“How To Create The Perfect Offer
For Your Online Course...EVERY TIME!


Without The Need For A Complicated Funnel — Just Plug Your Message In And Press The Launch Button To Engage!

And the best part is...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional marketer (who’s already sharing your message with the world) or are just getting started online…”

Kenny Rueter

Hi, this is Kenny Rueter,
CEO & Co-Founder of Kajabi.

For 9 years, I’ve been helping digital entrepreneurs (just like you) create, launch, and deliver their message to the masses with Kajabi.

And while we’ve helped our heroes generate well in excess of $600 million in online sales, we’ve also learned a fair share about what DOESN’T work…

In doing so we’ve identified the two common “bottlenecks” in businesses of all sizes and levels.

They are: Technical overwhelm, and lack of a proven system.

You already know you have the right product, but the idea of internet marketing totally overwhelms you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s a better way, and I’m going to tell you about it, so you can;

Finally create a marketing message (and launch campaigns) that transform your prospects into raving fans and serial buyers...

Again, without the technical overwhelm.

Because at Kajabi, our #1 core value is Your Success.

So I went to my award-winning marketing team with a critical question:

What could we do to ensure YOUR Success?

Well, I’m proud to say the end result of that conversation is a proven system designed to create, launch, and deliver your message to the masses!

“Marketing Mastery”

What you get - Marketing Mastery Bundle

Marketing Mastery is our new flagship training & implementation program that teaches you how to create and launch successful offers for online courses in a predictable, repeatable manner.

Along with Jonathan Cronstedt (our president), Kevin Richards (our chief marketing officer), and the Kajabi marketing team, we’ll teach you the “real world” strategies top-earning marketers are using to create, advertise, and scale high-converting offers and campaigns.

We lead you through the process step-by-step so both non-marketing entrepreneurs (or their existing teams) can follow along, understand, implement, then get some quick wins under their belt.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an author, coach, teacher, consultant, agency or business owner, marketer, etc., this training & implementation program was designed specifically for YOU!

Not only that, we’ll show you how to systematically test and improve your marketing message, so you continue to see increases in both conversion, and revenue.

As a matter of fact, we just tested the strategies with one of our Kajabi Heroes who was able to bring in $2 Million Dollars in under 10 days!

Needless to say, the results (and strategies) speak for themselves.

And while these results are in no way typical, what I can tell you is, here at Kajabi we now use this exact same framework every time we fire-up a new campaign...

Because we’ve seen the kind of results these strategies are capable of delivering firsthand.

In Marketing Mastery, we’ve broken down the essentials of marketing your online products into building blocks.

As you go through the training you’ll create each block so that you’re able to snap them into place when, and where you need it.

Not to mention, we give you the master blue-print and templates, so once you have these essential building blocks created, you know exactly where to use them every single time!

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what other Kajabi Heroes (just like you) had to say about Marketing Mastery:

Dy Ann

“Generated $11K In Revenue Over
7-Days With 4 Simple Pages”

“I’m not a marketing expert so being taught by actual marketing experts was an amazing experience. This is information that would’ve taken years of trial and error to acquire.

Not to mention tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Instead, I was able to quickly learn the system, implement it, then start reaping the rewards.

Email marketing is something I always feared implementing. Through the Marketing Mastery lessons I learned how to message my email list the right way, which took all the fear out of email marketing for me.

After completing Marketing Mastery I had a completed email marketing campaign in place.

The Result?

$11K In Revenue Over 7-Days!!!

I had never run an email campaign like this for my business.

Not only was it fun, it was also extremely profitable.

I Can Now Use This Same Campaign Month After Month…”

— Dy Ann Parham

Dr. Kevin Polk

“An Additional $5K In Sales
The Past 2 Weeks”

“So far, my experience with Marketing Mastery has been awesome. It consolidated a lot of information I previously learned into a system I could take immediate action with.

An Additional $5K In Sales The Past 2 Weeks That I Can Directly Attribute To Marketing Mastery!!!

My online business is already more profitable with Marketing Mastery.”

— Dr. Kevin Polk

Marketing Mastery

(a $2,997 value)

The simple 4-step system top-earning marketers use to create,
launch, & deliver their message to the masses...

Introduction Module

Introduction Module: Welcome

In the Introduction module, we'll get you ready for the course and lay out the groundwork for everything to come, including what we'll cover, and how to get the most out of our teaching, so you can see quick results.

Module One

Module 1: Create A Community That Attracts Your Perfect Customers

You can’t even begin to create the perfect marketing campaign until you accurately identify your perfect customer avatar (who they are and what they really want).

