Dave Jacobson
“Thanks to Kajabi, I’m no longer spinning my wheels with 14 different systems.”

~ Dave Jacobson

“We're So Confident Kajabi Is The Online Business Solution You've Been Dying For, We're Going To Let You Test Run It For 28 Days...

Absolutely FREE.”

From Day 1 To Day 28, We’ll Walk You Through Every Step
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From The Desk Of: Kenny Rueter, CEO & Co-Founder of Kajabi

Location: Kajabi Headquarters

Can I ask you a strange question…?

Can you build me a computer from scratch?

Now, if you knew zero about computers, how successful do you think you would be?

And how long do you think it would take you to build a fully-operational computer?

If you’re like most people, the answer is probably:

“I’m overwhelmed just from thinking about it. I only care if it turns on and has fast Wi-Fi.

I don’t blame you.

OK, now imagine this…

What if I asked you to build me a computer while sitting next to Bill Gates?

How successful would you be then?

And how fast do you think it would take?

Now imagine...

What if you could build a car with Elon Musk?

Or cook a 7-course meal with Wolfgang Puck?

Or shoot an entire blockbuster film alongside Steven Spielberg?

How successful would you be if these “masters of their craft” walked you through each step of the process?

I think we can all agree that your “success rate” would be significantly higher than if you were to do it alone.

The point I’m making is this...

It’s Easy To Create Success When You Follow Someone That Has Already Done It.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join our exclusive 28-Day Challenge where you get to work side-by-side with my personal team of craftsmen every day for 28 days absolutely FREE.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

My team and I will help you go from not knowing where to start, to achieving your first online sale in 28 days, guaranteed.

Just like how we helped our friends below...

“Joined Kajabi just a month ago, got the first $1K in just a few days!”

Sarah-Jane Walls
“Wanted to share my little progress. Joined Kajabi just a month ago, got the first 1K in a few days — still building out but I am thrilled. 10K soon — It’s coming 🙂 Big thanks to all of you in here for the help and support. Karen Clark Erika Friday Meg Burrage especially. You have all been unbelievable.”

~ Sarah-Jane Walls

“I’m now in the middle of my 3rd launch and just hit the $250k mark thanks to Kajabi!”

Michael Elsner
“I didn’t know much, or anything really, about this industry, and approached it with the mindset of ‘I’m just going to put this out there and see what happens…’ I’m now in the middle of my 3rd launch and just hit the $250k mark thanks to Kajabi! In fact, I even spent the first 3 days of this launch on vacation in Yellowstone National Park with my girlfriend.”

~ Michael Elsner

“This is just the beginning, my sights are set on the next goal. Love this platform and this group!”

Holly Nicole George
“Started with Kajabi in February, was thrilled to get this in the mail today! This is just the beginning, my sights are set on the next goal. Love this platform and this group! Thank you everyone for sharing freely!”

~ Holly Nicole George

“I just launched my Membership site for Equestrians and I became a #kajabihero!”

Jenna Knudsen

“🎉💗So excited to be a part of the Kajabi Family! 💗🎉

I just launched my Membership site “The Leg Up Coaching Club”~ personal empowerment for Equestrians and I became a #kajabihero!”

~ Jenna Knudsen

When You Register For Our 28-Day Challenge Right Now, You Will Unlock The Following:


Daily Video Lessons (Free)

From day 1 to day 28, we will “hold your hand” every step of the way so you’ll never feel confused or overwhelmed.

Downloadable Guides (Free)

Fun and engaging material that help “map out” your sales pipeline. Plus, it’ll teach you how to engage with your customers through each step of the selling process. This isn’t for sale and is only given to those who join the 28-Day Challenge.

Discover The “Niche” That’s Right For You (Free)

Many people struggle to figure out what niche to go into when they first start selling online. We remove the guesswork and help you find the market that best fits your expertise.

Build Your Very First Sales Funnel (Free)

We give you the best funnel for your market with beautifully designed pages ready for conversion. You won’t have to hire an expensive optimization expert or design team.

Ready To Launch Pipeline (Free)

No more guessing which pipeline gets the most sales. We’ve already ran the tests. We know which pipeline’s the winner... and we’re going to give it to you. You just need to “plug ‘n play” with your content.

Our Personal Traffic Strategies (Free)

We will teach you exactly how to run traffic to your online course using the same strategies we use for our own company. Our traffic training has worked even for newbies that have never ran a single ad in their entire lives.

Bonus: 24/7 Kajabi Chat Support

With a 1 minute and 45 seconds response time, our support is unmatched by any other platform. There is no way you’ll get stuck during the 28-Day Challenge.

Double Bonus: Complete Access To The Entire Platform Of Kajabi

This includes the “drag ‘n drop” page lander that’s as easy as snapping together LEGO pieces. Plus, a simple-to-use email platform to send unlimited emails without paying extra.

Triple Bonus: 100% Accountability And “Side-By-Side” Support With The Founders Of Kajabi And Other Kajabi Users

This is the real, hands-on support you’ve been looking for. No more searching for help on YouTube or spending money on another info-product.

You Can Get These Real Actionable Steps Absolutely FREE For The Next 28 Days!

Brendon Burchard

“You got a second chance at life. Take it really seriously...”

Brendon Burchard was one of the original Kajabi Heroes.

But when he started Kajabi, he had nothing...

He has since made multiple 10 figures selling online courses and books all with the help of Kajabi’s system.

“My business grew because of Kajabi,” Brendon says.

“I still remember my first sale. It was a seminar sale. I’ve never done a seminar before. But I knew I could deliver what I was promising...

When that first sale came in, I wondered to myself, ‘what if I could get ten more? Wouldn’t that be amazing?’ And that’s how it started.

Elissa Weinzimmer

“After I found Kajabi, nothing else could compete.”

Elissa Weinzimmer used to fight LA traffic, only to arrive to an oftentimes empty classroom...

Her profession was teaching people how to use their voice and presence, whether it was for public speaking or how to have more confidence on camera.

“I would send emails out to people to get sign ups and then hope they showed up at these rented classrooms in LA. It was a lot of work for little results.”

“Before Kajabi, I felt scattered all the time,” Elissa says. “I had landing pages over here and email marketing over there. I didn’t know how to bring it all together.

“I knew I had something people wanted and would pay for, but I needed a better and easier system to reach people and get my message out.”

“When I found Kajabi, I mean... it was a no-brainer.”

“Everything was so easy to upload. My students were never confused. It was all on one platform. Kajabi really brought my training together in a cohesive way.

Dave Jacobson

“Thanks to Kajabi, I’m no longer spinning my wheels with 14 different systems.”

Dave Jacobson achieved the $100K mark with his financial coaching business on Kajabi.

But business wasn’t always “booming” for Dave...

“My biggest problem was working with members and communication,” he says. “I would get calls all the time from my members asking me where something was located.

...I felt like I spent most of my time dealing with the small ‘muck’ of my business rather than growing my business. The small frustrating tasks were bogging me down.”

Dave said he was juggling 14 different systems and trying to learn them all.

“Kajabi was a way to package it all in one system and streamline my business. It cut my time by 80%. It freed me up to explore bigger things.

...I’ve since forgotten how painful it used to be.”

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