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14 examples of unique online finance courses and coaching programs


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Personal or business financial literacy is often not taught in schools. But, if your family did not teach you how to manage or grow your money, how do you learn?

A number of financial planners and coaches have created courses, membership site communities, and coaching programs to fill the financial knowledge gap. These online learning options are often tailored to specific personal financial situations or goals.

Here is a list of online finance courses across a wide range of specialties all offered by Kajabi Heroes.

Personal finance courses

Personal finance courses are some of the most popular. Many people seek to learn the basics - how to budget, how to manage money, or how to pay off debt. Here are some personal finance online courses on those topics:

Healthy Love and Money

Screenshot of the Healthy Love and Money website with an image of a couple discussing bills on a brown background

Healthy Love and Money offers personal finance courses for couples.

Ed Coambs, the course creator, is “a firefighter turned financial advisor turned marriage and family financial therapist.” His course focuses on how couples can come together and improve their relationship with each other and their finances. 

Ed says, “Financial disagreements of a wide variety of types are a major source of distress in a couple’s life. By helping couples find connection and compassion around finances not only do their financial lives improve, but all the other areas of life as well. I have found a way of working with couples and understanding them that I could not find for myself when I needed it, and so in true entrepreneurial spirit I created the solution my wife and I needed and could not find.”

The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass and The Family Money Tree Course are both about one hour in length, which makes them accessible for even the busiest couple. He also has a book, The Healthy Love and Money Way: How the Four Attachment Styles Impact Your Financial Well-Being.

The Smart Money Academy

Screenshot of the Smart Money Academy website with a photo of a child and personal finance course offerings for kids, teens, and adults

Keli Calderon of The Smart Money Academy aims to start young people with a foundation of personal finance knowledge and also teach parents to empower their kids. 

The Camp Millionaire course is designed for kids aged 9-14 years old and the Launch! course is designed for teens and young adults.

Keli says, “My husband and I had made a huge mess of our finances and really turned things around a few years ago. I learned a lot in that process that I was eager to pass along to my own kids. Eventually it grew into a passion project to equip the next generation with the tools to care for themselves and others. My courses are the perfect marriage of my passion for personal finance and my 20 years of classroom teaching experience.” 

Modern Money Education

Screenshot of the Modern Money Education website with two course offerings: Student Loan Elimination Mastermind and Top 10 Money Essentials Course, both with photos of smiling women

Angela Moore, MSPFP, CFP®, MPAS®, CRPC®, CFE and Arielle Minicozzi, CFP®, CSLP®  run Modern Money Education. They create courses for young professionals in the United States. The courses cover how to break free from student loans or living paycheck to paycheck.

Angela’s background stems from seeking a financial advisor but struggling to find one who did not have a high asset minimum. Arielle came from parents with different approaches to money and started her career in the mortgage industry. 

In addition to their courses, they also offer one on one coaching sessions which can provide tailored advice for specific financial situations. 

Angela says, “It's incredible to me what kind of transformation happens in a small group setting vs. in an individual one on one setting. That feeling of not feeling alone in whatever you are struggling with financially - that is empowering and life changing. Hearing other people's testimonies and stories helps to eliminate self judgement and guilt and set you on the path to self awareness and change. We have transformed many people's lives.” 

Zero Debt Coach

Screenshot of the Zero Debt Coach website discussing escaping the corporate cult with an image of a man jumping

Brad and Angelica Long run Zero Debt Coach. They help “corporate burnouts escape the corporate cult!”. 

Brad shares that he eliminated $174,000 in debt in two and a half years. He says, “having experienced the anguish that it causes in every area of life, I have a special place in my heart for people who are in that and desperately want to escape it like I did.”

They get granular with instructions to help people with debt elimination, then build online business income. They offer an 8 Steps to Erase Debt course, a coaching community, or one-on-one coaching services. 

Brad says the main takeaways of the course are:

  • how to ‘start with why’ and set achievable goals
  • how get their finances organized and optimized for debt elimination and beyond
  • how to budget and expense track at a granular level
  • how to prepare for financial independence by "washing, rinsing and repeating" all of the skills and habits they'll learn on our platform. 

