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Unlock the benefits of recurring revenue with your own membership site! Kajabi’s platform comes fully equipped with a membership website builder and membership management software - everything you need to create and manage a thriving membership.

Diversify your revenue, build your brand, and turn your followers into customers with Kajabi.

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Kajabi is the #1 most trusted knowledge commerce platform with the most ways to directly monetize your knowledge: build courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, and more.

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One subscription gets you everything you need to build and grow a sustainable business.

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An easy-to-use editing tool to help you create more content with less time.

Kajabi all-in-one tool for creators and entrepreneurs

No need to start from scratch

With an easy-to-follow template, Kajabi’s membership website builder will create a polished, professional online membership site with no hassle. All that’s missing is you and the knowledge you’re passionate about sharing.

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Membership management, built in

Thanks to Kajabi’s membership management automations, it’s easy to organize and manage your membership site. The result? You’re able to save time and serve your customers better.

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Kajabi all-in-one tool for creators and entrepreneurs
Kajabi all-in-one tool for creators and entrepreneurs

Intuitive reports you can rely on

Kajabi's subscription-specific reports show you key metrics like churn rate, monthly recurring revenue, and every other data point you need. When you're able to track your membership site’s performance, the path towards reliable revenue becomes clear.

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What real customers are saying about Kajabi

“Having everything in one platform so I don't have to do all of this stuff all over the place has been really cool!”

— Dan Baumann
Online Entrepreneur
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Membership site creation that’s quick and easy

Memberships are your answer to building predictable recurring revenue. With Kajabi, you'll have everything you need to create, market, and sell your membership (not to mention manage the rest of your business) in a single dashboard.

Business coach, YouTuber, and master marketer Graham
Cochrane breaks down why you should build a membership site.

Frequently asked questions

What is membership management software?

Whether you have 30 or 30,000 members, our membership management software is designed to help you create an exclusive space where you can consistently connect and communicate with your members who’ve paid for access. Share unique content and offers with your members while also providing a place for them to engage with one another.

How does the membership model work?

The membership model is a type of business model in which individuals pay a recurring fee for access to an organization’s paywalled content. Generally, members pay for a monthly or annual subscription that provides entry to a space (your membership site) where they can access content and offers that are only available to them.

What are the benefits of a membership site?

The main benefits of a membership site include recurring revenue, improved customer loyalty, established authority within your industry or niche, and direct communication with your audience.

What should my membership site include?

A successful membership site should feature a consistent stream of content that your audience finds valuable. This could include articles, videos, audios, courses, live webinars, downloadable resources, perks (like event tickets or physical merchandise), and/or a community section or forum.

Can I cancel my Kajabi subscription at any time?

Of course! If you decide that Kajabi isn't the right fit for your business, you can easily cancel your account from your dashboard at any time.

Does Kajabi take a cut of my revenue?

No! When you make a sale with Kajabi, we don’t take a percentage cut of your revenue from that sale (unlike most creator platforms). If you use Stripe or Paypal to collect payments, you will still pay their merchant processing fees (for example, Stripe’s merchant processing fee is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction).

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A hands-on learning experience to accelerate your success before building your online business on Kajabi.

Good to know: This program is designed for anyone who needs support in the early planning stages of their business. After completing this program you will know how to grow your audience and have a strong foundation to start building in Kajabi.

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What real customers are saying about Kajabi

“I love how with the membership model, I do not have to resell to my clients over and over again. I find the people that are going to stay and they continue to pay each month. I can offer different payment plans, like a monthly payment or a one time access free. By giving options and choices there's always money coming through. If I could not work for the month with my tutoring students, I would still have income"

— Joanne Kamisnki
Teacher, Tutor, Author
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