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Man sitting in front of a laptop holding his phone and a credit card. A text above the image reads "CAN YOU SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ON WIX?"

Can You Sell Digital Products On Wix?


Apr 3, 2024
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As of 2024, the number of digital buyers stands at 2.71 billion and is expected to reach 2.77 billion by 2025. This is a huge market for selling digital products.

With Wix, you can capitalize on this demand by setting up an e-commerce store to sell digital goods and services. Wix provides a user-friendly online store builder, requiring no coding or design experience to create a beautiful, professional shop. 

You can also make Wix even more powerful by using it with tools like Kajabi, a platform optimized for selling digital products.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to sell digital goods successfully using the Wix platform.

What Digital Products Can You Sell On Wix?

Wix supports the selling of various digital products, from music and artwork to more immersive experiences, subscriptions, memberships, and services.

You get the infrastructure to effectively showcase, sell, and distribute these products.

1. Digital Music And Artwork

One of Wix's most popular categories of digital goods is creative files like music and artwork. 

You can easily build a store selling:

  • Music Files: Upload your tracks as downloadable MP3s, WAVs, FLACs, or other audio file types. This is useful for solo musicians as well as record labels and studios.
  • Digital Art: Offer digital illustrations, photos, designs, templates, icons, fonts, etc., for creative professionals.
  • Mix-and-Match Bundles: Combine music, artwork, and other creative files into bundled packs or tiered membership levels.

This direct-to-consumer approach increases the profitability of each sale and strengthens the connection between artists and their audiences.

Additionally, as a musician, you can leverage Wix to offer bundled products, combining music files with other digital or physical goods, such as exclusive artwork, lyric books in PDF format, or tickets to upcoming virtual concerts.

For visual artists, you can sell your creations as downloadable files, serving customers looking for unique art to display on digital screens or print for personal use. This democratizes art collection and offers a sustainable, reproduction-free method to monetize your work repeatedly without diminishing the value of your original pieces.

One key benefit of selling digital artwork on Wix is you can offer a variety of licensing options; you can sell personal use licenses at one price point and offer commercial use licenses at a higher price.

2. eBooks And Audiobooks

eBooks offer a convenient, accessible, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional printed books. 

Through the Wix store, you can sell your novels, nonfiction works, how-to guides, and any other written content in digital form.

You can instantly deliver to customers upon purchase, eliminating the wait times and shipping costs associated with physical books.

Wix lets you upload your eBooks in various formats, including PDF and ePub. Furthermore, you can enhance your offerings by including additional materials, such as bonus chapters, author commentary, or interactive content, which add value to the purchase and enrich the reading experience.

You can also sell audiobooks on Wix as downloadable files or through streaming access, giving customers flexibility in listening.

3. Digital Services

Wix's versatility extends beyond selling physical or downloadable products. It allows service providers to create detailed service listings that include descriptions, pricing, and the ability to book services directly through the website. 

This seamless integration of e-commerce and scheduling functionalities makes Wix ideal for selling digital services online.

For example, as a digital marketing consultant aiming to expand your client base and streamline your service delivery, you can use Wix to create a professional website. 

You will then showcase your expertise and past successes and allow potential clients to book online consultations or services.

On the website, you’ll provide comprehensive descriptions of your services, including what clients can expect, deliverables, turnaround times, and pricing.

Wix then offers integrated booking systems that make it easy for clients to see your availability and book appointments. You can sync these bookings with your calendar to ensure efficient time management.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the last few years. They are becoming a mainstream medium for entertainment, education, and information sharing.

Wix allows creators to easily upload their podcast episodes to their website through Wix Podcast Player. The platform supports RSS feed generation, crucial for distributing podcasts to popular platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google.

By ensuring your podcast is accessible through these major directories, you can significantly increase your reach and listener base.

You can monetize your podcast content directly through your website using strategies like:

  • Sponsorships and Advertisements: You can integrate sponsored messages or advertisements into your episodes and use your website to provide additional information about sponsors or promotional offers.
  • Subscriptions and Memberships: Wix lets you set up website subscription models or membership areas. You can offer paid subscribers exclusive content, early access to episodes, or ad-free listening experiences.
  • Merchandising: Wix's e-commerce capabilities enable you to set up an online store where listeners can purchase merchandise directly from your website.

