Your New AI Assistant.

Enhance customer engagement, supercharge sales, transform learning and grow your business—even when you’re not there.

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Support Meets Smart.

Your sales team, your support staff, your nurturing strategies. All in one AI. All in minutes.


Elevate your sales strategy by guiding your customers to the products that best meet their needs.

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Capture 2x the amount of leads by engaging your website visitors with your chatbot. Guide them seamlessly through your sales funnel to turn more visitors into paying customers.

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Course Assistant

Transform your students’ learning experience with our teaching assistant. Answer customer questions as they complete your course, streamlining their experience while saving you time.

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Save 10 hours per week with our support chatbot. Designed to provide instant answers, surface relevant help content, and efficiently troubleshoot common support issues.

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Get Started In Minutes

1. Pick your template

Choose from lead generation, teaching assistant, or customer support.

2. Train It

Using your files, your websites, and your courses.

3. Answer Questions

Grow your business faster by answering questions 24/7.

See How
is Growing Businesses

“I can say that is a game-changer in automating a LOT of repetitive questions and interactions."

Deanna Fenton
Digital Strategist

"Fantastic! This product is so needed by so many - I actually cannot wait to get some of my Kajabi clients onto it."

Kate McGregor
Expert Kajabi Assistant

" is awesome. I’ve been doing a ton of research on AI bots and I’ve learned most are only as good as the data you feed it."

Avery Smith
Data Expert

" has put my lead capture on autopilot and is saving me hours of customer service time every week. I get to focus on more sales, and my team on high-level tasks."

Ike F.
6-Figure Podcaster

" has transformed the way I manage leads for my business; it's like having a dedicated team working 24/7, ensuring no opportunity is missed."

Samantha R.
6-Figure Entrepreneur

" cuts the time we spend capturing leads by 25% each week so we can spend our time focusing on closing high ticket coaching clients."

Alexa + Jordan B.
7-Figure Entrepreneur

Propel your business with the power of AI

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