Landing Page Spotlight: Porter, Ballast, and Illuminate

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We're excited to announce a few new themes added to our Landing Page library! Not only have we added new themes, but we've also redesigned the dashboard! Here's a list of our new additions!


Kajabi's new dashboard features an overview at the top, which includes our members' Sales, Members, Opt-ins, and Comments. With this, Kajabi members will have a daily overview of their website's traffic, as well as engagement. Not only will they have this overview, but Kajabi dashboard tabs are now featured in the center of the dashboard, in tile form. This not only allows for easy accesibility, but also allows for easy editing from any mobile device! As if that wasn't enough, we've also added our Announcements in the dashboard, so members will have immediate access to our latest updates without having to go to a different page. Don't forget that our Help Guide is also easily accessible from your dashboard 'Help' icon, or by visiting the Support Site.



Porter is a wonderful choice for a landing page if you're selling downloadable content, such as an eBook, reports, or even an album! Showcasing your product at the top, with a direct download button, is sure to funnel your traffic to a specific file for immediate purchase. 



Ballast is a simple, 'to the point,' theme that's ideal for a general overview of your product. Offering a general overview then allows you to create a 'Get Started' Call to Action. This is perfect for products that require a summarized explanation before a member purchase. 



Illuminate utilizes images to create an aesthetically beautiful layout. With a built in slideshow, you can add more images without crowding the page. If you decide you don't want the slideshow feature, Illuminate will compensate and feature the other two main images to fill out the page. This landing page is perfect for everybody from photographers to chefs! 

Don't forget that ALL of our themes are fully customizable and you can cater them to any product you wish! Check out our new landing page themes today!

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