Holistic Personal Finance

screenshot of the Holistic Personal Finance website with copy about starting today with the 'Not a Budget' Cash Flow and Net Worth Workbook

Genevieve Anderson of Holistic Personal Finance is a financial coach helping people take control of their money by spreading financial literacy. She focuses on ‘financial wellness’ instead of ‘financial freedom’ because everyone has a relationship with money - even those who are retired or wealthy. 

Genevieve is a financial services expert who has over a decade of experience in the financial industry. She has various qualifications including an MBA, passing the the FINRA Series 66 and 7, exams and a life insurance license. She says, “In two years, I paid off over $30,000 of debt, created multiple income streams and increased my net worth by $100,000.” 

She currently offers a 12-week financial coaching program that covers money management, cash flow, account structuring, and net worth planning.

Bliss Finance

Screenshot of the Bliss Finance website with a statement about business financing and an image of a woman showcasing a diagram of 7 strategies for happy living

WenFang Bruchett of Bliss Finance offers personal finance courses covering reducing debt and improving a credit score. She also offers information on business lending. The philosophy behind Bliss Finance is about financial empowerment and taking a balanced approach that leads to a happier lifestyle. 

Investment courses

For those who are looking for financial information beyond budgeting and saving, there are plenty of different investment courses. Since many financial firms have such high asset minimum requirements, choosing an independent investment course can be a good solution for someone looking for advice on how to grow their wealth. 


screenshot of the Limitless website defining it as the only investing class you'll ever need with a yellow button to check out the membership program and a black and white photo of Noble Woods

Noble L. Woods started Limitless to offer courses on investing, income streams, futures trading, and a membership program.

He says, “I didn't know much about trading or investing even after earning my MBA and landing a great job with Bank of America. I met a mentor who introduced me to trading and a few years later I quit my six-figure corporate job to teach others and live the life that I saw for myself. I was making anywhere from $500-$1,000 daily from trading but I realized that most Americans don't know the basics about investing.”

His first group of students were middle schoolers. He recounted a success story of a seventh grade student who was able to help her grandmother by breaking down advice from a financial planner. He notes that entrepreneurship has been a challenging journey, but he has a true passion for helping people build wealth. 

Noble defines Limitless as, “a powerfully dynamic on-demand online investing class. It was designed for working professionals, college students, and any adult who is ready to learn how to buy stock with confidence.” His courses teach what to buy, how to buy at the right price, and when to buy. 

Market Masters Academy

Screenshot of the Market Masters Academy website with six courses on finance, trading, and six figure side income

Ricky Andrade of Market Masters Academy offers courses on Foreign Exchange trading for all levels of investing experience. They have thousands of students and report helping hundreds of people leave full-time jobs because of their newfound investment knowledge.

Ricky’s career started as a commercial dishwasher technician. He wanted more for himself and quit his job at age 21. He then started in network marketing, affiliate marketing and learning about investing. Today, he is a seven-figure investor with multiple businesses. 

He offers courses in business and foreign exchange trading, and both group and individual coaching. 

The Passive Real Estate Investing Course

screenshot of the Passive Real Estate Investing Course sales page with copy about finding financial freedom through real estate


Goodegg Investments offers the Passive Real Estate Investing Course. The aim is to teach people about real estate syndications, which are group investments. 

Annie Dickerson says, “At Goodegg Investments, we're in the business of helping people invest in real estate, so we started out in the fall of 2018 with an online course for passive real estate investors called Passive Real Estate Investor Academy.”

They report that investors who take the course get about an 8% return each year with investors doubling their invested money in about five years. The Passive Real Estate Investing course is designed for accredited and sophisticated investors that are looking to invest $50,000 or more. 

Finances Demystified

screenshot from the Finances Demystified website showcasing the Wealth Transfer Investing cours

Dominique Broadway is the founder of Finances Demystified. Her financial advice has been featured in global and national news publications.

The Wealth Transfer Investing Course is a cohort based course designed for people who are looking to invest with the goal of building generational wealth for their family. It consists of weekly live training sessions, a discussion community, and more. She covers how to trade stocks, bonds, options, how to manage risk, and how to choose the best investments. 

Business finance courses

Business finance courses are another helpful tool to learn specific information about your field.   Often, people seek financial advice for their unique business needs, and some Kajabi heroes have filled that gap with their industry specific courses and coaching programs. 

