Big Things are Happening at Kajabi!

In 2010, Kajabi started out as an idea to help people get their knowledge online and monetize it.

Over the years we’ve seen people's businesses thrive, lives change and impacts are felt across the globe by sharing their knowledge on our platform.

Kajabi customers have generated over 500 million dollars in sales and impacted over 11 million people.

With their success has come our growth as a team.

And with all of this growth, it’s gotten to the point where we realized we need a bigger space. Now the time has come to make a move to continue to support your success.

So we’re unbelievably pleased to announce we’re building a brand new Kajabi HQ!

We’re packing our things and moving the team into a bigger, better building, which will serve as THE hub for Knowledge Commerce.

Not only are we expanding our size, but we’ve designed our new HQ in a way that promotes the same type of community, innovation, & collaboration among our team as we do with our members

It’s going to be incredible to see all the new ideas and projects that come out from this environment

But... it’s not just about having space to grow our team… we’re building this place for you as well.

Kajabi Training Center

Inside our new HQ, we’ll have a training center where you can come into our offices and get hands-on help from our team.

It’s a space where we’re going to hold workshops and live events, both in-person and broadcasting to the world.

A place where you can get one-on-one help as one of our Hero coaches sits over your shoulder and watches you press the buttons that build your business. Pretty cool, right?

So as we step into bigger, better things, we promise you this: your success sits at the center of everything we do.

We want to make sure you have all the tools and training you need to sell your information and run your business.

Whether we’re in a tiny office like we were nearly 8 years ago or in a huge one like this today and in the future, our commitment to your success remains the same. 

See What The Kajabi Team Is Saying About The New HQ!

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