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Kajabi Now Integrates with ClickFunnels: Build Your Sales Funnel

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Kajabi Now Integrates with ClickFunnels: Build Your Sales Funnel
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We’re excited to announce that Kajabi’s integration with ClickFunnels has arrived!

In order to give you more flexibility for selling your content online, we’ve partnered with the team behind ClickFunnels to create a built-in integration that connects Kajabi to ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels lets you build out an entire sales funnel, and combined with Kajabi’s content delivery power, you’ll have more functionality for running your online business.

Multiple Uses

There are two ways you can use this new integration:

1. Set up a complete sales funnel inside ClickFunnels and have the button on your ClickFunnels sales page automatically link to your Kajabi offer.

2. Use ClickFunnels for the order process and payment collection and have the buyer's access to your Kajabi products granted automatically upon successful purchase.

More New Ways to Sell

We're very excited to see the creative ways that people use our new integrations to sell content and grow their audience! Our ClickFunnels integration is now another step in that direction!

Our goal is to to keep giving you more value and more functionality, so you can have more power to run your online business.

Easy Set Up

This integration is super easy to get started with!

All you have to do is go into your Integrations dashboard inside Kajabi, plug in your API Key from ClickFunnels, and connect. That’s it!

For a more comprehensive tutorial of how to use this new integration, you can check out our help article here!

Screenshot Tutorial

Within your dashboard, you can setup the pages in your funnel by selecting the templates you’d like to use and adding Kajabi's integration from there.

You’ll notice that your API Key is required in order to create the integration. Open your Kajabi dashboard, obtain your API Key from your integrations tab, then paste it in the box shown below. 

Upon opening our newly completed funnel, you can see the option to select Kajabi Products as the action for your page’s buttons. Now you’re all set!


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