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Own Your Audience

Are you a content creator looking to own your audience in one place?

Sick of leaving your audience to the whims of Facebook groups or Linkedin?

Have a membership site, podcast or other recurring content?

If you’re looking to own your audience and content in one place, this article is for you!

In this article, we’ll look at 4 different options for hosting your content online.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about Kajabi, Patreon, Memberful, and Podia so that you can make the right decision for your business!


Let’s start out by educating you a little about what each of these platforms is and how they help content creators own their content and audiences!

Let’s start by taking a look at Patreon.

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Founded in 2013 by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam, out of a frustration with how Conte’s music videos were monetized on Youtube Patreon is advertised as a “crowdfunding” site for artists and online personalities.

Patreon recently introduced 3 different membership tiers: Lite, pro and premium.

Each level of membership gives you different features like a membership page, workshops, a dedicated manager and more.

The fees for Patreon run between 5-12% they charge transaction fees of 2.9% + $0.30 for payments over $3 or 5% + $0.10 for payments under $3.

The pros of Patreon include the ease of use, fewer restrictions on content than other platforms, and a variety of learning workshops.

The cons of Patreon are the lack of promotional tools, fuzzy guidelines for content, and that some creators have reported problems when trying to collect their funds.

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Let's now look at Podia.

Originally launched as “WithCoach” the original Podia platform was exclusively marketed for coaches.

Because of this Podia has always maintained serving coaches as their top concern but they also support other content creators and online personalities.

What are the pros of podia?

First, Podia helps you to build an online store for your content and market it.

In Podia, each store's landing page includes an overview, a "What's included" section, a content section, FAQs, and creator bios.

Podia also allows you to build membership sites!

Podia charges no transaction fees and has no limit on the number of courses or membership sites you can create.

Podia allows you to create private groups or membership sites so that you aren’t reliant on Facebook or Linkedin.

And Podia provides excellent support for affiliate marketing.

Now let's look at some of the negatives about Podia.

Podia doesn’t have an automated email responder, pipelines, or customizable themes.

This means that you will need to have multiple subscriptions in order to market your course with automated emails, marketing funnels, and modern themes.

Additionally Podia also does not support webinars making it difficult to do coaching without an additional subscription to a webinar service.

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Kajabi is an all-in-one online platform that gives you everything you need to run your business in one place! Created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, our mission is to support your business as it grows!

No more stitching together multiple systems and multiple subscriptions, Kajabi gives you everything you need to make your business a success!

Kajabi empowers content creators and membership site owners to create, market and sell their content however they want!

The downside of Kajabi is that it is a little bit more expensive than the other solutions but as you’ll see later in this article when you add up all of the services Kajabi provides that you will need to pay for from other service providers the pricing is much closer than it appears.

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Founded by Drew Strojny in 2013, Memberful was purchased by Patreon in 2018.

Despite being purchased in 2018 by Patreon Membeful has been operated independently as a “White label service for membership sites.”

Memberful can be operated as a Wordpress plugin or on an independent website.

Like Patreon, Memberful has three levels of membership: starter, pro and premium.

The starter plan is free but charges a 10% transaction fee, while the pro and premium plans are $25 and $100 a month respectively with a 4.9% transaction fee.

The pros of Memberful are that you can start for free, with website integrations.

For all the other features from creating coupon codes to selling group subscriptions require you to pay for a higher tier of Memberful.

The cons of Memberful are that it pretty much just lets you create a membership site and sell subscriptions.

If you want to do things like email marketing, building high conversion landing pages, or integrating a blog you’ll need to pay for services like Convertkit or Discourse as well.

Now that you have an idea of what all of these audience retention platforms do, let’s take a look at how they compare on a feature by feature basis.

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Head to Head Comparison:

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Patreon: Both Patreon and Kajabi allow you to monetize the content you create. But while Patreon is lax about the type of content that it allows on the site, it only really lets you create a membership site. You can’t build an online course, or an online community on Patreon. Unlike Patreon, Kajabi allows you to create online courses, membership sites, online communities as well as build independent websites, high conversion landing pages, and sales funnels.

