3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

No matter what business you’re in, whether selling products or services, online or offline, email marketing remains one of the top ways to connect with your customers and generate sales.

While much time is spent on coming up with new subject lines and improving our open rates, too often we forget the importance of actually making sure that our message gets both opened, read, and clicked!

If you have a 100% open rate but zero people who take the desired action, you know something is off. Imagine sending out 100 letters in the mail week after week, only to come home to zero responses? You’d have to think about not only on getting that letter opened but also the people who are reading it but not taking the action.

For most online businesses -- especially those of us who sell online courses, membership site access, or any kind of digital product -- our marketing typically tilts heavily towards a direct response style.

That means you’re emailing to get the reader to do something. You’re enticing them to take some kind of action. Whether it’s to buy your product, opt-in to a new launch list, or check out an affiliate offer.

Almost every email you’re giving them a way to take the next step. Whatever that step is.

Why Click-Through Rates Matter

With just a few minutes of quick research, you can find how often open rates aren’t 100% correct. Maybe a certain email provider didn’t count the open due to some coding issue, maybe the email went to spam, or maybe one of a handful of other things happened.

It’s been proven time and again that open rates aren’t always accurate. Do you want to pay attention to them and test different ways of increasing them? Of course. But too often we focus the majority of our time getting higher opens and completely overlook optimizes our click-throughs which is typically far easier.

The same eyeballs are seeing the message, but now because of a few tweaks or additions, more of them are taking the action you desire.

It’s a leverage point you can use to grow your business, sales, and profits without feeling like you’re constantly on the hunt for new and better customers.

Increase Email Click-Throughs With These 3 Proven Strategies

While there are handfuls of ideas, strategies and tactics to increase your click-through rates, these 3 focus on ways for you to create quick wins. Just one of them applied to your very next email could have you seeing an uptick in response.

In digital marketing “more isn’t always better”, as it’s the action that really matters. So as you read through these 3 strategies, choose one and act on it today!

#1: Same Link Multiple Times

It’s been shown time and again that when you include multiple links in your email your click-throughs increase. It’s important that the link be the same though. Meaning that throughout the email you’re only asking for one call to action.

The last thing you want to do is give your reader multiple places to go or links to click which will take them to different pages.

You want one link repeated multiple times. Normally 2-3 is plenty.

Remember to keep your emails looking “friendly” as much as possible. Readers typically respond better to emails that have a more personal look and feel to them as opposed to being from a big brand or corporation.

#2: At A Glance Optimization

How often do you scroll through your inbox, deleting or completely skipping emails allowing them to stack up day after day, month after month? We all do this. Your prospects especially.

And that behavior transcends even inside the email. So once we have gotten them to actually stop and read it, you can be sure they’re still in that hurried mindset.

To combat this you want to optimize your emails to be read and acted upon “at a glance”. All this simply means is that if a reader was to quickly scroll through your email they’d have a decent understanding about its message and the call to action you’re making.

You can use formatting features like bold, italics, or capitalization to call attention to what you want them to focus on.

Put yourself in the shoes of a hurried reader. How can you optimize your email so that even if they’re quickly scrolling, by the time they get to the end of your message you still have a shot at getting them to click-through?

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to do this, but in digitally cramped and over the marketed world we live in today, it’s almost a necessity.

#3: Tag And Segment

One of the highest leveraged actions any digital marketer can do to increase their overall email performance is to consistently segment their lists down based upon the behaviors and interests of their subscribers.

Luckily inside the Kajabi platform, this is done quickly and easily using our tagging feature.

You can tag new subscribers based upon where they opted in, links they clicked, or emails they opened or didn’t open. Or you can apply tags to your entire list however you choose.

As you tag and segment your list your emails instantly become more relevant and powerful. Both open rates and click-through rates increase as you achieve a more optimized “message to market match”.

So if you aren’t already, start today by putting in place a simple segmentation system which allows you to communicate more custom messages to anyone who joins your list.

More Results With Less Effort

As we mentioned earlier, optimizing your email marketing to increase your click-through rates is a proven way to achieve more results with less effort. For many online business owners, email remains the #1 generate of overall revenue and something which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Take just one of these strategies and apply them to your business today.

  1. Same Link Multiple Times
  2. At A Glance Optimization
  3. Tag And Segment

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