Eno Eka: Using Storytelling to Scale an EdTech Company to a $1M Business

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Eno Eka is the founder of the Business Analysis School, an EdTech learning academy helping non-tech professionals leverage their existing skills and experience to pivot into the tech industry. Eno uses online courses and coaching programs to help people land roles in business analysis, and product and project management and eventually grow their income to six figures. Here’s a snapshot of Eno’s business success: 

  • Earned over $1M through online courses and coaching 
  • Helped over 100,000 students 
  • Grew an audience of nearly 55K across channels 

The success of Eno’s programs can be credited to the fact that they’re built around her own career experience. A former accountant, Eno transitioned into business analysis without a tech degree or prior experience — and she documented her journey along the way.

“I never thought I would be a course creator or have a coaching program or school because I love my nine-to-five,”

She adds, “I had a successful six-figure career, traveling and having fun. I always documented what I was doing and the projects I was working on, and I started influencing [my audience] to see business analysis as a career because I shared how much fun it was.”

The Challenge: Building a Business With a Disconnected Tech Stack

The more Eno shared about her career journey on LinkedIn, the more she inspired people who wanted to work in tech, too. 

She started getting DMs asking her to teach them how to work in tech without a technical degree or experience. So she carved out time to coach people one-on-one for free. Then, to better communicate with the people who wanted to learn from her, Eno built a community using WhatsApp and a Facebook Group. 

She hosted mentorship sessions in her free time until she moved into another role that required her to travel more and limited how many calls she could do. “At that point, people were like, we want you to coach us, but we know you’re busy,” she recalls “Can we pay you to coach us instead? And that's how the idea of me having a coaching program came about and how it became a business.”

So Eno expanded her community and coaching offerings by piecing together more tools like Zoom, Calendly, and Google Drive. 

“It was kind of clumsy,” Eno admits. “It worked in the beginning, but once we started to grow, I knew I needed a better structure.”

What started as a single coaching call turned into an entire group — at one point, Eno was coaching more than 20 people at one time. This also meant more inquiries, questions, and requests from her growing cohort. For instance, when students weren’t able to attend the live sessions, they requested recordings to watch later. 

Eno knew she needed a more seamless solution to meet the needs of her growing community, especially if she wanted to scale.

The Solution: A Seamless, All-in-One Tool Designed to Scale 

Eno began looking for tools that met her needs. She knew she needed a place to house her online course that also allowed her to provide coaching programs and free training videos

And that's what she found in the all-in-one experience with Kajabi. Eno says it was a no-brainer to switch to Kajabi since she could easily consolidate all of the tools she was using into one place.


With the right tool in place, Eno also began expanding her team so she could help more students at once and focus her time on building the business. 

“It was basically a business of one for a long time until it was just too much for me to handle [alone],” says Eno. “So I started hiring and building a team, and now it's a business with two members in different countries. I never thought it would be a business, but my audience wanted it, and I answered.”

Results: An All-in-One Experience that Generates 7-Figures

Since moving Business Analysis School to Kajabi, Eno has seen immense improvement across user experience, platform ease, and time saved. 

“Kajabi has been a blessing because even though I work in tech, I am not so technical. I don't code,” shares Eno. “With Kajabi, I was able to put up a landing page, set up my course product, send email, and do everything in one place.” 

She also appreciates that everyone on her team can use Kajabi. “I can train my team put them through the Kajabi training, and in no time, we are up to speed,” says Eno. “It has made us super efficient since all of our tools are in one place.” 

Best of all, being on Kajabi has allowed Eno to provide her students with an improved user experience. “Our students love Kajabi because of the mobile app,” she says. “We also switched our community to Kajabi Communities and we just love the all-in-one experience.”

Looking Forward: Leveraging the Power of Storytelling

The Business Analysis School has earned over $1M in revenue from online courses and coaching programs. Eno also offers plenty of free trainings for anyone who’s curious about pivoting their career and wants a preview of all of the knowledge they’d gain during the full program. 

Looking forward, Eno is launching a new book called The Six-Figure Business Analyst, in which she shares her story and that of other amazing students of the Business Analysis School who have leveraged their experience across multiple industries to land six-figure jobs.

“I believe that no matter what you offer as a creator, you should leverage your story,” says Eno. “There's a reason why you're doing what you do. What got you to where you are? Reflect on that and document everything.”

How to Use Eno’s Storytelling Framework to Build a 7-Figure Business

1. Reflect on what you’ve done to be successful: To understand your story, look back on your journey and take note of everything that has brought you to where you are today. “Document everything that you have experienced and write it down on a notepad,” suggests Eno. 

2. Share your challenges and how you overcame them: No creator’s journey is without its challenges. Instead of only sharing your wins, be open with your audience about the challenges you faced. “When you share your challenges, share the things you did that helped you become successful,” says Eno. “How did you overcome all those challenges, and what were the end results?”

3. Share actionable steps for people to follow: The next step is to translate your own experiences into actionable steps that resonate with your audience.

4. Call to action on how you can help them: Finally, share how you can help your audience overcome the same challenges. “Make sure you have a call to action for other people to learn from you, whether it's a checklist or a free training, says Eno. “That way, you're reaching people who are connected to your story and want to learn from you and bringing them into your community.”

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