Monetizing your Content: When it comes to monetizing content both Kajabi and Patreon allow you to create any kind of content you’d like to create. Patreon allows you to create a membership site where you can feature everything from photos to podcasts. But it limits you to creating membership sites. You don’t have the option to create an online course or community. With Kajabi you can pretty much monetize your content any way you want to.

Advantage: Kajabi.

Other Features: In addition to creating membership sites, Patreon also gives you communication tools, analytics, and a promo offer tool. While these tools are helpful they’re not very robust. You can’t really create sales funnels, communities, online courses or landing pages. You can communicate with your existing members but if you want to market your Patreon correctly you’ll need to subscribe to some other tools like Clickfunnels or Convertkit. With Kajabi, you can create sales funnels, communities, online courses, landing pages and more all in the same system for one low price!

Advantage: Kajabi.

Transaction Fees: Kajabi never chagres any transaction fees. Every plan of Patreon charges at least a 5% transaction with the top of the line plan keeping 12% of every sale you make.

Advantage: Kajabi.

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Podia: Podia is a standalone platform for membership sites and online courses. Podia sites come prebuilt with sections like FAQs, content and creators sections. Podia gives you all the tools you need to build and sell your content. But Podia doesn’t have good tools for marketing your content. Kajabi on the other hand gives you everything you need to create, market and sell your content so you own your audience the entire way!

Monetizing your Content: Podia allows you to create online courses or membership sites. It does not let you create landing pages to sell physical products or coaching. Kajabi allows you to create products, membership sites, landing pages, and sales funnels to sell your content any way you want to! You can even use Kajabi to sell a physical book like Brendon Burchard does!

Advantage: Kajabi.

Other Features: Podia lets you build a website for your membership site or online course. It also allows you to build membership sites. The big missing features for Podia is robust effective marketing tools like a landing page builder, sales funnel functions and more! Kajabi has all of the marketing tools you need to market your content! You can build beautiful mobile-friendly landing pages, create sales funnels, build your own online community and more!

Advantage: Kajabi.

Transaction Fees: Neither Kajabi or Podia charge a transaction fee.

Advantage: Even.

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Memberful: Memberful is a white label membership site platform. With Memberful you can create membership sites and monetize your content. You can also promote your content with limited marketing capability. With Kajabi you can monetize your content in various forms and also market it with sales funnels, webinars, landing pages, etc.

Monetizing Content: Memberful lets you create membership sites. But that’s pretty much the only way you can monetize your content with the platform. With Kajabi you can create an online course, sell a book, create a membership site, start your own online community and more!

Advantage: Kajabi.

Other Features: Memberful allows you to sell group subscriptions, and create coupons as well as a few other features. But it doesn’t give you tools for things like email marketing, building sales funnels, lading pages and more. Kajabi gives you everything you need to create and monetize your content from mobile friendly webpage templates to online communities you can charge for or include with products.

Advantage: Kajabi.

Transaction Fees: Memberful’s free plan has a 10% transaction fee while it’s $25 and $100 plans have a 4.9% transaction fee. Kajabi never charges you a transaction fee.

Advantage: Kajabi.

When it comes to owning your audience and content not all platforms are created equal!

There are many ways to monetize your audience from membership sites to communities.

The problem is that platforms like Patreon, and Memberful only let you create membership sites.

They also charge transaction fees of up to 12% of every sale you make.

Podia is a little bit better in that it allows you to create products, membership sites and online communities.

But it doesn’t give you the tools market to your content, and by the time you add in other services like Clickfunnels or ConvertKit you’ll be spending way more than you would on Kajabi.

The best, easiest and least expensive way to monetize your content in all it’s various forms not to mention market it - is Kajabi!

But don’t take our word for it, check out how Graham Cochrane runs his business on Kajabi here:

Then take us up on a free 14-day trial of Kajabi to see how easy it can be to own your audience and your content!

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