7 Simple Steps To Video Sales Scripts

As online marketers and digital entrepreneurs, you know the importance and power of using video in your marketing. Not only do videos typically have higher conversion rates because they’re more entertaining than standard text, but they can also be much faster to make.

From Facebook and Instagram to email marketing and product launches, all online business owners should be leveraging video sales letters to communicate clearly and sell more.

In today’s article, we’re going to provide you with an easy to follow, 7-step outline to quickly scripting your marketing videos.

You can use this template to create everything from long-form, hour-long presentations, to short 60-second social media blurbs. You can create a video for each step, or blend them all into a single asset. How you use them is completely up to you.

The goal is to empower to quickly record your videos without spending days, weeks, or even months wondering what’s to say.

In the world of selling your knowledge online, progress always beats perfection.

So let’s get started!

Quick & Easy Video Scripting Outline

There may very well be more than 7 steps to some of the highest producing marketing videos. We’re aware of that. This post isn’t intended to be the end all be all, but instead to help give you a clear fill in the blank outline for a video you can make today.

Do you have a product or service which you know needs a video sales letter but were just unsure of where to start? Follow these 7 steps and by the end, you’ll have an outline good enough to hit record.

Step #1: Opening & Introduction

The first goal of any marketing piece, whether video or text, is to capture the attention of your audience. This is why with many Facebook video ads currently running, you’ll notice the person in the video is sometimes waving their hands or doing some other bold movement for the first 1-2 seconds to get the instant attention of the viewer.

While you’re free to try any strategy you choose, one of the best ways to get and keep the attention of your prospect is by making sure you have high energy and enthusiasm. Especially at the start.

Excitement is contagious and if you can get your viewer excited, they’ll be far more likely to take your desired action for them at the end of the presentation.

In terms of your actual script, step #1 is to clearly and quickly introduce both yourself and the purpose of your video. Here are just a few elements which can be used to quickly create credibility and trust:

  • Your name
  • How long you’ve been in this market
  • Social proof like celebrities you’ve worked with or well-known companies
  • Number of customers

Then you’d transition into your purpose for the video which is quite simple and will be covered in our next step.

So here’s how it could start…

“Hi! I’m Bob Peterson and I’ve been helping entrepreneurs sell their knowledge online for over 12 years! And today I wanted to talk with you about the #1 biggest mistake online business owners are unconsciously making. And it’s costing them thousands!”

Step #2: Highlight The Problem Or Pain

Effective marketing almost always highlights some sort of problem or pain. Just like we immediately perk up the moment we see flashing red lights behind us on the freeway, our brains react that same way when we hear someone talk about one of our current problems or pains.

And step 2 is where you do that.

Your video should be focused on the single biggest pain or problem your prospect is currently going through right now.

Go ahead and follow these steps to highlight the pain or problem:

  1. The problem is [insert here]...
  2. And it’s a big deal because [insert negative consequences]...
  3. I know first hand because I experienced it too [insert your struggle]...
  4. It made me feel [insert how it keep you stuck, negative feelings, etc]...
  5. And that’s why I tell everyone to stop [insert a common practice]...
  6. Because here’s what I discovered…

Essentially in this step, you’re enlarging upon the negative consequences of the main problem or pain they’re having. You’re also letting them know that a common practice is actually just the thing that’s keeping them stuck.

Key point: anytime you can describe your prospect's problem better than they can, you instantly create trust and believability.

By setting it up like this you maintain the attention of your prospect and keep them watching your video. Whether you follow those exact scripting steps or not isn’t what’s really important.

However you choose to do it, you want to simply highlight a problem or pain and hint at a discovery you made which will help solve or relieve it.

Step #3: Your Discovery

This step is fairly basic. You’re letting them know that somehow -- whether by luck, accident, or pure trial and error -- you stumbled upon a discovery which is now the new solution to their problem.

You can use “what I discovered was…” and then just fill it in.

You can share this as a story if you’re recording a longer video, or use it as just a simple transition sentence if the video is much shorter.

Your discovery should be some sort of a juxtaposition to the “normal” solution to this problem. Almost so shocking or simple that it shouldn't work, but it does. Something like that.

