How one woman transformed her production expertise into a thriving knowledge business. 

Tiffany Lee Bymaster 
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Tiffany Lee Bymaster 

Meet Tiffany Lee Bymaster — also known as “Coach Glitter.” Tiffany spent twenty years as a Hollywood makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and set designer. Now, with the help of Kajabi, she’s transformed her production expertise into a thriving knowledge business. 

Her popular online course helps fellow online marketers use video to share their stories and connect with their customers. By combining skills she already had with Kajabi’s powerful platform, she’s found massive success in the second iteration of her career.

Lights Camera Branding!

teaches personal branding and how to be confident on camera. 

Tiffany makes her Hollywood Production know-how available to the masses through her signature course, “Lights Camera Branding!” Her 8-week program is for passionate, creative entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their personal branding and skyrocket their confidence on camera. Participants learn everything from figuring what to talk about on social media, to creating their home video set up, and more. 

For nearly two decades, Tiffany Lee Bymaster had a thriving career as a makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and set designer in film, TV, commercial, fashion as well as with top online Marketers, authors and speakers. She worked on Hollywood sets and rubbed elbows with celebrities. From the outside looking in, you might say Tiffany had a “dream career.” 

So, why — after two decades of success — did she make the switch to online courses and coaching? 

In her words: “I realized I hit a ceiling. I was only giving myself the option to trade my time for dollars, and I could only work with so many people at a time. I was wondering to myself, ‘is there going to be an end to this? What’s the next story?’”

If you have a traditional career that looks enviable on the outside, but puts a ceiling on your free time or earning potential, you can probably relate. You’ve likely asked yourself that very same question: What’s the next story?

For Tiffany, it was getting to use her hard-earned expertise to help even more people — but this time, without limits.

“I’ve been able to reach people that I would have never stumbled upon in real life,” says Tiffany. And with Kajabi, it’s been even easier than she thought it could be. 

“Kajabi simplifies the whole process, even giving you tutorials on how to film your videos. They give you tutorials on everything… it’s like a giant template. Just like you would set up a Facebook page, all you have to do is plug and play. It’s that simple.” 

Six years after starting her online business, Tiffany boasts over 2,200 graduates of her signature course, Lights Camera Branding! — and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. “This is not just a product. This is a business that continues to grow,” she says. 

And the best part about growing her particular business? She gets to help other creatives get out there and spread their messages as well.



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