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9 reasons to love Kajabi’s new website builder

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9 reasons to love Kajabi’s new website builder
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This October is Kajabi’s 10th anniversary and we’re celebrating by offering you Kajabi Heroes great new features and services. We’re thrilled to announce a whole new design experience when you’re building your website and blog.

Kajabi’s new website builder helps you quickly and easily build a beautiful website that tells your unique story and converts your visitors into members. Let’s go over the top 9 features of Kajabi's new website builder.

1:  A unified Kajabi experience

Last year, we rolled out some improvements to Kajabi Pages. This made it simple for entrepreneurs to rapidly build professional-looking pages without hassles or delays.

We’ve brought that approach to the website and blog builder in the Kajabi app. The new Website and Blog editor match the Pages and Email editors’ look and feel, creating a more integrated experience.

That means Kajabi Heroes will have a consistent experience as you’re building out the various parts of your site. Your customers will benefit because all your public-facing assets will represent your brand with a consistent look, feel, and experience.

2: More customization and flexibility

Kajabi's new website builder gives you more tools and capabilities to ensure your website tells the story you want it to. After all, your website is more than just an online stopping point. It’s a reflection of you and your brand.

We’re adding multiple ways to let you design your website exactly the way you want. This update includes the ability to:

  • create a more engaging experience for your members by making it easier to share your social media platforms with your audience. 
  • set global styles for all your site pages. 
  • create beautiful headers and footers with more controls.
  • easily customize your design for desktop and mobile devices.

You can put your best font (get it?) forward, with color and size options for every screen size. You can also have your brand colors sync with text boxes, so you never have to enter color codes twice. These improvements make your call-to-actions stand out and better match your branding.

3: Get up and running faster with beautiful templates

Some Kajabi Heroes are incredible designers, and we love seeing the brilliant sites and services you come up with. But many of you are entrepreneurs, first and foremost, not designers. That’s why we’ve created a series of gorgeous new website templates.

Kajabi's new website builder offers templates that you can use to create a website that comes out looking like you paid an expensive professional designer (even though you didn’t — it’ll be our secret). These templates also save you countless hours spent tweaking your website, so you can put your time and dollars toward more revenue-generating activities like building your online courses and optimizing your funnels,or other activities to grow your business.

We’re starting with three new templates that leverage the new website builder’s design features and capabilities. You can expect more new templates to roll out over time.

4: Upsell and cross-sell features on Library pages to increase revenue

Want to increase your revenue? Then you’ll love the capabilities we’ve added to your Library pages. With this new update, they can now include upsell and cross-sell options right where your existing customers will see them.

When someone buys from you once, they are much more likely to do so again — so your existing customers are one of your best audiences to sell to. The enhancements to the Library pages will let you provide them offers they haven’t already purchased or subscribed to. These “smart” offers allow you to hide offers the customer already owns and give them a better overall customer experience.

5: Improve customer engagement with Member Directory

Our new website builder includes a great way to strengthen your community. It contains a new Member Directory page that encourages your members to meet like-minded people who are also taking your course.

Your members can even choose to display links inside the Directory to their social media profiles. This makes it easy for them to connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Over time, these community connections can boost your customer engagement rates and lead to more repeat customers.

6: Improved SEO through alt-text on images

Kajabi's new website builder gives you the ability to add alt-text to all the images on your website, including those on your blogs. Alt-text provides a written description of your images and this gives search engines a better understanding of what’s on your site.

Adding alt-tags can improve your Search engine optimization (SEO). Increasing your SEO is a valuable way to increase your visibility for new and existing customers.

7: Improved customization of login and utility pages

We’re giving you increased flexibility with your login and utility pages. You can add background images, colors, and videos to these pages. You can also choose to show or hide the footer.

This added control lets you build a cohesive experience through every step of your funnel. You can add logos, branding, and other elements to let your customers know they’re interacting with your business every step of the way.

8: Share more about your business with new pages

We’re including new default site pages to give you more ways to tell your story exactly the way you want without custom development. These new pages are:

  • Contact page: This page gives your customers a quick and easy way to reach out to you. 
  • About page: This page provides a canvas to tell the world about you and your business. 
  • Announcements page: This page gives you one place for your members to read announcements about each product or general announcements you share about your business.
  • Member Directory: This page lets your members connect with each other and share their social media information (you’ll remember it from reason #4).

9: Boost your blog

We’re adding powerful new ways to help your blog stand out. This includes: 

  • A better blog homepage: You can customize the number of blog posts on your blog homepage. You can also hide posts from your homepage. 
  • User-friendly blog design: You can customize your blog layout for easier navigation by adding or removing blog post sidebars. You can also easily add sections to your blog, as well as add a global background color. We’ve also included enhancements that increase your blog’s usability on mobile.  
  • Save time and get organized: You can add tags to your posts to structure your content. We’re also auto-populating the blog author information to save you time.
  • More flexible blog design: We’ve detached the blog homepage sidebar from the blog post sidebar. Now you can edit each sidebar on its own.

When you can get the new Website Builder

We’ve listed 9 great things about our new website builder, but there are literally dozens of additional improvements.

Our new website builder is rolling out to users in stages over the next few weeks. We expect every Kajabi Hero to have access by the middle of November.

Once the new builder is available in your app, you will be able to activate it as a new theme and start building. You can keep your current website live while you work on your new site, using every fun new page and design tool the new builder has to offer. Once you’re ready to launch, simply make your new website live!

And don’t worry — if you try the new builder and find that you’d rather stick with the previous version, you absolutely can. You can also switch between the two.

We hope these 9 reasons have given you plenty to be excited about with the new website builder and the unified design experience across Kajabi’s entire platform. It’s almost here, and we can’t wait to see what you build!

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