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“At Kajabi, we believe everyone has a passion to share. And so we created the world’s only Knowledge Commerce platform to help people get their knowledge out there and find success. Today, our platform empowers thousands of users everyday to build life-changing businesses and create an online presence that reflects them.”

Our story

Kajabi has a magic to it that you won’t find anywhere else, and as silly as it sounds on the surface, it makes dreams come true.

Thousands of people have used Kajabi to escape a career they hated to pursue their real passions, including some pretty unconventional ones. We’ve watched people in retirement build an entirely different business that can be run from the back of their Harley touring the USA. We’ve seen college-aged kids choose the digital entrepreneurship path, and outearn their chosen career before leaving school, all while traveling the world. And we’ve watched stay-at-home moms launch companies that now employ their spouses with 7 and 8 figure businesses, and dads become stay-at-home dads thanks to the power of their own online business.

So we’re changing the world by asking the question, “What knowledge do you have that the world needs?” And we’ll help you take care of the rest.

Our values

#Kajabi Hero

We believe our customers are our heroes, and everything we do in our development, marketing, and support begins with their story and ends with their success.


Kajabi exists to help people achieve more freedom and flexibility in their lives, and we strive to follow the same balance of creation and recreation in our own approach to work.


We strive for ownership, proactivity, and dependability to each other and our customers. We follow through on our commitments and that gives confidence to our Kajabians.


We empower our team and customers to better themselves and pursue their passions. The commitment to constant improvement is what drives us personally, professionally, and globally.


We know that a group of committed individuals can change the world. And to make that happen we commit like a family, practice and play like a team, and remain steadfast in our vision.

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