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Kandi Jung: From Wreath-Making Hobbyist to 6-figure Business Owner

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Meet Kandi Jung, an extraordinary creator who turned her passion for wreaths into a flourishing business, generating a quarter of a million in revenue. What started as a delightful hobby transformed over time into a full-blown livelihood, all thanks to Kandi's entrepreneurial spirit and the power of Kajabi. When asked to describe her unusual career choice, Kandi beams with excitement and humility. "Oh my goodness, it's a little bit crazy… I make wreaths for a living. But I also teach. It's hard sometimes to explain that."

  • Leveraged Kajabi's platform to generate $260K+ in revenue
  • Turned a disorganized content structure into an easily navigable platform
  • Transformed from a hobbyist to the owner of a thriving online teaching platform

Yet, Kandi’s journey extends far beyond just crafting beautiful wreaths — she’s a teacher at heart. An entrepreneur who rose to prominence not just by creating, but by sharing her knowledge with others. Kandi exudes a passion for teaching, a trait that is as infectious as it is inspirational.

"I just feel blessed that I get to inspire all these people to turn their passions into a business, into something that's possible for them."

In Kandi’s Kreative Krew Design School, she offers a membership that includes live design sessions, Q&As, crafting tutorials, social media sessions, and more. Kandi, along with six other coaches, offers guidance in everything from Etsy and social media to design and products.

What truly sets Kandi apart is her resilience and eagerness to learn. Faced with the difficulties of balancing her hobby and business, Kandi admitted, "I did struggle for a long time because when it’s your passion, it’s still your hobby." Nevertheless, her dedication to her craft never wavered. Kandi's journey is a testament to how Kajabi equips creators to not only realize their entrepreneurial dreams but also to consistently evolve along the way. Kandi’s story is more than a business journey, it's a tale of transformation and growth crafted by passion.

The Challenge: Turning a Hobby into a Business

As Kandi embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey, she encountered challenges that tested her resolve just as much as they honed her resilience. The dream of converting her passion into a profession meant grappling with time management, teaching, mastering digital platforms, and meeting customer expectations. Her advice is to just show up. “Whether you're engaging every day with people in your community or supporting others who are doing what you do. It does take a lot of time to just put in the work, but nothing's hard,” she candidly shares.

One of the major struggles for Kandi lay in her interactions with customers and managing structured content amid the chaos of daily operations. "People don't listen and people don't read. And they're going to ask you the same thing over and over," she admits, highlighting the need for a more robust and efficient system. “That’s okay because that’s my job, and I get it,” she adds.

In light of these challenges, Kandi's journey was marked with moments of hesitation and bouts of struggle. However, she remained undeterred. Kandi’s tenacity reminds us that every entrepreneurial story is stitched with trials as much as triumphs. The real quest for her was finding a solution that could streamline her operations and let her focus on what she does best: create and inspire.

The Solution: Turning Chaos into Order with Kajabi

As she navigated the entrepreneurial waters, Kandi found Kajabi, a platform that she credits with changing her life. The platform's robust organization beckoned her, providing a much-needed solution to her turmoil.

One of the main reasons Kandi opted for Kajabi was the platform's ease of use and the ability to classify her content methodically. "I have things categorized by seasons, and that's what I really was looking for," shares Kandi. For a business that thrives on structure and smooth navigation, Kajabi provided just what Kandi needed.

The guidance from Kandi's business coach, an ardent Kajabi user, proved instrumental in the implementation process. Her coach helped shape Kandi's website and business practices, even creating funnels and email opt-ins through Kajabi. This invaluable support provided Kandi the freedom to focus on her passion while simultaneously setting up an efficient business model.

Kajabi brought order to chaos, quelling Kandi's challenges and providing her with a platform that helped her engage with her customers seamlessly. As she dove in, Kandi discovered that Kajabi was user-friendly and well-equipped for her unique needs.


The Results: A Pathway to $260K and Beyond

Embracing Kajabi as her partner in business, Kandi reaped the fruits of her labor, transforming her wreath-making passion into a thriving enterprise generating $260K in revenue so far. Kajabi's platform proved instrumental in orchestrating this remarkable growth, enabling Kandi to organize her content and engage her customers seamlessly.

One of the unexpected perks arising from Kajabi's implementation was the heightened visibility and clarity afforded to Kandi's offerings. She no longer needed to rely on confusing file sections with countless PDFs. Kandi reflects on this newfound efficiency, "You’ve got to make it easy for people. You’ve got about 2.5 seconds or they've lost interest." With Kajabi's streamlined platform, Kandi unlocked the doors to engaging her customers effectively and converting curious browsers into loyal patrons.

Kajabi also inspired Kandi to embrace a learning mindset and strive for continuous improvement, motivating her to familiarize herself with all elements of Kajabi. This proactive approach ensured she wasn't solely dependent on her business coach even as she values their collaboration. Truly, Kajabi emerged as a game-changer for Kandi, catapulting her into the hearts and homes of countless customers seeking inspiration and a touch of beauty for their spaces.

Looking Ahead: Continuing a Legacy of Inspiration and Impact

Having built a successful business, Kandi looks forward to a bright future ahead. Through Kajabi’s platform, she has turned her passion into a thriving venture that not only provides for her family but continually nurtures her love for creating beautiful wreaths and teaching others.

Kandi offers advice laced with her infectious positivity and the unwavering belief that a person's mindset is pivotal to their success — whether in business or in life.

"If you think that you can, then probably everybody else is going to think you can too… Your mind is a huge part of all of it. So try to always nourish that," Kandi emphasizes.

Countless creators and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from Kandi's experiences. Her journey on Kajabi's platform exemplifies how embracing the right tools and mindset opens up a world of opportunities. As she continues to inspire and teach others, Kandi stands as a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless possibilities that partnership with Kajabi can deliver.

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