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“4 Simple Pages Top Marketers Use
For 6, 7 & 8-Figure Launches”


How To Claim Your Piece Of A
$275 Billion Dollar Market

According to Orbis Research, the Global E-Learning Market will reach $275.1 Billion Dollars by 2022…

That’s a 60% growth in just the last few years!

With technology, social media, and the ability to reach a very specific audience with hyper-targeted advertising, there’s never been a better (or more lucrative) time to start an online business.

One capable of generating 6, 7, even 8-figures in passive income.

I see Kajabi members hitting their goals, while swiftly (and easily) building their online businesses all the time.

As a matter of fact, we recently had a member launch her first online course...

The result?

$1,154,000+ in less than 30 days...

And while I’m not exactly sure how long this trend will last, one thing’s clear...

— Now’s THE time for you to dive in!

Orbis Research

The Most Successful Launches Are Surprisingly Simple

If you’re like most digital entrepreneurs starting an online business, you’re totally stressed out about how to even get started.

It’s no wonder, between the sheer volume of technical solutions, and so called marketing experts teaching outdated tactics that do little more than keep you in an endless cycle of “busy work”.

While there are certain pieces that need to be accounted for in your campaign, it’s not as mysterious or complicated as you’ve been lead to believe.

The Best Part Is, You Won’t Need:

An agency

To hire a bunch of experts

Or to Manage virtual assistants

And you won’t need to strap together a dozen different platforms, apps, strategies, and automations…

That only serve to complicate your marketing process, and confuse your customers, while keeping you from earning the revenue you deserve.

Maybe you have a product that’s ready to sell, and it’s been sitting there, “gathering dust”.

So you go on struggling by servicing private clients, or working 9 to 5...

Even though you’ve got an incredible message ready to share with the masses!

The Power Of Kajabi

The Power Of Kajabi

The Kajabi platform puts me in a pretty unique position to share what’s working (and what isn’t) on a daily basis, with access to real-time stats.

It gives us insight into the campaigns that are CRUSHING it, as we work to support and coach the top-earning online marketers in the world.

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what Dy Ann had to say after using the process I’m about to reveal:

Dy Ann

“Generated $11K In Revenue Over
7-Days With 4 Simple Pages”

“I’m not a marketing expert so being taught by actual marketing experts was an amazing experience. This is information that would’ve taken years of trial and error to acquire.

Not to mention tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Instead, I was able to quickly learn the system, implement it, then start reaping the rewards.

Email marketing is something I always feared implementing. Through the Marketing Mastery lessons I learned how to message my email list the right way, which took all the fear out of email marketing for me.

After completing Marketing Mastery I had a completed email marketing campaign in place.

The Result?

$11K In Revenue Over 7-Days!!!

I had never run an email campaign like this for my business.

Not only was it fun, it was also extremely profitable.

I Can Now Use This Same Campaign Month After Month…”

— Dy Ann Parham

I’ve heard from people who’ve enrolled 300, 400, even thousands of people into their online courses by following the simple process I share with you in the video.

I’ve also heard from a lot of people who were already marketing their products online after learning this process, and having some MAJOR A-HA moments.

What they learned was a process that was easier to implement, and took a LOT less time than their current campaigns, while seeing a sharp increase in sales!

Again, This is the exact same process top-earning marketers are using for their 6, 7, and 8-figure launches, and it’s the same strategy we use for every new campaign right here at Kajabi.

I’m going to completely demystify the process of launching a successful online campaign so you can stop wasting time (and money), and get your products & solutions into the hands of your target audience…

“4 Simple Pages Top Marketers Use
For 6, 7 & 8-Figure Launches”

Now, the 4 pages I’m about to share translate into 4 simple assets…

4 pages and a post to be exact, nothing complicated, yet it works every single time.

These 4 pages will max out enrollment in your online course or digital product.

And you can do it yourself...

Which I really want to encourage you to do!

It’s repeatable, scalable, and evergreen (meaning it will ALWAYS work) because it’s based on human psychology.

Also, and this part is really important, it’s measurable, so you can test, then make small tweaks to increase results.