Dope CFO

Screenshot of the Dope CFO website showcasing their nationally recognized cannabis and CBS accounting and tax training program

Dope CFO is a “Cannabis and CBD Accounting & Tax Training Program”. The cannabis industry in the United States faces specific tax situations and predicaments due to inconsistent legalization. This course can help cannabis business owners navigate the financial side of operating a business. 

Andrew Thomas Hunzicker says,  “There are plenty of basic 101 accounting/finance courses, but mine is more robust: I teach the business owner to actually be the CFO for your own business."

Savvy Groomer

Screenshot of the Savvy Groomer website with eight courses available, including a business membership, run your business on autopilot, bookkeeping basics, and Personal Finance on a Leash

Savvy Groomer offers multiple finance courses for people who own a pet grooming business. 

River Lee, the owner, shares her story of overcoming homelessness with a newborn baby while opening her pet grooming salon. She recounts going from poverty to prosperity in five years.

She has 15 years of experience in the pet industry and over 10 years of experience as a pet grooming business owner. By offering finance courses, she is changing the pet industry by helping others build wealth and profitability while pursuing their passion. She says, “I love being able to watch people's lives change - people who think that working 60-80 hours a week till they die is their only option suddenly realizing they have a choice.”

Regarding the main takeaways from her course, she says, “I think all too often a course will tell you to simply make more money or cut things like coffee. I try to make sure [students] understand what sacrifices they make, why they are making it and how long will they make that sacrifice.” 

Her courses are designed for pet grooming employees, solopreneurs, or business owners. Her courses include Personal Finance on a Leash, How to Start Planning for Retirement, Identify Soulmate Clients, and more. 

Fundraising strategy courses

Raising money for new ventures is another important skill for up and coming business owners. Many aspiring business owners lack the knowledge to go about asking for investment dollars or donations the right way. These courses can demystify the world of raising capital.


screenshot of the Finance-Ability website with an image of a woman speaking into a microphone with the copy Navigate the Funding Landscape and Looking for funding means asking yourself lots of questions

Stephanie Sims of Finance-Ability coaches businesses that are looking for funding. The coaching program assesses the student’s business strengths and weaknesses, then educates them on the various business funding options available to them. Finance-Ability breaks down the world of working with investors by sharing what investors seek in new opportunities and how to ask for funding at the right time.

She gained her finance experience working in real estate investment banking, then assisting firms in raising business development capital, and has been a small business consultant since 2009. She is the author of Funding Your Business Without Selling Your Soul and also has a podcast.

World Stage Development

Screenshot of the WorldStage Development website with options for coaching individuals, coaching organizations, or 1:1 coaching or consulting.

WorldStage Development provides training and support so nonprofits and missionaries can get funding for their organizations. This allows them to achieve their organization’s goals and pay their staff a living wage.

The founder, David Oaks, is a former pastor who overcame his shy nature to raise millions of dollars. He came from a poor background which he says fueled his fascination with money. During his time as a pastor, he discovered that there was a great divide between organizations and churches with ample resources and those that struggled. He is bringing the knowledge he gained fundraising to others via his financial coaching programs.

Their courses are tailored to the type of student. The Fully Funded Academy is designed to help individual missionaries build a steady stream of ongoing support. Another coaching program, Fundraising Freedom Academy, is geared toward organizations that are looking to raise money for operational budgets or special large projects.

Host your online course

Many of these financial courses discuss meeting financial goals by creating a stream of supplemental or passive income. Lots of our Kajabi Heroes have created courses once and continue to sell them years later. 

Luckily, it’s not just finance courses that succeed on Kajabi. 

Kajabi Heroes offer courses on just about everything you could think of. Business coaching, marketing, parenting, fitness, and cooking are some of the more common online course topics. But there are plenty of niche courses covering topics like equestrian riding, dementia caregiving, skincare, paper flower design, and more. 

Do you have specific online course ideas that could be turned into a knowledge product? 

If you’re thinking about getting started with knowledge commerce, Kajabi’s platform can help you not only host and sell courses, but develop a thriving business. You’ll get a website, email marketing, sales funnel software, financial and content analytics, automations, and more.

Still researching? Be sure to attend some of our free live webinars with rotating topics and Q&A sessions.

If you’re ready to start building your online course, start your free 14-day trial of Kajabi now.

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