How to build a course with Kajabi / Customizing Your Outline

Customizing Your Outline

Lesson Objectives:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn the main components of a course product outline
  • Watch a follow-along and build your product outline

Every course product within Kajabi is comprised of key components that you can add content to and move as you see fit.

1. The first key component is a Module.

A module is an organizational tool to contain your lessons under a similar heading. These modules have different release functions such as published, draft, drip, and lock.

Published, means everyone with access to the course can see the content
Draft, means only you can see it, which is great if you are adding additional content to a live course
Drip is where you can set the specific number of days a customer waits to get access to specific content after they purchased the product
Lock is a feature that will release content after a particular lesson has been completed, this is great if you are looking to create a self-paced course, but don’t want all of the content available upfront.

2. The Second key component is a Lesson.

A Lesson is where you can input videos, audio lessons, and assessments as well as text and other downloads that support that particular piece of content. The lesson structure is designed to keep the course creation process simple. Upload and press save and move on to the next lesson. No matter what type, of course, you choose to create, you will be getting very familiar with the lesson tool.

3. The Third key component is a Quiz.

A quiz will test and assess your customer's knowledge and understanding through this engaging training tool. A quiz can act as a knowledge check, a recap, or simply just a way for your customers to feel engaged with the content.

How to build a course with Kajabi / Customizing Your Outline

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