How to build a course with Kajabi / Refining Course Content

Refining Course Content

Lesson Objectives:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to complete product validation
  • Understand how to craft your course outline
  • Define what style of course you will create

The first step to creating your course is knowing what you are going to put in it and making sure it is something that people are actively looking for help with.

You want to make sure that what you are about to create is something people are looking for or struggling with. The process of determining the need for your product is called Product Validation.

I am going to briefly cover a few different ways you can complete product validation for your product idea.

Google & Youtube

How to navigate the grief of a loved one - You will see SO many answers and responses to this because this is something many people are actively searching for a solution for.

Facebook Groups

If you do choose Facebook groups, make sure you go in and lead with curiosity. And make sure it’s a space where you want to spend your time in.

Amazon Book Reviews

Once you have identified that your course topic is one that people are actively seeking, you can move forward with creating an outline for your course.

First Identify where your customer is starting, this will be point A. Then Identify where your customer will end at the end of the course. So in other words, what is the transformation they will receive?

Then ask yourself what are the MAIN things that your customer will need to learn to get from Point A to Point Z?

These 3 important questions will help you start to form an outline and identify what is needed in your course so your customers can see the transformation you promised. I know it is tempting to want to put your WHOLE life’s knowledge into one course but something that is important to keep in mind is, it is not what you put in the course that matters the most, it is what you leave out.

This means you want to add in content, stories, and information that will move the needle, not ALL of the content, stories, and information you’ve gathered.

You can start to compile all of your information in an outline or a script.

You’ll want to list out all of the main talking points and then if you want to take it one step further, you can organize the talking points into modules. Modules are simply a way for you to break up your content, you can think of it as a category.

You can create your outline on a piece of paper, on an app, or in right within your product on Kajabi.

Some people like to create a script for each lesson. Creating a script will help you organize your thoughts, even if you don’t decide to use it while you record your lessons. This allows you to have a great understanding of what you’re going to say and how to flow all of your thoughts together.

Something else to consider when you’re creating your lessons is you’ll also need to decide what type of media or format you’ll want to use to deliver your content to your customers. Will it be a video? Maybe it’s an audio-based lesson? Do you want to include a downloadable file? Will you want to include quizzes?

No matter what combination you are planning to utilize, you can do it all within Kajabi.

How to build a course with Kajabi / Refining Course Content

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