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Kajabi's 5 Commandments Of Knowledge Commerce

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Kajabi's 5 Commandments Of Knowledge Commerce
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Commerce is simply defined as “the activity of buying and selling”.

So when referring to Knowledge Commerce (like we do quite often here at Kajabi) all we’re simply referring to is the process of packaging up your unique expertise or knowledge and selling it online through a variety of digital products.

Each day there are thousands of new customers for online business owners just like you.

Whether it’s someone hiring a fitness coach and receiving weekly instruction, or someone purchasing an online course to learn how to make more of their golf puts... every day the “activity of buying and selling” unique knowledge is taking place throughout the world. 

The Right Way And Wrong Way

As you’ve undoubtedly seen, every digital entrepreneur markets and conducts their business in their own unique way. For better or for worse the web allows for a high degree of autonomy in pretty much every aspect you can imagine.

At Kajabi we’re in the fortunate position to see thousands of successful “case studies” of Knowledge Commerce at work every single day. We also see the opposite and how frustrating it can be for others when they’re constantly hitting certain roadblocks.

What we’ve seen is that whether you’re brand new or have been growing your online business for many years, there are certain “commandments” that are applicable to everyone.

Follow them and your business, customers, and bottom line will all profit.

5 Commandments For Success

#1: Believe In Yourself 

This one is specifically for any of you who are just getting started. Maybe you’re still trying to decide on your idea, or you’re at ground level trying to figure out which pieces go where.

If that’s you, the best advice we can give you is you have to be the one who believes in yourself. There may be family, friends, or coworkers who have no idea what you’re trying to create. “An online business selling informational products? Are you out of your mind!?”

But we both know you’re not. In fact, you may be seeing the future more clearly than anyone close to you.

The E-Learning market is on pace to hit it’s 275 billion dollar valuation by 2020.

The rise of people leaving their 9 to 5 and striking out on their own to launch their own hustle has never been greater. 

Others just like you (even some who are less skilled) are succeeding. If you believe in yourself, stay coachable, and keep moving forward there’s absolutely no reason you cannot turn your digital dreams into a tangible reality.

We see proof of it every day here at Kajabi. Stay with it, and you’re bound to be next.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

#2: Believe In Your Offer

 Not only must you believe in yourself, but you must also believe in your offer.

While there are probably many people who experienced “success” who didn’t believe in what they were selling, doing so is like trying to push a wet mattress up a hill. It’s a tough road.

When your online course, coaching, or digital product is something which truly can help your prospects achieve their goals and overcome their problems, your life as an entrepreneur becomes much less easy.

 You’re more willing to put in the work, patience, and ingenuity required in order to succeed. 

You work with more passion and exude a contagious enthusiasm.

 So check in with yourself and ask if you deep down truly believe in your offers ability to help your future customers?

 And if you’re a little shaky answering...that’s ok!

 Sometimes when you’re just starting out you’re not entirely sure because you haven’t received testimonials or mountains of feedback just yet. But you can still do everything you can to create the best product right now. Then improve as you go.

 You can also find ways to add on or enhance your product or service so that you can market and sell it with confidence. When you do this and make your offer as valuable as possible, something happens internally which causes your prospects to respond.

 Then it doesn’t take long for testimonials to start coming in and your belief grows even stronger.

#3: Sell With Pride

 One common roadblock which gets in the way of many digital entrepreneurs is their reservations about selling. Some feel it’s manipulative, sleazy, or slimy and they’ve had experiences over the years to support that belief.

 The truth is sales is none of that. In fact, all that sales is really about is helping another person get what they want. It only starts to feel slimy if you’re trying to force your product or service down the throat of someone who just doesn’t want it, or at least right now.

And with more than 4 billion people now online, there’s absolutely no need to sell like that anyways.

When you have a product you truly believe in, one which has the potential to transform the life of a prospect, it’s your duty to do whatever you can to share it with the world. And you can do it without any of the negative sales stereotypes.

 Use educational marketing to help your prospects know that you understand their problems, the negative consequences those problems are creating in their life, and that your offer can help solve them.

In fact, everyone’s in sales whether they know it or not.

The doctor sells her patient on her diagnosis and prescribed advice. The math teacher sells his students on how they’ll use this information in the future. The coach sells the team on the game plan.

And of course, the online business owner markets and sells his products or services in a way to help position their offer as the best solution for their prospect.

The more you do that with confidence, pride, and certainty, the more you’ll succeed.

#4: Service Not Serve-Us 

The most successful online business owners understand the importance of providing over the top customer service. It’s easy for your competition to tout service in their marketing, but behind the scenes, it’s really more about serve-us than anything else.

Providing exceptional service is actually one of the best marketing strategies you can employ. It creates consistent word of mouth traffic and turns the most cynical prospects into lifetime loyal customers.

Plus it makes your work even that much more fulfilling!

 At Kajabi we strive to take our own medicine in this department. It’s why we invest in 24/7/365 chat support to ensure you’re never stuck without help on our platform.

 To deliver remarkable customer service requires you to always keep your customers top of mind. How you respond to their emails, questions, refunds, etc, all play a part in the success of your business.

 Start thinking more about relationships instead of just transactions and you’ll succeed faster than you ever thought possible.

#5: Keep Your Promises

At the most basic level, effective marketing is about making promises. Promises of a better life with your product or service. But as you know, in the online business world it’s never been easier for marketers to post an unlimited amount of promises.

The business owners who not only make promises but spend more energy on ensuring they keep them will always rise to the top of anyone in their industry.

If you promise a no-questions-asked money back guarantee, do you keep it?

 If you promise a certain bonus, do you deliver it?

And if you promise that if your prospect does X, your product will provide Y benefit, does it?

Your prospects and customers are paying attention even if you think they aren’t. They’re seeing your promises and the level of attention you put to fulfilling on them.

“Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.” Seth Godin

In the business of Knowledge Commerce where you only need a small number of true fans to create an incredible income year after year, keeping your promises should be at the top of your list. 

Because many times in this business, you are the brand you’re building. 

Doing The Right Things

Succeeding online is all about doing the right things consistently. While you’re idea and the niche which you operate indefinitely plays a critical role, it can only get you so far if you turn your back on the commandments list below.

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Believe In Your Offer
  3. Sell With Pride
  4. Service Not Serve-Us
  5. Keep Your Promises

By making these a part of yourself and your business you’ll find more customers, fulfillment, and ultimately more success in your journey as a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur.

Unsure Of What To Sell?

And If you’re still in the “idea stage” and are unsure what you’d even teach online, we’ve recently put together a brand new, completely free, 3-part video training series which takes you from idea to your first mini-course.

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