Tomorrow’s Fire Officer 

Dean Guccione

Meet the retired Fire Chief who continues to make an impact by sharing his wisdom and experience with the next generation of firefighters. Dean’s knowledge business, Tomorrow’s Fire Officer, exists entirely online and is so flexible that he has the freedom to run it from the open road. 

Tomorrow’s Fire Officer 

teaches firefighters how to become top candidates for a promotion. 

Throughout his 30-year career, Battalion Chief Dean Guccione was deeply involved in evaluating firefighters for promotion to officer roles. He wrote and administered professional exams, conducted interviews, and knows first-hand what it takes to put a candidate at the top of the list. 

Dean has helped 100+ fire officer candidates successfully get promoted. His programs offer guidance on how to prepare for the interview and exams, plus coaching that helps students develop the confidence they need to be ready on day one and thrive in their new role as an officer.

Upon his retirement from professional firefighting, Dean Guccione realized he wasn’t done just yet. He had more to offer the up and coming officer-hopefuls. 
Throughout his career, he had extensive experience with the selection process for fire officers (Fire Captains, Lieutenants, and Battalion Chiefs), from the exams to the interviews and beyond. 

“I realized after interviewing all these folks, they had huge potential, right? But they had no idea how to sell themselves in an interview, how to talk to the panel in a way that would help them finish at the top of the list.”

But in order to help tomorrow’s fire officers, Dean had to find a way to package and deliver his knowledge to them. Enter: Kajabi. 

Dean’s eye for potential helped him see the massive opportunity that was waiting for him in the world of knowledge commerce. 

With Kajabi’s platform, he is able to teach and coach his students without adding extra work to his life in retirement. 

“Kajabi allows you to scale your business by building your products one time, and selling them 1,000 times. And, that’s what makes Kajabi worth it.”

When most folks think of a relaxing retirement, starting a business doesn’t fit the bill. But Dean’s business on Kajabi supports the dream lifestyle he wanted for himself and his wife. Because of the success of Tomorrow’s Fire Officer, Dean’s wife was able to quit her job. And because all it takes to run the business is a laptop and an internet connection, they’re able to enjoy the freedom of the open road without missing a thing. 

Because really, what’s retirement without a few long cross-country motorcycle trips?

The best part? The heartfelt thank you emails that Dean gets from newly-minted fire officers. 

“This couldn’t have been possible without Kajabi.”

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