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How to improve SEO with Kajabi

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How to improve SEO with Kajabi
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to drive new and existing customers to your site, content and digital products. Let's go over some ways you can improve your SEO with Kajabi and get more customers.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the amount of organic search traffic your site is receiving from search engines like Google and Bing. SEO typically includes 3 major categories:

  • On-page SEO: This includes content you're creating and things like the titles and meta data you're including.
  • Off-page SEO: This includes the amount of quality of backlinks you're getting, social media links and more.
  • Technical SEO: This includes things like page speed, user experience, Schema markup and more.

Why is SEO important for your business?

Having your brand or product appear at the top of search engines brings a sustainable source of traffic to your site. And there are a lot of people searching: Google processes at least over 40,000 searches a second.

A leading SEO Services company says that users trust the search engine results because they are aligned with their intent. That intent is great for digital business owners like you. If somebody searches for "online vegan cooking classes" and comes to your vegan cooking course product, they're more likely to convert than a random visitor you get.

SEO isn't the only way to drive traffic to your site. You can use social media, build out your email lists and use paid campaigns. But, SEO is a tried-and-true way to build a strong digital business.

Is Kajabi good for SEO?

Yes, Kajabi provides a variety of built-in tools and features that will help you with SEO. Some key factors of SEO include:

  • Making your site user-friendly and mobile-friendly. The overall experience of your site is an important factor in SEO. Thankfully, Kajabi's website builder and page builder provide great, mobile-friendly pages out of the box.
  • Have optimized titles and meta descriptions. These are the main things a user sees after they've put in a search on the search engine results page (SERP). Make sure your title and meta description have your brand name and relevant keywords. Kajabi makes it simple to add this to your sites.
  • Content marketing is the practice of consistently building and updating content for a target audience with the goal of turning those visitors to paying customers. One major benefit of content marketing like blogs and articles is a boost to your SEO. You can use Kajabi to create your own blog that increases your brand awareness and improves your SEO.

How to improve SEO on Kajabi?

Kajabi makes it simple to improve your SEO. Here are a few key things to do:

Set your SEO and sharing for your site:

Setting the SEO and sharing details for your site sets you up to perform well on search engines. To do this, log into your Kajabi account and then:

  • Click on Settings in the bottom-left corner
  • select "Site Details"
  • scroll top the bottom to the "SEO and Sharing" section
  • input your title and include your brand name and, if you can, a keyword related to your business.

Configure your SEO for your landing pages

Every page on your website can potentially drive traffic. That includes your landing pages. To set up your SEO for landing pages, log into your account and then:

  • Open the "Website" tab
  • click on "Pages"
  • next to the title of the Page you're trying to edit, click on the ellipses (...)
  • in the dropdown menu, click on "Edit Details"
  • scroll to the "SEO and Sharing" section for that page
  • input what title you want for this landing page. This may include the product's name, your site name, keywords related to your industry and more.

Make sure your Kajabi blog is set up for SEO

Your blog can be a major source of SEO goodness through content marketing, social media shares and other sites backlinking to your site. Here are some steps to make sure your blog is best set up for SEO:

  • Log into your Kajabi account
  • click on the "Website" tab
  • click on "Blog"
  • click on the "Setting" section of your Blog
  • put in your Blog title and meta description.

Remember, this is for your blog as a whole, not each individual article. You should also create a different title and meta description for your blog than for your homepage. It can be similar though: if your homepage SEO Title is "Example.com" your Blog SEO title could be "Example.com blog."

  • Under "Website," click on "Blog"
  • click the "+New Blog" button in the top right corner
  • create your blog post
  • fill out the "SEO and Sharing" section appropriately.

Your SEO Page title can be the same as your blog post page title. We advise including relevant keywords in the SEO title and the page description.

Don't forget about your images, either. Our recently-released website builder lets you add Image Alt Attributes to each image. Not only does this help people using screen readers understand your site, it can have a positive impact on SEO.

Set up SEO for your Pipelines

Your Pipelines can also rank on search engines. To optimize this SEO, log into your Kajabi account and:

  • Open the "Marketing" tab
  • select the Pipeline you want to edit and find the first Page of your Pipeline
  • click on the ellipses (...)
  • click on "Edit Details"
  • scroll to the "SEO and Sharing" section
  • input your desired SEO title, description and image.

How to improve SEO outside of Kajabi

SEO consists of three major categories: on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical optimization. Kajabi empowers you to improve your SEO through on-page optimizations and technical optimization. There are many steps you can take to improve your off-page optimization.

Make sure your site is being indexed properly

All the on-page optimization in the world won't help if search engines aren't actually crawling your site. You can sign up for the free Google Search Console to submit your site, as well as monitor your performance.

Get backlinks from reputable sites

Google was originally built with backlinks as the main signal of trust. The idea was: if this many sites are linking to one site about a topic, that site must be authoritative.

Google and other search engines have evolved to include hundreds of other ranking factors. But, backlinks are still an important way to rocket up the search charts.

You can get more backlinks by:

  • Claiming your business on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Local and on social media sites
  • Producing high-quality content and having others in your industry link back to it - you can use a content workflow software to make this easier
  • You can guest post on sites that have a relevant audience and include backlinks to your site and content.
  • Leveraging a link-building agency that can generate backlinks to your content on your behalf.

There are also a variety of free SEO tools you can use to track how well your SEO is performing.

How to use SEO in your business strategy

SEO is just one part of what you need to have a successful digital marketing strategy. After all, SEO gets them to your site, it doesn't guarantee people will take the actions you want.

That's why it's vital to take multiple steps to make your pages high-performing when it comes to conversion. That includes using compelling copywriting and following the best practices for landing pages.

Even if you're at the top of Google for your niche, your audience may not always be ready to buy immediately. That's why it's important to use things like Kajabi Forms to get information like their email. From there, you can nurture these potential customers through robust email marketing.

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