and customers, while you just sit back and relax!

Take a look below to see how you can set this up with a few simple clicks:

Finally, there are a few things that are kind of in their own category left in this Feature Rolllup...

New Pipeline Blueprint: Sales Pipeline

We've just added a new blueprint template called the Sales Pipeline!

It's a straight-forward Pipeline that connects your Sales Page to an Offer Checkout so you can start sending traffic to your product and get sales right away.

In the past, you had to manually connect the pieces yourself, but this Blueprint will get you set up in just a few clicks.

Revamped Onboarding Experience for Brand-New Users

Lastly, we've completely overhauled the Onboarding experience for brand new users!

We'll hold your hand as you create your first Product, Offer, and Pipeline, so you can get set up to make online course sales immediately!

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