Where We've Been and Where We're Going: A Look Back As We Celebrate 9 Years Together

You’ve probably felt the same way as Kenny, our CEO at Kajabi. 

You created something you wanted for yourself, and then found a market that could also benefit. 

For Kenny, it was building a toy sprinkler for his kids, to then selling sprinkler toy instructions online. 

Kajabi was a simple idea that became an equally simple online platform that Kenny and a small handful of people built. 

Once word got out, Kajabi quickly became something other entrepreneurs and experts wanted to use to run their businesses online.  

It all comes back to one word: Impact.

And you’ve helped create quite the impact, just take a look:

  • Over 20,000+ businesses worldwide now use our service to run their entire business online.  

  • 28 million students served.

  • Kajabi customers in over 120 different countries. 

  • Over 1 Billion dollars in transactions have been made with our service.  

As we celebrate our 9th birthday together, we are here to say: we are just getting started!

Without you believing in and trusting in our service, and using Kajabi to run your online business, none of this would have been possible. 

So, again, thank you.


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