How to build a course with Kajabi / Customizing The Look And Feel of Your Course

Customizing The Look And Feel of Your Course

Lesson Objectives:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Discover the two most popular Product Templates
  • Define which product template works best for you
  • Learn five simple steps to customize the look and feel of your product

The way your course looks and the experience you create for your customers is important.

Oftentimes, this step is overlooked, but in this lesson, I want to share with you five steps to take your course from drab to fab that are SIMPLE and don’t require a lot of effort.

Before we dive into customizing your course, let’s first talk about the different course templates available to you. The two most customizable and popular templates, that I am going to mention in this training are Premier and Momentum.

Premier is a more visual template, which is great if your customers prefer to have each lesson as its own clickable image. Or if you are planning on having a course with no more than 15-20 lessons, that is the perfect scrollable length for premier. So if any of that sounds like you, then this is your template.

Momentum is a minimalistic product template that lends itself to courses with a lot of content. This sleek design is based primarily on colors and easy navigation so your customers can see within a glance their starred content and their product progress. So, if your customers mean business then, momentum might just be the perfect template for you.

Once you have decided which template makes the most sense for your content and customers, within the customize screen, select the theme you wish to have and then click on the three dots and select activate from the menu. This will set the theme to the default theme. Once you have activated your preferred template, hover over the course image and click Customize. This will bring you a space where you can edit the view that your customers see when they access your course.

Now, this product page is not to be confused with your website. This product page will live behind a login wall and can only be accessed by entering a valid username and password.

The first step is to edit the instructor's information. You are so much more than a John doe, so I like to check off the list first.

How you edit one thing in Kajabi is essentially how you edit everything. First, you hover, then you click then you edit. So that is what we are going to do when we see the text, John Doe.
Hover over it, click on the box, and look to the left where you are prompted to edit. Add in your title, name, a short bio, and a headshot. When finished, press save.

The second step is the hero image.

If you aren’t sure where to find an image, you can look on sites like Unsplash or Canva for images that can help you tell your brand story. Once you have looked for, selected, and uploaded a photo, press save. That save part is very important!

The third step is the color scheme, you will be surprised what a little change of color can do to a course to make it feel customized and cohesive to your brand.

This can be edited by clicking into the settings tab, and then clicking on the color scheme. Once in that setting, you will be able to choose a Primary color, Offset color, or Dark and Darker color. However, if you are wanting to keep it really simple, just click into the circle of the primary and change it to a color that matches your brand, or this product in particular. Once you have selected your new primary color, press save.

The fourth step is customizing the footer.

This dark gray footer can impact the whole look and feel of your course, and we want to make sure that the entire experience feels intentional, so, again how we edit everything in Kajabi is three simple steps: hover, click edit. If you scroll down the footer sidebar you will see the footer appearance and in that section change the background color of the footer to match the rest of the overall look. Once completed, press save.

The fifth step is actually going to be completed on the Post (lesson view) level.

When we click on the post level, this allows you to customize the view of how your students experience every lesson. This is where you are going to change the color of the player color and player color background. Changing these two colors will transform your customer's experience and make it feel custom to you. Simply hover over the player, click and look to the side where you are prompted to edit the colors, once you are done, press save.

Lastly, In this post level, you are going to want to edit the instructor information, just as you did previously on the product level.

And just like that your product is branded to your business and visually engaging for your customers.

How to build a course with Kajabi / Customizing The Look And Feel of Your Course

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