5. Online Courses

Wix provides intuitive and comprehensive tools to help you create engaging and interactive online courses.

Here’s how Wix helps you to build your online education platform:

  • Customizable Templates: Start with a professionally designed template that suits the theme of your educational content.
Wix's template library
  • Wix Video: Upload and organize your course videos directly on your Wix site. Wix Video supports high-quality streaming and offers a secure way to ensure that only registered students can access your course content.
  • Interactive Features: Engage your students with interactive features such as quizzes, forums, and downloadable resources. These elements enhance the learning experience, making it more dynamic and effective.
  • Membership Pages: Create members-only areas on your site where registered students can access course materials, connect with peers, and interact with you. This feature can help build a community around your courses, encouraging student engagement and retention.

You can also utilize Wix’s built-in SEO tools to optimize your site and course pages for search engines, making it easier for potential students to find your offerings.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selling On Wix

Compared to other e-commerce solutions, Wix provides benefits that support digital merchants. However, there are some limitations to weigh as your business scales. As with any platform, aligning expectations with your goals is important. 

By understanding the capabilities and restrictions, you can decide if and how Wix fits into your digital commerce strategy.

Advantages Of Selling On Wix

1. User-Friendly Interface

Wix has an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Designed for the non-technical user, Wix allows anyone, regardless of their web development skills, to create a professional-looking online store.

The platform is built around a drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to customize your site.

With just a few clicks, you can add, remove, or modify elements on your webpage, allowing for a high degree of customization without the need to understand coding.

You’ll get templates designed for e-commerce. These templates are aesthetically pleasing and optimized for sales.

The platform also comes with integrated e-commerce tools tailored for selling digital products. These include:

  • Product pages
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Secure checkout processes
  • Payment gateways

Wix simplifies setting up and managing these elements, making it straightforward to start selling online.

2. SEO Support

Visibility is key to attracting customers and driving sales. A beautiful website and platform are no good without customers.

Wix allows you to customize essential SEO settings for your website, including titles, descriptions, and keywords for each page. 

This level of control is vital for improving your site's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracting targeted traffic to your store.

One of Wix’s standout features is the SEO Wiz, a step-by-step guide designed to optimize your website for search engines. It creates a personalized SEO plan based on your business type, keywords, and location, guiding you through optimization. This tool is useful if you’re a beginner who might not be familiar with SEO best practices.

Wix also supports structured data markup, allowing you to provide search engines with detailed information about your website's content. This enhances your visibility in search results, enabling features like rich snippets, which attract more clicks to your site.

3. App Market And Integrations

The Wix App Market contains over 500 apps, covering everything from marketing and sales tools to social media integrations, analytics, customer service, etc. 

This variety ensures that businesses of all types can find the tools they need to enhance their online store and improve their operations.

Apps in the Wix App Market integrate seamlessly with Wix websites, minimizing compatibility issues and simplifying the setup process.

For digital merchants, specific apps help enhance e-commerce capabilities beyond the basic functionalities. These include advanced inventory management, dropshipping solutions, subscription services, and digital product delivery apps. These tools significantly improve the efficiency of online sales and order fulfillment.

4. Multichannel Selling

Multichannel selling allows you to reach customers wherever they prefer to shop. That's directly on a business's website, through social media platforms, online marketplaces, or even in-person.

Wix supports multichannel selling in various ways:

  • Social Media Integration: Wix allows seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can sell your products directly on these platforms.
  • Marketplace Connections: You can list and sell your digital products on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay through various integrations. Wix’s centralized inventory management ensures that your stock levels are updated in real time across all channels.
  • Online and Offline Sales: Wix’s multichannel approach also supports online and offline sales. If you operate both e-commerce and physical stores, Wix offers solutions like point-of-sale (POS) systems that integrate with your online inventory.

Disadvantages Of Wix

1. Inability To Change Your Template

When you choose a Wix template, you're committing to that design layout long-term.

If, later on, you decide that a different template would better suit your brand or offer improved functionality, you can’t simply switch to a new template.

Instead, you must create a new site from scratch and manually transfer your content.

