Kit Pang of BostonSpeaks: Turning Public Speaking into a Six-Figure Business

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It’s estimated that 75% of the population has glossophobia, AKA the fear of public speaking. Kit Pang is on a mission to help people not only overcome this fear but also become confident and influential speakers. 

Kit is the founder of BostonSpeaks, which offers public speaking, presentation, and communication skills training through one-on-one coaching, in-person classes, and self-paced online courses. Here’s a snapshot of BostonSpeaks’ business success: 

  • Increased revenue 10x in two years 
  • Grew a six-figure business with multiple revenue streams 
  • Helped over 10,000 students 

From his time as a Harvard Business School Public Speaking Coach to being a three-time TEDx Speaker Coach to being President of a Toastmasters Club, you’d think Kit has been a confident speaker his entire life — but that’s far from the case. 

“I used to be shy, and whenever I found myself in a group or class setting, I would feel very hesitant to speak up and express my thoughts,” recalls Kit. “I had an accent and thought that what I had to say wouldn’t sound smart or that my contributions didn’t matter.”

It wasn’t until he entered a public speaking competition at the end of his senior year at Hamilton College that he was able to push through his fears and actually find a passion for public speaking. 

The Challenge: Growing an In-Person and Online Business 

Before he founded BostonSpeaks, Kit pursued other opportunities, but public speaking was always at the back of his mind. “Whenever I saw great speakers present a keynote or talk on a panel, I always wondered how they became speakers,” he says. “I wanted to do exactly that: inspire, motivate, and help others grow.”

With that mission as his motivation, Kit decided to start a public speaking business. He began by hosting local workshops around Boston and promoting the events on sites like Eventbrite and Meetup. In his first year, Kit hosted 150 events — that’s when he knew BostonSpeaks was a growing business. 

He began to build a tech stack to run the business online and in person, exploring everything from ConvertKit and Mailchimp for email marketing to WordPress and Wix for his website to Teachable and Thinkific for online courses, but “nothing felt just right,” he says. “Each had its perks, but there was always something missing.”

Admittedly not a “tech guy,” Kit was tired of trying to learn new tools and cobble them together for his business. He wanted something that would make it easy to run everything he needed under one roof. 

The Solution: Simplifying BostonSpeaks With an All-in-One Platform

After doing some research to find the best solution for everything he needed — online courses, coaching, community, and marketing tools — Kajabi always came out on top. Kit decided to give it a try as an investment in his business’s long-term growth. 

“Kajabi was a game-changer for me,” says Kit. “Everything clicked into place. No more hopping between different services for emails, websites, and course hosting platforms. Kajabi brought it all under one roof, making my life much easier.”


The Results: Increasing Revenue 10x After 2 Years 

After moving on to Kajabi, BostonSpeaks became a six-figure business in just two years. The company went from earning $2K-3K monthly to $20K-35K each month. Plus, he was able to cut down on business expenses by reducing his tech stack to just one platform. 

Kit has explored every part of Kajabi, from online courses to live courses to one-on-one coaching. He’s also integrated a community element into all of his public speaking products and offers various membership plans. Simply put, Kit has made the most out of Kajabi’s all-in-one promise. 

As he puts it: “Kajabi is the backbone of our entire business. It’s the glue that holds everything together: our emails, landing pages, courses, and automation. It’s all in there!”

Looking Forward: Scaling With Kajabi 

Kit’s long-term goal is to make BostonSpeaks the go-to resource for helping individuals become more confident and influential speakers. In the meantime, the company is focused on creating solid operations and processes to ensure they’re built to scale — and Kajabi helps them do just that. 

“I'm all in on growing my business, and with Kajabi, I feel like there's no ceiling,” says Kit. “Kajabi's not just a tool for us; it's a growth partner.”

Kit’s Playbook for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Every creator should be comfortable speaking in front of an audience. If you’re looking to improve that skillet, here are Kit’s best tips on how to become a better speaker: 

  1. Put your audience first: Though it may feel contradictory, being a speaker isn’t about you. “Instead of trying to give your expertise the whole time, one of the best things you can do as a speaker is show your audience how much you understand them and how they think, feel, and act,” says Kit.
  2. There’s no “I” in team: Whether you’re presenting in person or on a webinar, Kit suggests using the word “you” as much as possible. “When you use the word “you,” you’re speaking directly to your audience and their ears will perk up."
  3. Anxiety and nerves are completely normal: Even the most confident speaker can be nervous to present. “Whether you’re presenting to five people or a thousand people, it's absolutely normal to have nerves,” says Kit. “You want the nerves to help you do better.” 

Want to expand your in-person business online? See how Kajabi’s all-in-one online course, coaching, and community platform can help.

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