Kajabi Recruiting Scam Warning

Thank you for your interest in Kajabi! We have become aware of scams involving fraudulent individuals that are not affiliated with Kajabi. Unfortunately, these individuals are claiming to be members of our recruiting team.

Kajabi security urges that you be cautious about any unsolicited communication you receive about job offers, and we ask that you do not share personal information with unverified sources.

To avoid job scams, we suggest the following:

  • All correspondence from the Kajabi recruiting team will come from an @kajabi.com email address only.
  • An interview with Kajabi would never be conducted via text message or through any video conference app other than Zoom.
  • Kajabi will never ask you to provide sensitive personal information such as your social security number, bank account information, or credit card number during the recruitment process.
  • Kajabi will never ask you to supply your own, personal equipment as a requirement of employment.
  • Kajabi will never ask you to send us money or equipment or to make purchases from your personal account for technology or training equipment as a condition of employment.
  • Kajabi will never provide details about equipment, direct deposit, or other within our company overview.
  • All genuine job opportunities will always be found on the Kajabi careers page.

If you have questions about the authenticity of a job posting or communication-related to an opportunity at Kajabi, please contact us at security@kajabi.com.  

If you believe you are a victim of a recruitment scam:

  • Please send us an email at security@kajabi.com. Our team will assist you in verifying if what you experienced is a scam or not.
  • If you have shared any sensitive personal information such as address, social security number, or bank account information, we recommend you report this to your local police and the FTC.