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5 essential coaching documents to grow your business


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At Kajabi, we’re serious about helping you grow your online coaching business. Keep reading for five types of documents you should use, along with our easy-to-use coaching platform, to grow your coaching business and boost profits.

Creating your own business documents

The internet is full of free business templates for just about every aspect of running a business, from invoices to proposals and agendas. But beware. These downloads are often designed for specific types of businesses, like e-commerce or SaaS, or they’re so generic, they don’t offer much value.

The best thing you can do for your coaching business is to create your own templates to support your coaching programs, marketing, and customer support. 

Not only will this save you time and money, you’ll be able to create a unique brand that reflects your personality. And instead of mimicking other coaching programs or businesses, your client experience will stand out, because your personalized templates will reflect your goals and priorities.  

Don’t worry that you don’t know what should go into your business templates. We’ve got you covered with the five “biggies” that will help you manage your coaching business.

5 types of coaching documents

Depending on the type of coaching you offer, there are a handful of templates you should consider as “must-haves” when starting your business. 

The coaching intake form or welcome packet
- This is your client’s first experience with you, so you want it to set the right tone and reassure them that your coaching was the right choice. 

Your services and pricing package
- When people are considering your coaching program, they have lots of questions. This package can give them detailed information and answer their burning questions, so they feel more confident choosing your coaching program over their other options.

The coaching assessment or evaluation form
- In order to be an effective coach, you must be able to measure the effectiveness of your program. The best way to do that is to solicit client feedback directly.

The coaching completion template - When a client completes coaching with you and they’ve gotten the direction and guidance they need, what’s the next step? You want to make one last great impression. The completion form does just that.

Business administrative forms
- A necessary evil when you’re an amazing coach, this includes forms and pages that remove or reduce your liability. 

Coaching document #1: the welcome packet

The first coaching template you need is your welcome packet. This is a packet of information, forms, and documents that not only onboards your new clients, it gets them off on the right foot from the moment they sign up. 

Your welcome packet should ideally include: 

A personal welcome message
- Let your client know they’ve made the smart choice by choosing you as their coach.

An overview of your program - Include information about the program they’ve signed up for, what’s included, and what isn’t. Give an overview of what you’ll do, what your clients need to do, and a timeline for achieving your promised outcomes. 

An overview of your process - How does working with you, well, work? Include instructions on how to access session agendas, where things are on the website, and how and when to schedule a call with you.

Communication boundaries - Explain to your client how you’ll communicate and set boundaries. It’s a good idea to set clear and understandable guidelines so the client can maximize their time with you and you can help them to the fullest extent possible in the time you have allotted.

Tools and resources - Any particular tools, resources, FAQs, or other exercises you’d like your clients to start with. 

Coaching document #2: your services and pricing packet

This template can help you get more coaching clients. Whether you use it as a sales tool or a lead magnet, it will give in-depth information about your coaching programs to people who are interested and/or undecided. 

Your services and pricing packet can be personalized for different people or types of prospects. So you’ll want to have all the pieces created and ready for inclusion in the packet.

Here’s what should go inside this packet: 

- Share a little about yourself, your story, how long you’ve been a coach, as well as any awards or accolades you’ve won.

Coaching packages - Give an overview of your coaching programs and courses. Then create one-pagers for each of your programs to provide more details. Describe what’s included in each of them, their cost, and how long they typically last.

Desired outcomes - What do you want the client to enjoy as a result of doing business with you? Will they gain greater clarity in business? More understanding in their relationships? A healthier diet and a focus on wellness? Share those details here.

Who is it for? Go into some detail on the type of client who benefits most from what you have to offer. This will help your ideal customer choose the program that’s right for them.

Testimonials - Include testimonials and success stories from past clients, with their permission.

Common questions - An FAQ of the most common questions you receive can save you hours of time responding to the same questions again and again from your future coaching clients.

Call-to-action - Finally, cap off your packet with a call to action encouraging your prospects to schedule a strategy call or purchase your coaching program.  

Coaching document #3 - the coaching assessment/evaluation form 

Without feedback, you don’t know how to improve your coaching program or help your clients succeed. To get that kind of feedback, you need to create a simple coaching assessment or evaluation form.

To get quick feedback from your clients, throughout your coaching program, ask for feedback. For instance, these two questions could help you gauge how effective your sessions are and whether your clients are getting the help they need:

  • Do you have any questions related to this lesson?
  • Do you feel more confident about [the problem] than you did prior to this lesson?

It’s a good idea to automate the delivery of this form at specific points in your coaching program. To do that, create an automation that sends the survey to your client after they complete a session. 