Just like how one clue can solve a mysterious crime case, you want to position your discovery in the same light. It’s the missing link, the hidden key, the one last piece of advice they need to produce the result they seek.

And remember, a little theatre and dramatics (or a lot) is excellent for your marketing. So don’t shy back from using it. We’re consistently drawn to surprising and dramatic discoveries.

Step #4: Your Product - Their Solution

Here is where you take the discovery you just made and reveal how you’ve turned it into a product or service everyone can benefit from. By answering a few of these questions below, you’ll have answers you can plug right into this section:

  • What exactly is your product?
  • Can you restate the big problem or pain that it solves?
  • What is the big benefit it provides?
  • How is it different or unique than anything else out there?
  • How does it work?
  • Are there any unexpected benefits in addition to the big benefit?

This step is all about the product and what it can do for your prospect. You’ve taken them through their pain, shown them how you experienced the same struggles, and how those all went away once you made this lucky discovery.

Now it’s their opportunity to get it and experience your same outcome.

Step #5: Who Is It For - Who Is It Not For

Remember, if you market to everyone, you market to no one. In this step, you quickly want to reiterate who this product or service is for, and who it’s not for.

It can really be as easy as saying the following:

“This product is perfect for those of you who [insert benefits your ideal clients want]...

“If you’re a [insert the type of people you serve or who this may benefit] then this was designed specifically with you in mind.

“But for those of you who prefer [insert the “normal” harder steps]...than this probably isn’t the best fit.”

“Or if you’re seeking to get rich quick, or some other kind of ‘no work involved’ empty promise like so many others are touting, then this may not be for you either.”

Here you’re trying to call out to your perfect prospects or people whose pain you’ve already highlighted. But at the same time, you’re also trying to repel anyone who might not be a great fit.

Step #6: Reveal Your Offer

Now that you’ve talked about your product or service and what it will do for them, the next step is simply to reveal your entire offer.

Keep in mind, your offer is more than just the price. While price is important and top of mind for your prospects at this point, there’s more to it. In fact, by including some of the elements below, you’ll both bulk up your offer and increase your conversions.

Offers can consist of the following:

Price: how much?

Payment Options: can they spread this out or is it all at once?

Trial: is there a trial period?

Accessibility: will they have instant access after purchase? What about from mobile?

Bonuses: are there any special bonuses included you haven’t mentioned yet?

Money Back Guarantee: we’ll cover this in-depth in step 7, but it’s definitely part of your offer.

Most people only reveal their price without ever mentioning any of the additional elements above. But have you ever been tipped over the edge and purchased something just because they offered a simple payment plan, trial, or an incredible bonus?

We all have.

So as you begin wrapping up your video it pays (literally) to mention or highlight some of these other offer intensifiers.

Step #7: Reverse All Risk & Apply Urgency

If your prospects have made it to the end of your video, we can be fairly certain they’re at least somewhat interested. Maybe it was the pain or problem you spoke to, or how you positioned your offer.

By step #7, if they’re still watching there’s really only two more things you can do to help them but if they’re really serious. Here’s where you clearly and boldly reverse all risk for your potential buyer and give them a strong reason to act now.

Can you offer some form of money back guarantee? Can you give them an upfront 7-day trial and not bill them until the 7th day? By incorporating some strong form of risk reversal it communicates to your prospect that they really have nothing to lose.

Along with this you also want to include some type of urgency or reason why they need to act now. Maybe your offer will only be up for a limited amount of time, maybe only the first 15 people will get one of your bonuses, or maybe the price will increase in the coming days.

However you choose to do it, you want to wrap up by reversing your prospects risk and giving them a reason to act now.

Summary Of The 7 Steps

Like we mentioned, you could easily list 70 steps instead of the 7 we shared with you today. But if you’re wanting to quickly produce a quality marketing video, good enough to clearly communicate your product or service and generate sales, these 7 steps and your own creativity is really all you need.

Step #1: Opening & Introduction

Step #2: Highlight The Problem Or Pain

Step #3: Your Discovery

Step #4: Your Product - Their Solution

Step #5: Who Is It For - Who Is It Not For

Step #6: Reveal Your Offer

Step #7: Reverse All Risk & Apply Urgency

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