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2020 was challenging.
In 2021, it’s time to choose a
challenge for yourself.

You’ve faced plenty of unique challenges in your life. Your knowledge has value.

Will this be the year that you finally take your knowledge, your skills, and your passions and put them into a profitable digital product?

Kajabi is throwing down this challenge: Bring your idea and your entrepreneurial grit, and we’ll show you a simple, repeatable, step-by-step system you can follow to turn your idea into income.

We’ll also help you along the way (like we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs) with video training, live check-ins, and bonus expert content from successful entrepreneurs on Kajabi.

Oh, and we’ll give you tool you need to get your business up and running, no charge, with a 45-day free trial of Kajabi (the internet’s #1 most trusted all-in-one knowledge commerce platform).

Welcome to Kajabi’s
Idea to Income Challenge!

Module 1

Pricing your offer

During this module you’ll focus on creating your digital product. You’ll get step by step guidance as you:

  • Build a product
  • Upload a video
  • Create an offer

Module 2:

Module 2

Packaging your offer

The focus of this module is creating your sales flow. With the guidance of our success team you’ll:

  • Build a sales page
  • Create a form to capture leads

Module 3:

Module 3

Launch your offer

In this module you’ll learn how to successfully launch your product and make your first sale when you:

  • Build an email list
  • Send an email broadcast
  • Start earning money from your own online business

You’ll also get exclusive success strategies
from entrepreneurs who already have
thriving businesses on Kajabi.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

“How to choose between a course or a membership site”

With Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Brand Coach

“How to be confident on camera”

With Dr. Andrea Pennington, Self-love and Resilience Coach

“How to leverage a membership site”

With Haley Burkhead, Business Coach

“How to price your product”, and “Growing your email list”

With Ellen Yin, Business Coach

“Perfectly position your price point”

With Michael Elsner, Music Instructor and Personal Coach

“Setting up a sales page”

With Sally Sparks, Brand Coach

“Marketing strategy for your product”

With Lauren Eliz Love, Business Coach

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