Coaching document #4: client completion form

By the end of your coaching program, your client should have achieved whatever promise you made them and know exactly how to continue making forward progress.  

During your time together, you’ve likely created a strong professional relationship with each other. The last thing you want to do is simply wish them well and move on to other clients. Ideally, you want to keep them coming back for months or years to come — a business strategy called customer retention.

That’s why we recommend adding a completion template to your basket of resources. This coaching document should include: 

A thank you note
- Just as you included a personalized welcome note as they took their first steps with you, so too should you include a personalized thank you note to show them that you’ve appreciated being their coach. 

A review of the program
- A simple recap of what they’ve learned can show them just how far they’ve come since they started working with you. For this, we like the Kirkpatrick Model. Create a survey that asks for feedback in four different areas:

  • Reaction: How do you feel after completing this coaching program?
  • Learning: What new skills or habits have you adopted as a result of our coaching?
  • Behavior: How are you approaching [problem] differently now than you did before our coaching?
  • Results: What outcomes are you seeing so far?

Resources - Give the client additional resources they may need to enjoy continued success.

Testimonial or referral request - Ask for a testimonial on how you’ve helped them and whether they know anyone else who could benefit from your coaching services. This is a great way to grow your business, and most clients are happy to provide either or both.

Updated offers - With your client’s permission, you can keep them updated on new coaching programs, pricing updates, special deals, and more. 

Coaching document #5: business administrative forms

Your coaching business needs some basic forms and pages to protect your online business. Here are some of those pages, with links to template generators. 

Need more guidance? Here’s how to add these pages to your Kajabi website.

Terms and conditions
- This page includes rules and guidelines that your visitors need to follow when they’re on your website, engaging with you online, and using your coaching services.

- These are short paragraphs that absolve you of responsibility if the client is unhappy with their results. Disclaimers advise the user to consult with their legal, health, or financial advisor before doing whatever you’re talking about, removing, or at least minimizing, your liability.

Depending on the type of coaching you offer, you may want to include disclaimers in your coaching materials, on your landing pages, and on the resources you give prospects and clients.

Privacy policy
- This page on your website is required by law. It should include details about your company, the information you collect and how you use it, your cookie policy, and how you protect your users’ information.

Letter of Agreement
- If you do one-on-one coaching, you may want to create a Letter of Agreement that spells out the details of your coaching agreement, including the terms of your service. This will serve as your contract, so have your legal advisor review it to be sure it will protect you from liability and ensure you get paid for your services.

These types of documents will vary, depending on the type of coaching you do. You can find samples online, which you can adapt to your own business. But it’s a good idea to have your lawyer review them to be sure they give you the protection you need. To be clear, it’s rare for these issues to come up, so think of them as insurance for your business.

Before you finish your coaching templates

Once you’ve got your templates completed, you’re almost ready to take the next steps, but before you do, it’s important to remember some crucial advice when it comes to building coaching templates.

Use a coaching template for any task you perform repeatedly

As your coaching business grows, you’ll need to streamline as much as possible. That’s where templates shine. When you find yourself recreating the same document or workflow over and over again, look for ways to create a template.

A template is a generic document, form, or page that could work for all the situations you need. Leave blanks for words or sections that need to be personalized or customized for a new program. (It’s a good idea to highlight those fields, so you don’t accidentally overlook them.)

Make sure your forms are actually addressing a need

Coaching templates can be addictively fun to implement and customize. But make sure that when you create your own templates, you’re not getting distracted by design or trying to look like other coaches. 

Every page, document, and form should have a purpose and a goal. You don’t need a template for everything. That can lead to more busy work than you need. 

Let your client know how long a form will take to complete

Nothing gets things off on the wrong foot with a client quite like giving them a stack of paperwork to complete before they start seeing results. Let them know in advance approximately how long it will take to fill out your forms, so that they can set aside the necessary time to complete them to the fullest. 

Don’t hesitate to go digital with your coaching documents

Keep things as streamlined and simple as possible. Go digital with fill-in-the-blank PDF forms. Create a Google Survey to gather the information you need. Or create a Kajabi form that you can embed on your website.

Get out there and be the best coach you can be! 

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to create your own coaching templates and why it’s best to create your own unique versions of these documents. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which ones you need.

Pick and choose the business templates that will be of the biggest benefit to you. And when you find yourself answering the same question or creating the same document again and again, look for ways to templatize. 

Now get out there and be the best coach you can be. And take advantage of Kajabi’s comprehensive coaching platform and tools to help you do it.

Join us for live Q&A webinars every day, Monday through Friday. Register today to learn everything you need to know to succeed as a knowledge entrepreneur, including selling products, Kajabi themes, pipelines, webinars, and the Kajabi Partner Program. 

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