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As a former professional dancer, Jacquelyn Umof struck a chord with fitness enthusiasts on social media platforms under the moniker "Action Jacquelyn." With her unique blend of strength-building and ballet-inspired workouts, Jacquelyn, with her now husband Josh Campbell, has created a thriving fitness community, as well as over half a million followers on Instagram, almost 200k subscribers on YouTube, and around 260k followers on Pinterest.

  • Launched multiple products on Kajabi that have made over 7-figures
  • Grown from a team of two to 15 people
  • Relies on email communication through Kajabi instead of solely relying on social media

Jacquelyn and Josh came to fitness apart before coming together. With her background in dancing, Jacquelyn started building a following on Instagram by teaching people how to do the splits. Over time, she began hosting fitness challenges and sharing workouts on YouTube, all the while keeping her finger firmly on the pulse of what her audience wanted.

“It just was organic, the way that I created a course for myself and for my audience. I really leaned into the community, asking them what they wanted to learn, what they struggled with, their top two fitness goals,” Jacquelyn says. “I just put together little challenges here and there, and that’s how I got started online.”

For Josh, fitness and nutrition were a way to get out of his low-paying job with a truck rental company. His first step was becoming a fitness trainer but he soon set his sights on something bigger. “I wanted to make a bigger difference,” Josh says. “I could only help so many people in a one-hour class.” Josh started learning everything he could about nutrition and, after that, business. Eventually, he moved out to California where he met Jacquelyn in December 2019.

The challenge: Growing a fitness business without burning out

By the summer of 2020, Josh and Jacquelyn had launched the first version of their now-thriving coaching program, Heal My Gut. As is the case with many business ventures, the first several launches were filled with a mix of successes and learning opportunities.

“I didn't actually want to launch it,” Jacquelyn recalls. “I was really, really scared because I don't have a nutrition background, I'm not a dietician, and everyone’s always saying to stay in your lane. But we moved forward with it because I was blown away by the changes Josh had helped me make in my own body.”

The first several cohorts of the program were a huge learning experience for Josh and Jacquelyn. They spent a lot of their time connecting with clients one on one whenever any questions or issues came up, and used those questions to continue developing the program, adding new sections and testing pricing.

After five months of live launches for Heal My Gut, Josh and Jacquelyn put the program on the back burner for nearly six months while they worked on building the user base for Jacquelyn’s Barre Definition app.

Heal My Gut Program

The Solution: Streamlining and increasing the possibilities

When the duo came back to Heal My Gut in the fall of 2021, they were much more intentional about it. This time around, Jacquelyn and Josh provided a lot more support to members during the first week of the program as well as taking steps to streamline the enrollment process and bring on more coaches.

Even with their streamlined enrollment process, however, the pair were still using seven different platforms to run their business. “I was all over the place, and it was crazy trying to tape all of these different platforms together,” Jacquelyn says. She and Josh knew it wasn’t sustainable, and with a robust social media presence including more than half a million Instagram followers and close to 200,000 YouTube subscribers, the team behind Action Jacquelyn had their pick of platforms reaching out for partnerships.

“I’ve been contacted by so many different platforms promising me everything under the sun. It starts out sounding like a great deal, but then you find out they’re going to take a huge percentage of your revenue or try to limit what you can and can’t do. Kajabi just made it super easy for me to really focus on what was most important. And, it’s a flat fee every year,” Jacquelyn says.

These days, Kajabi is the foundation of the Action Jacquelyn empire. It’s enabled Jacquelyn and Josh to create their app platform without actually having to develop an app. This has allowed the team to put their money in places that make a big difference in their business like marketing, growth, ads, and branding.

“Kajabi can handle the big volume of emails and members that we have, and they're always right there helping us whenever we have any sort of snags. Their customer service is really amazing. Plus, it's really easy to customize and we know we can host as many videos as we need to on the platform — I've got close to a thousand videos just for my fitness app! I'm just able to really scale this to the moon.”

Josh is also happy with their decision to consolidate business into Kajabi. “You can only survive on brand sponsorships for so long. If you're a content creator, you're going to want to establish yourself with an email list and build a communication with your audience off of social media. Kajabi helps us do that very easily.”

Barre Definition App

The results: Unprecendented growth

Action Jacquelyn is now a thriving million-dollar business in the fitness and wellness space. They’ve helped thousands of people through the Barre Definition app and Heal My Gut program, recently launched merch, and have grown from just Josh and Jacquelyn to a 15-person team. According to Jacquelyn, “Kajabi has been the glue and the foundation” of the business.

“The ease of having it all in one place gave me more time to focus on the things that were important. It helped me save a lot of money in the beginning, so I was able to use that money for other things and not be strapped to seven different platforms and all those costs,” she continues. “In our early days, it was mainly just me doing everything. So it really helped me to grow. It's a lot better than all these other platforms.”

Kajabi has enabled the team at Action Jacquelyn to launch multiple products as well as to add order bumps and upsells in the same platform where they’re connecting to their community. The combination has helped them grow their community and make an even bigger impact.

“Kajabi has allowed us to have and build infrastructure where we have constant leads coming in, email communications with our clients instead of relying on social media, and we can provide the support our community needs,” Josh says.

Believe in yourself - Action Jacquelyn’s parting advice

Action Jacquelyn has built a 7-figure business through the launch of a popular fitness app and course, and Jacquelyn wants you to know that you can do it, too. Her number one piece of advice for someone just starting out building their business on Kajabi?

“Go for it. It is so worth it to have your own business and create something for yourself. You have to really believe in yourself and remind yourself every day why you're doing it, especially when it gets tough. There's no one like you doing what you're doing in your way with your unique voice. So go for it.”

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