Your security is our priority

At Kajabi, we know you entrust us with your business, knowledge, and livelihood. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to building products, features, and services that protect your data and prioritize your privacy, so you can run your business confidently and securely.

Simplified compliance

Kajabi helps our customers build compliant businesses from the start. We also implement features to alert you to new changes. We know building a business can be challenging, but with Kajabi, staying compliant doesn’t have to be.

Privacy and protection

Kajabi gives you the control to define what data you want to share, and we only collect what’s necessary to deliver high-quality security. We abide by strict ethical practices in our data models and stay transparent about how we’re using data. We use advanced encryption in transit/at rest and leverage behavioral access control. Kajabi goes the extra mile to keep your data safe by monitoring our infrastructure 24/7.

Reliability and fail-safe systems

We know that you rely on Kajabi to share messages at the right time and in the correct location. So we employ multiple checks throughout your campaign's lifecycle to ensure your messages are delivered. Additionally, our email delivery team and security experts work hand-in-hand with industry partners to support your email security and deliverability rate.

Accessibility and usability

Applying the latest security and privacy functionality only goes so far. It's human nature to circumvent what's cumbersome. So we put all security and privacy features through rigorous usability research and testing before making them widely available on our platform.

State-of-the-art security

Kajabi was built from the ground up with the stability of your business in mind. With layers of protection from premium partners, plus proven security and privacy controls, you can build and grow on Kajabi with confidence. Security features like multi-factor authentication (2FA) and toggle controls for data permissions and site roles put you in control. 
While perfect security is a moving target, we work diligently with security researchers to maintain state-of-the-art web security.