July 2017 Feature Rollup: Paypal, Multi-Step Checkout & More

We recently wrapped up another development cycle here at Kajabi, which means we have some more awesome new features in Kajabi to tell you about!

In today’s video we are going to be showcasing 4 new features that we have added to your toolbox.

So let’s pull back the curtain and learn about what we just released...

Feature #1 - Our New Multi-Step Checkout Process


The Benefits Of A Multi-Step Check Out Page

Our New Multi-Step Checkout enables your customers to seamlessly navigate the checkout form in short and simple steps. 

This multi-step process in beneficial for a few reasons:

1. Splitting up your checkout page into multiple steps will enable you to collect data from your customers even if they abandon the checkout at a later step. This will eventually allow you to set up specific "cart abandonment" marketing campaigns for customers who get cold feet.

2. The multi-step checkout looks clean and simple. Each step looks short, so it seems easier to fill out as opposed to one long sales form. This will help increase the number of people who actually “pull-the-trigger” and buy your products and decrease the number of people who get “cold feet”.

Right now this feature is in BETA testing so only a portion of Kajabi users have this set up right now, but on August 7th, 2017 this will officially be set up as your default checkout process.

However, the good news is you actually have the option to get started using this amazing new checkout process right now

Simply follow the steps below to enable this new feature now.

Step 1 - Go to “Offers”

Step 2 - Go to “Checkout”

Step 3 - Click the button in the top right corner to enable this process

Feature #2 - Custom Checkout Form Fields  

As you create more and more products you’ll likely find yourself needing to collect new pieces of information from your customers (e.g. Mailing Addresses, T-Shirt Sizes, etc.).

This is exactly where our new Custom Checkout Fields come into play.

With this new feature you can actually customize your checkout page to start collecting all the information you need from your customers. And while this might get your wheels spinning with a bunch of different possibilities... we still encourage you not to add more than you need to your checkout form.

Feature #3 - Administrator Email Opt-Out

You know that maintaining a good relationship with people on your list is important. And in a perfect world all of the people on your list would adore you and gratefully consume all of your content and products.

But in the world we live in, that just isn’t the case. In fact, sometimes people on your list want to “break up” with you and end the relationship.

In the past, they would have to manually unsubscribe from your list, but now you can actually Opt-Out someone from your list within your dashboard.

This will come in handy when one of your subscribers asks to be removed from your list.

Feature #4 - Paypal Integration

We saved our most exciting feature for last...

We are a few days away from being officially integrated with Paypal!


Obviously, this will provide another payment option, in addition to Stripe, for your customers. We are very excited about this new integration and I know it’s been something that our community has been asking about for a long time and we are thrilled to deliver it.

Now, a lot of manpower has been invested in making sure PayPal integrates seamlessly and it is still in BETA testing with a handful of our users.

But it will be rolled out for everyone to use within the very near future!

Well that wraps up this new feature roll out - we hope you enjoy all your amazing new tools!


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