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UPDATE: Netflix style offers walkthrough video now added!

We have two new features we want to introduce to you, both of which are going to radically change the way you sell digital content today, so buckle up and let's roll.

Netflix Style Offers

Why do people love Netflix so much? Because for a monthly subscription, they get access to an evolving library of content right at their fingertips.

So imagine for a second that your business could do the same - you now have limitless options of how to package your products into individual digital experiences, or like Netflix, you can create access levels to product sets, and continually add new products to a users subscription level. Imagine being able to create a subscription, while adding new products to it, and driving its growth with evergreen sales funnels. Your members have a membership that only gets better and better, and you have a sales process that can continue to get more and more refined, the best of both worlds.

This is ready for you today, so let's look at one way to leverage Kajabi’s new “Netflix Style” Offers.

Here’s just an example of what you could do:

1. Create a new offer and charge a monthly subscription for access to the growing library.

2. Keep adding new products as you build them to the same offer and your customers will automatically get access.

3. The library/subscription continues to get more valuable, and each time you add a product, the sales process and value to members improves.

The best part of all of this is that your customers won’t need to lift a finger, and you’ll be able to scale your business growth without being limited to only individual product launches.

Advanced Drip

We’ve taken the concept of “Drip” and raised it to a whole new level…

With our powered-up version of Drip, you can now set specific start dates for your customers on an offer level. Whether you want everyone that purchases to start on the same day, regardless of when they buy, or prefer a drip experience that starts upon purchase, you've now got ultimate flexibility in content delivery.

For example, let’s say that you have a quarterly coaching program. Now you can have everyone who signs up during that period start on the exact same date together, without having to create extra work for yourself!

Advance Drip is perfect for digital products, like...

  • Coaching Programs
  • Live Courses
  • Evergreen Drip
  • Much more!

Both of these new features are just some of the ways Kajabi is revolutionizing the path to turning YOUR passion into PROFIT.

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