How to create engaging videos for social media

Behind-the-scenes look at a social media video shoot

Social media has become the most dominant vehicle for you to engage with their customers. Video is one of the most effective ways to utilize your business’ social media platforms. In fact, brands that employ social media videos as part of their marketing strategy report an 86% conversion rate improvement and 139% increase in brand awareness. That's a major reason why using video on social media has become so commonplace.

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New feature update: Increase conversion with secure payment plans offering multiple payments

We’ve told you to expect great Kajabi features all month long. Now we’re excited to spotlight an update to our Multiple Payments feature, adding more security to the payment plans you offer your customers. We’re providing an enhanced level of security for Multiple Payments. This gives you more payment flexibility that can help you attract more paying customers and, ultimately, increase revenue for your business.

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New feature enhancement: Automated List Hygiene for better email performance

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we’re recommitting to you Kajabi Heroes by releasing multiple impactful features and updates. Some of you have already noticed this change but for those who haven’t, we wanted to walk through an updated portion of our email delivery settings.

Let’s take a look at Automated List Hygiene, an email marketing feature that we’ve recently made some enhancements to. Automated List Hygiene works hard for you by automatically maintaining your contact list hygiene and effectively improving your email deliverability.

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