Let’s get started!

The Process


In this written or video post, you’re starting the conversation about the problem or pain your perfect customer is experiencing.

It’s here you want them to understand you really “get them”.

First you’ll offer them a quick-fix solution, then establish yourself as a resource, which will in turn, give them the confidence to take the next step with you.

At the end of your post, ask for their name and email address in exchange for your solution.

Ways this post can be delivered:

  • Social Media Post or Ad
  • Blog Post
  • In An Email
  • Can Also Be Shared At A Live Event Or On A Webinar Or By Affiliate/JV Partners


This second page is meant to be super simple…

Remember, all you’re doing here is asking for their name and email in exchange for this quick-fix solution.

We’re talking maybe 100 words total...

Headline, sub-headline, name, email address, submit button.

And most commonly presented as an:

  • Opt-in or sign-up page
  • Or the opt-in/sign-up bar on a website


Use this next page to Engage with your perfect customer, by delivering their quick fix solution.

Start by addressing their problem, and telling them about the opportunity.

Then tell your own story, as well as share other people’s stories that were able to overcome the same problem by using your solution.

Finally, as your Call To Action (CTA), ask them to share a comment in the comment section at the bottom of your page, to get them actively thinking, and talking about the possibility of the transformation you’re offering them.

Your quick fix solution can be delivered as a:

  • Video
  • Free eBook
  • Assessment
  • Checklist
  • Blueprint, Etc.


On this 4th (and final) page that they’ve reached from clicking a link on your previous (Inform) page, or through your follow up emails that were triggered after engaging in the comment section, again, at the bottom of your previous (Inform) page.

It’s here you ask your perfect customer to take the next step and do business with you!

You’ve already set yourself up for this sale, so it won’t feel like you’re selling at this point…

Remember — You’re solving their problems now, and offering a solution, so they can reach the transformation they desire.

Continue to establish value by creating an Offer Stack that is at least 10X the price you’re asking, and make sure they know you’ve created a complete solution, that supports them through every step of their journey.

Next, get them to picture their upcoming transformation by sharing stories of other people who’ve already had success.

Finally, inspire them to take FAST and DECISIVE action by creating a “real” sense of urgency.

This page is most commonly presented as a:

  • Sales page
  • Video sales letter (vsl)
  • Webinar
  • Or live social media event, such as a facebook live

That’s It!

Each piece of this framework is essential for creating a seamless customer journey and helping your customer understand why you are the one to help them solve their problem.

There’s NEVER Been A Better Time Than NOW To Build Your Online Business!

Don’t let another day, week, or month pass.

Don’t wait for another expert or agency.

And don’t waste time building some crazy funnel with elaborate tech.

I give you permission to stop watching (and trying to copy) every so called marketing expert on Facebook immediately...

Because, NOW you’ve GOT this!

Just follow the simple process of Attract, Engage, Inform, and Convert, I showed you today.

Whether you already have a campaign set up that’s not working as well as you know it should be, or you’re getting ready to launch something new…

Now is the time!

Talk soon,
Kenny Reuter
CEO & Co-Founder Of Kajabi

P.S. In Marketing Mastery we take you by the hand, and lead you through all the pieces of a winning campaign.

We go deeper into the psychology behind messaging that converts, and use simple building blocks that make up the DNA of your campaigns.

We take you behind the scenes of Kajabi, and show you firsthand how we create our own campaigns, including the critical questions we ask every single time.

Remember, nobody knows your customers better than YOU do.

And nobody is more at the heart of your business than you are - so you don’t need an expert or agency coming in to write your copy or create complicated funnels.

But you DO need to understand the simple building blocks, have a system that’s been proven time and time again, and focus on the psychology behind marketing to your perfect audience, to help them reach their desired outcomes.

We’re empowering you to get back in front of your audience, so you can lead their transformation.

All while building an online business that allows you to reach the masses, and create the lifestyle you (and your family) so richly deserve...

Click Here To Learn More About The Simple 4-Step System Top-Earning Marketers Use To Create, Launch, & Deliver Their Message To The Masses!

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