Businesses evolve, and rebranding is a common step in growth. Wix's inability to change templates means a complete site redesign will require you to start over.

2. Lack Of Multi-Currency Checkout

One drawback of international e-commerce on Wix is the lack of built-in multi-currency checkout functionality. That is, you can’t sell products in multiple currencies in Wix Stores.

The currency you choose will be displayed across all languages.

Without the ability to check out in their local currency, international customers might feel less inclined to complete a purchase.

You can try to circumvent this limitation by manually setting up different versions of your site for different regions, each with its pricing set in the local currency. However, this approach is cumbersome and doesn’t provide a true multi-currency checkout experience. 

The final payment still gets processed in the store's base currency.

3. Templates Not Fully Responsive

When building your online store or website, not all of Wix’s 800+ templates are fully responsive.

A template that isn't fully responsive doesn’t adapt well to different screen sizes, leading to a suboptimal viewing experience on mobile devices or tablets.

With more than 79% of consumers browsing and shopping on mobile devices, having a website that isn't fully optimized for mobile will impact your traffic and sales. 

Websites that don’t provide a good mobile user experience also see higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates from mobile users.

4. Inability To Transfer Your Business To Another Website Host

Once you build your website on Wix, if you decide that another platform better suits your needs in the future, you can’t directly transfer your site. 

So, if you anticipate significant growth or have specialized needs requiring a more customizable hosting solution, Wix might limit you.

Remember that rebuilding your site on a new platform can temporarily impact your search engine rankings and traffic.

Even with careful planning and implementation of redirects, it can take time for search engines to index your new site and for your rankings to stabilize. This could potentially lead to a temporary drop in website traffic and sales.

How To Sell Digital Products On Wix: Step-By-Step

In this section, we’ll explain the step-by-step process for successfully selling any digital offering using Wix.

Follow along as we provide practical guidance on key steps like:

  • Setting up your Wix storefront
  • Configuring payment gateways and sales tax
  • Creating compelling product pages

1. Create A Wix Account

The first step to selling digital products on Wix is to create an account on the platform.

Navigating to the Wix homepage. Look for the "Get Started" button.

Wix homepage with an arrow pointing to the "Get Started" button.

This will prompt you to enter your email address and create a password. 

Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account for a quicker process. Wix requires this information to create your account on their platform.

After signing up, Wix will ask who you are creating a website for. Choose “For myself, my business or a friend.”

Various options to create a website on Wix

Wix then offers two main ways to create your site.

You can use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which asks you questions about your needs and preferences before generating a website for you.

Alternatively, you can set up your site without AI. If you prefer full control over the design, go with this option.

Options to create a website with Wix AI or from a template library

Setting up with ADI, you will chat with the AI to provide it with details on the site you want to create.

Chatting with Wix AI

If you want to build your website using a template, see the next step.

2. Choose A Template And Add A Store

After creating your Wix account, the next step is to choose a template that suits your digital product business and add an online store feature.

When prompted how you would like to build your website, choose “Pick a Template.”

Options to create a website with Wix AI or from a template library with an arrow pointing to the "Pick a Template" button

Wix offers many templates designed for various industries and purposes. When choosing a template, look for designs that appeal to your aesthetic preferences and serve the functional needs of your digital products business.

Consider templates categorized under "Store," as these are specifically designed with e-commerce functionalities. Remember, while you can customize many aspects of your chosen template, starting with one that closely aligns with your vision will save you significant time and effort.

Wix template library with an arrow pointing to the "Store" button

Wix lets you view the templates before choosing them. You can see how they look on desktop and mobile.

Wix template with an arrow pointing to the mobile and desktop view options

When you settle on a template, click “Edit this site.” Then, you can start customizing it to match your brand identity. Wix’s drag-and-drop editor lets you modify almost every element, including colors, fonts, page layouts, and navigation menus.

For selling digital products, ensure your homepage clearly communicates what you offer and includes compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) that direct visitors to your product pages or collections.

If you wish to make your website an online store, you need to add an online store app to your template. On the Wix Editor, look for the "Add Apps" option. You can find it on the left-hand sidebar.

From there, search for and select the “Wix Stores” app. Adding this app transforms your website into an e-commerce platform, enabling you to manage and sell digital products directly from your site.

