How to build a course with Kajabi / Going Through Your Course As A Customer

Going Through Your Course As A Customer

Lesson Objectives:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Discover the secret ingredient for a successful online course
  • Learn how to view your course as a customer

User experience is the secret ingredient to a successful online course. If your content is easy to navigate and access, your customers will keep coming back.

Together we are going to go through Caty’s Site. Caty is a life coach and helps mom’s step into their full potential, so they can feel their best for their babies. Caty’s site is called Cultivating Happiness. Cultivating Happiness is the name of her site. Together we will be going through as a customer and cover all of the points you should look for when you are going through your own course to test the user experience.

The first step is to grant ourselves a product within Caty’s site. Granting access is a fancy way of saying, FREE. When we grant a product to ourselves or someone close to us to test out our site and we don’t want them to pay, this means we will receive an email with the login credentials, no payment required.

This can be done within the contacts tab. Let’s navigate to contacts - click add contact - add single contact - import your own information here and act as if you were a customer. Before you click save, check the Grant Offer box, and select an offer. Then go ahead and press save.

This will trigger an email to be sent to my inbox with login credentials, just like customers will receive when they purchase your product.

Let’s go ahead and navigate to my inbox where we will find the instructions on how to log into Caty’s site and access her course, baking with Kids. You’ll see in the email your email and password as well as the link to click on to log in-

This step ensures that your log-in page is customized and feels like an extension of your brand. This means an image and colors that your customers would see from you on social media, in emails and if you meet in real life, well in real life too!

When we log into Caty’s site, Cultivating Happiness we are then brought to the library where we will see the one course we have purchased. The library is another step that helps build brand credibility, and where your customers can see all they have purchased, and navigate to their desired product. The library has a few more ways to be customized than the library page, so make sure you look to make sure your logo is added, new images are uploaded, any text is adjusted, and you feel like it is a clear representation of your brand.

Baking With Kids is the course we get to dive into, to access this course, click the button “Start Learning.” That Caty, who is savvy, customized her button text to align with the way she speaks, taking this customization one step further.

Once we click “Start Learning”, we are now inside the Baking with Kids course. Now I am going to scroll and click and make sure that everything is functioning properly and everything looks as it should. Watch the videos and make sure that they are the correct videos, click the downloads and make sure that the downloads are correct. Take your time and click, click, click!

Right now, I am experiencing this course as Caty’s customer would. This is the best way to ensure that your customer has the easiest, best experience possible.

How to build a course with Kajabi / Going Through Your Course As A Customer

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