Business Starter Kit

Below are some of the most popular Knowledge Commerce business ideas right now. Each includes a real-life case study with proven how-to information, business model direction, and exactly where to start if you’re new. So go explore and get inspired on your new journey ahead!

Why Start A Knowledge Commerce Business?

Stop Trading Time For Money

Most people launch an online business to escape the “time for money” trap of their normal 9 to 5, yet most online ventures still suffer from a bottleneck business model. Knowledge Commerce entrepreneurs use courses, group coaching, and online training to finally have a business which can run and grow without them. There’s truly no ceiling to a classroom without walls.

Freedom, Control, and Your Flexible Lifestyle

No more traffic, no more boss, and no more missing kids soccer games. With a laptop and an internet connection, your business can go where you go. Work from home, on the road, a beach bungalow, wherever… The choice is yours.

Low Risk and Little Capital Needed

With a Knowledge Commerce business you don’t need to worry about inventory, rent, or even a small business loan. You can launch literally overnight from your kitchen table with nothing but a computer, email, and Facebook.

Passion Driven Days

There’s nothing quite like sharing what you know or are passionate about with people anxious to hear it and who value your expertise. Waking up thinking “I get paid to do this!” day after day after day. No matter what your passion is, it’s never been easier to package it up, find your tribe, and launch your business.

What Type of Business Should You Start?


If you enjoy working one on one and taking a more hands on approach in your clients journey, coaching is a perfect fit. Wherever you find someone (in business, health, sports, life, etc) who wants to attain a specific results, there you’ll find the market for a coach. This type of offering is normally more high ticket and can allow you to work with less clients if you choose. With minimal needed to get started, this is a great way to get started as an online entrepreneur.

Digital Products and Courses

If teaching a certain topic suits your fancy, courses and digital products are a great place to start. Your clients can access this information anytime, anywhere, and move at their own pace. Most courses contain an curriculum outline, lessons, and even quizzes. Digital products can take the form of ebooks, downloads, or even access to a membership site. These are all the types of products which can grow your business while you sleep!

Kajabi Hybrid

Probably the most popular model right now is what we call the “Kajabi Hybrid.” Instead of having to choose coaching or digital products, or having to use different software for your website, email marketing, sales, etc., you can now house everything under the roof of Kajabi’s leading Knowledge Commerce platform. It’s an easy to use, all-in-one platform for digital entrepreneurs. With the Kajabi Hybrid model, you can bundle different products together and even upsell into coaching packages after, all from one place.