Wix Apps store with a red arrow pointing to the Wix Stores app

3. Add Your Products

With your Wix storefront set up and your template customized to fit your brand, the next step is adding your digital products to the site.

Navigate to your site's dashboard and select the "Catalog" section. Then click on “Store products” and “Products.” This area is where you will manage all aspects of your product listings.

Adding products to a Wix website

Click the "New Product" button to add your digital goods. You can categorize your product as physical or digital.

Select "Digital" for digital products to ensure that your product will be available for download or streaming (as applicable) upon purchase.

Next, you’ll need to upload the files customers will receive upon purchase. Wix allows you to upload various file types, including PDFs, MP3s, M4As, and more, depending on the nature of your digital product. 

Ensure that the files are appropriately formatted and high-quality to meet customer expectations.

Uploading products to a Wix store

Next, fill in the product details, including:

  • Name: Give your product a clear and descriptive name.
  • Description: Write a detailed description highlighting your product's features and benefits. This is where you sell the value of your digital goods. Use relevant keywords to help improve your SEO.

Although digital products don’t require physical inventory tracking or shipping, you might still see these options in your setup.

Ensure shipping is set to “No shipping required” for digital products. You can also turn off inventory tracking since digital goods are not subject to stock limitations.

4. Set Up Taxes And Payment Methods

Wix provides tools to help you manage sales tax for your digital products. Tax requirements can vary depending on your location and where you're selling.

From your Wix dashboard, go to the settings section of your online store and look for tax settings.

Wix Settings with an arrow pointing to the Tax section

Wix might offer automated tax solutions depending on your plan and location.

Wix partners with external tax services like Avalara to offer automated tax calculations for various regions. This simplifies the process by automatically calculating and applying the correct tax rates based on the customer’s location and the type of product being sold.

Check if this option is available and suitable for your business.

You must manually set up tax rates if you don’t want to use the automated solutions. 

Research the applicable sales tax rates for the regions you sell to and set these rates in your Wix store. Remember, digital products might be taxed differently than physical goods, so obtain accurate information for your products.

Also, tax laws and rates change, so stay informed and update your tax settings as needed.

Next, you’ll need to configure payments. Wix supports multiple payment options.

Go to the “Accept payment” in your Wix dashboard under your store’s settings. Here, you’ll see the available payment options.

Wix Settings with an arrow pointing to the Accept payments section

Wix allows you to accept payments through several providers, including Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Select the payment providers you want to use based on your and your customer’s preferences. Consider the geographical location of your target market when choosing providers, as payment preferences can vary by region.

Remember, you need a premium plan to be able to accept payments.

For each payment provider you choose, you’ll need to connect your account with that service. 

This involves logging into your account through Wix or providing API keys. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete these connections.

After connecting your accounts, configure the specific payment methods you want to offer, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, or offline payments.

Before launching, conduct test transactions to ensure the payment process works smoothly from start to finish. Wix allows you to place test orders to verify that payments are processed correctly and that the funds are deposited into your account.

5. Set Up Contact Information

When selling online, you must establish clear and accessible contact information on your Wix site to build customer trust and facilitate smooth communication.

Use Wix’s editor to add a new page to your site specifically for contact information.

This page should be easily accessible from your site's main navigation menu. Label it clearly with a title like "Contact Us" to ensure visitors can find it easily.

Wix page with an arrow pointing to the "Contact" section

Also, include a contact form on your contact page. Wix offers customizable form templates that you can tailor to your needs. Ensure the form asks for essential information, such as the customer's name, email address, and the nature of their inquiry, without being overly intrusive or complicated.

To add the form, click “+” on the left side of the Editor.

Adding a Contact form to a Wix website

Scroll down to find “Contact & Forms.” Click and then look through the available templates. When you find the right one, drag it onto your site. Click “Form Settings.”

Click the “Settings” tab and set up your form.

In addition to a contact form, you can provide direct contact details, including an email address and a phone number (if applicable).

Some customers prefer direct communication over filling out forms, so offer both options to cater to different preferences.

