May 2017 Feature Rollup: Premier-style Landing Pages & More

We’ve been hard at work improving your experience for selling content online by adding new updates to the Kajabi platform and improving old ones...

You’ve probably already heard about one our biggest additions to the platform yet: Pipelines.

But Pipelines isn’t the only update we’ve released lately.

We have a slew of new features inside Kajabi that we’re rounding up and announcing today!

Many of these new updates are actually features you’ve been asking for, so we’re really excited to get them into your hands. Think of it as our way of saying that we are always listening :-)

Now let’s dive right in and learn about what we just released within Kajabi...

Improved Progress Tracking For Better Insight

First up, we’ve made big improvements to member progress tracking to give you a better understanding of how your customers are consuming content.

Post Progress enables you to track the average progress made within each post of your product to determine if your users are actually completing your lessons and/or where they’re getting stuck

The User Progress report will give you the current progress for each individual user within your product,

With these updates, you’ll start getting better insight into what your members are actually doing inside your product, so you can create content that will better serve them.

Expanded Administration Roles

As your business grows you’ll likely find yourself needing help (trust us, this is a good thing!) - this is where our expanded admin roles comes in handy.

While you’ve always had the power to add assistants to help manage your Kajabi site, this new feature is a significant upgrade that lets you designate roles and responsibilities to your team!

Now, instead of adding an assistant and giving them full domain over your entire site, you can set a role that gives them access to certain sections of your site but restricts other areas (like sensitive sales information).

Here are the three available roles you can assign today:

  • Administrator - Same permissions as owners, with the exceptions of Stripe connections
  • Assistant - Can edit site content but cannot see financial reports
  • Moderators - Can moderate site comments only

Pretty cool, right? Now you can build a team that helps you dramatically grow your business with full confidence.

Revamped Landing Page Picker & Premier-style Landing Pages

Firstly, we’ve stripped down the landing page picker to make choosing what landing page you should create an easy decision. There are no more barriers or confusion as to what landing page you should go with.

But here’s the best part (and the other half of our update): We’ve completely revamped our landing pages so they are now built on the backbone of Premier and come with the same power and flexibility!

That’s right - you can now customize ANY of your landing pages with the same drag and drop ease Premier is popular for.

See a landing page you love but want to make some tweaks to it? Now it’s even easier.

With this much power under the hood, there’s nothing stopping you from creating the perfect landing page for your needs.

(Other landing page software might politely ask that you pay for beautiful new templates, and rightfully so - they cost a lot of time and money to make, but you get access to all of our landing pages for FREE! Get your 14 day free trial to Kajabi and experience our landing pages today.)

Additional Email Marketing Filters

You already know that communicating with people on your list is important. And you probably already know that it’s good practice to communicate differently depending on who you’re talking to.

In the past, when choosing who you wanted to send an email broadcast or add to an email sequence, you could only choose one filter to segment out your audience.

Now, with our latest app update, you can choose multiple filters at a time to get even more specific about who you’re communicating with! This is going to allow you to market the right message out to the right people.

Redesigned Dashboard

We’ve completely redesigned the dashboard so you can see the most important elements of your business at a glance and access what’s really important.

Specifically, when it comes to selling your content online, we want to push you into the right direction so we’ve made it really easy for you to read our Kajabi guides with a drop-down menu and additional clickable icons.

We’ve also also added a little “Help” tab on the bottom left which will give you quick access to our amazing support team.

Subscription Users Can Cancel Themselves

Here’s a feature that’s going to save you a ton of time so you can focus on what matters to you...

If you’ve ever run a subscription-based digital product, you’ve probably had one of your users request to cancel. This was kind of a headache to deal with because you had to do the time-consuming work of cancelling them yourself.

Now your members can seamlessly cancel their membership subscriptions themselves right through Kajabi to save you both the trouble!

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