In this module, we'll do a “deep dive” into the mindset of your prospects to understand their motivations, language patterns, and desired outcomes, so you can:

  • Position Yourself as THE Solution to their Problems
  • Identify your Community
Module Two

Module 2: The Right Opportunity

In Module 2, we’ll show you how to create the perfect opportunity for your customers to turn things around, achieve more, and reach their desired outcomes, including:

  • How to get to the Core of your Customer’s Pain Points
  • The Problem Solution Problem Framework
  • How to Identify the Real Problem vs. the one they think they have
  • The Objections that go through your Prospect’s Minds Before they do ANYTHING — and how to Handle Them
Module Three

Module 3: Expert Positioning

In this module, we’re going to cover Expert Positioning using the power of story, including:

  • How to use Story in your Marketing
  • How to Establish Credibility & Position yourself as THE Expert
  • How to Create your Value Proposition
  • How to get over your doubts so you can tell the stories that will have a Real Impact
Module Four

Module 4: Master’s Ten

Here's where the rubber really meets the road!

The Master’s Ten is a framework that EVERY marketer needs to know if they want to be successful at selling anything online.

Each part is designed to specifically address purchase triggers, and erase any doubt in your customer's mind, as well as...

  • How to write an Attention-Grabbing Headline
  • The Difference between Features & Benefits, and why nailing them is Critical for Product Positioning

How to create The Best Possible Offer for your Community, including:

  • Industry Standards
  • How to Price your Offer
  • How to Over-Deliver
  • How to make your Deal Absolutely Irresistible
Module Five

Module 5: The Master’s Framework

In the 5th module, you’ll learn The Master’s Framework (the foundation of every online campaign).

By combining this framework, and the Master 10 you created in the previous module, you’ll effectively, and simply, attract, engage, inform, and convert your audience!

Module Six

Module 6: How To Launch Campaigns

In the 6th, and final module, you’ll learn how to launch campaigns that convert. Simply cut, paste, and launch using the Master’s Framework you created in the previous module.

We’ll walk you through every single step, giving you the calendar, schedule, and email templates to launch your perfect campaign.

By the end of this module, you’ll also know how to structure your campaign, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, and email automation.

Last but not least, you’ll learn the power of iteration, so you know exactly what to measure, and how to fine tune (and improve) the results of your campaign over and over again!

When You Get Started With Marketing Mastery Today, You’ll Also Get

Instant Access to The Following
Fast-Action Bonuses…

Kajabi Free for 90-Days

Fast-Action Bonus #1: A 90-Day Trial To Kajabi — THE All-In-One Solution For Building Your Online Business

(a $597 Value)

  • All the tools you need to build a successful online business in one place
  • Beautiful, high-converting templates
  • Straightforward product creation tools
  • Powerful sales tools to generate more customers, boost revenue, and drive repeat sales
  • 24/7 support
Bonus Facebook Ads

Fast-Action Bonus #2: Bonus Module — Facebook Ads

(a $497 Value)

In This Bonus Module You’ll Discover:

  • How to create your own attract campaigns using Facebook ads
  • How to start sending targeted traffic to your campaigns
  • How to max out enrollment to your membership site using Facebook ads
  • The exact same methods we use everyday at Kajabi
Kajabi HQ

Fast-Action Bonus #3: Behind The Scenes...Kajabi HQ

(a $497 Value)

Join J-Cron, Kevin, and I, on these 4 “Behind-The-Scenes videos, as we:

  • Answer your most burning questions
  • Share examples of how to master each section
  • Offer some real world (top-of-our-head) examples, as well as solutions to give you more insight, confidence, and an insider’s view into our most guarded strategies.
  • Just like sitting with us LIVE at Kajabi HQ

For A Grand Total Of $4,588 In Value!!!

Making this offer a complete “no brainer”, so if you’re on the fence for any reason at all, I can’t recommend highly enough, secrue your copy of Marketing Mastery, and the 3 Fast Action Bonuses now because as of right now, we have no plans of reopening this offer in the near future.

What you get - Marketing Mastery Bundle

Get Instant Access

“Marketing Mastery”

The simple 4-step system top-earning marketers use
to create, launch, & deliver their message to the masses.

Total Value: $4,588

Only $497

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100% Risk-Free

All Backed By Our 30-Day
“No Questions Asked” Guarantee

Meaning, if after going through and implementing Marketing Mastery, you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase…

No Questions Asked!

And because nobody that’s ever actually gone through, and put in the work (like I know you will) has EVER taken us up on this — and as a token of our appreciation for giving it a try, you can KEEP all 3 bonuses.

What you get - Marketing Mastery Bundle

Get Instant Access

“Marketing Mastery”

The simple 4-step system top-earning marketers use
to create, launch, & deliver their message to the masses.

Total Value: $4,588

Only $497

Get Instant Access

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*Your Kajabi Growth Plan renews at $197/month after the 90-day trial period.

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