6. Check The Integrations

Integrations with third-party services and applications enhance the functionality and efficiency of your Wix site. These integrations automate processes, extend your site's capabilities, and provide a more seamless experience for you and your customers.

With apps like Wix Email Marketing and integration with third-party platforms like Mailchimp, you can design, send, and track email campaigns directly from your Wix dashboard.

Visit the Wix App Market to explore the wide range of apps and services that integrate directly with Wix sites. The App Market is categorized to help you find solutions based on functionality, such as marketing, services and events, or online store enhancements.

Read through user reviews and ratings for each potential integration to gauge its effectiveness and reliability.

Connect your Wix site with CRM platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce to manage customer relationships, track sales, and automate workflows.

7. Publish Your Wix Site

After setting up your storefront, adding products, configuring payment methods, setting up taxes, ensuring your contact information is up-to-date, and checking integrations, the final step is to publish your site.

This makes your website live on the internet. Customers worldwide can access your digital products.

Before publishing, double-check your website:

  • Ensure all content, including product descriptions, images, and informational pages, are error-free.
  • Test the purchasing process, download or access digital products, check links, and ensure that contact forms work correctly.
  • Use Wix’s mobile editor to adjust your site’s appearance on mobile devices.

Also, take advantage of Wix’s SEO tools to optimize your site.

Use the SEO Wiz to guide you through optimizing your SEO through site structure, meta titles, descriptions, and more to improve your visibility on search engines.

Once you’ve completed all the above steps, click the “Publish” button located at the top right corner of the Wix Editor.

Wix site with a red arrow pointing to the "Publish" button

Wix will prompt you with a confirmation message, and your site will go live upon confirmation.

8. Keep Your Eye On The Goals

After publishing, the work doesn't stop there. 

To ensure sustained success, stay focused on your business goals, continuously optimize your online presence, and adapt to market and consumer behavior changes.

Establish clear, measurable goals for what you want to achieve with your online store:

  • Sales targets
  • Traffic goals
  • Customer engagement metrics
  • Expansion into new markets

Set aside time regularly to review your progress toward these goals. Analyze what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Make More Sales On Wix With Kajabi

Using Kajabi alongside Wix can be a powerful strategy to boost your online sales, especially if you’re selling digital products like courses, memberships, or downloadable content.

Kajabi is a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs that focus on selling knowledge products.

When used with Wix, it can complement Wix's website-building and e-commerce capabilities.

Kajabi has built-in marketing tools — email marketing, sales funnels, and landing pages — for selling digital products. These tools can complement Wix’s capabilities by providing more targeted and sophisticated marketing strategies to promote your products.

Using Kajabi with your Wix site involves linking the two platforms to provide a smooth transition for users.

Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Direct Links: You can place direct links on your Wix site to your Kajabi products, membership areas, or courses. Include these in your navigation menu and call-to-action buttons.
  • Custom Domains: Custom domains make the transition between Wix and Kajabi seamless. For example, you can host your main site on Wix and use a subdomain for your Kajabi platform (e.g.,
  • Marketing Integration: Use Kajabi’s marketing tools to capture leads on your Wix site and funnel them into your Kajabi sales pipelines. You do this by embedding opt-in forms on your Wix site that connect directly to your Kajabi email campaigns. You can achieve this using Zapier to create integrations between Wix and Kajabi and automate any workflow.

How To Sell Digital Products On Wix: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell Digital Downloads On Wix?

Yes, you can sell digital downloads on Wix through its integrated e-commerce platform. Wix supports selling digital products such as eBooks, music, videos, software, and artwork.

Can I Sell On Wix For Free?

No. You can create a website on Wix for free, but you need to subscribe to one of Wix's premium plans to sell products or accept payments through your site.

What Type Of Items Can You Sell On Wix?

On Wix, you can sell both physical and digital items:

  • Physical Items: Clothing, accessories, handmade goods, art, beauty products, home goods, and any tangible product that requires shipping.
  • Digital Items: eBooks, music files, digital art, photographs, software, online courses, videos, and any downloadable or streamable content.

Can You Sell On Instagram With Wix?

Yes, you can sell on Instagram with Wix by connecting your Wix online store to your Instagram Business account. You can tag your products in Instagram posts and stories, making them shoppable directly from the app.

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