A New Perspective In Difficult Times

I’m warning you right at the beginning that this is not an ordinary Kajabi blog post.

In fact, this post has much less to do with business, and is more about how my personal life has intersected in a big way with the Kajabi platform.

As such, there is no call-to-action at the end, and no plea for you to sign up for a trial account. This is just a letter from one of the co-founders to you.

At Kajabi we've always believed that our platform can make our customers’ lives better. It can help them generate some extra income or let them easily share their message and passion with the world.

Over the past month, I've discovered through personal experience that Kajabi is perfect for an entirely different use, too. The platform which I’ve been so proud to see helping others is actually helping me out immensely.

In March my wife of 18 years, Kimberly, was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer.

This came as an extreme shock. Of course, nobody plans for this or would ever choose it, and we were no exception.  Kimberly and I have an extremely happy marriage, we have three wonderful boys (9,12,14), and I have an awesome company which is helping to positively change the lives of thousands of customers... heck she and I aren't even 40 yet!


In the first week of March, Kimberly found a lump and at a routine doctor appointment, just to be safe, scheduled a mammogram. A couple days later I was at the Kajabi office planning a new feature for the platform when I got a text from her saying that the mammogram showed irregularities and they wanted to do a biopsy immediately. I raced over to the medical center to be with her, not realizing this was just the beginning of a long and painful journey.

Three or four days later, I was sitting in a doctor’s office hearing that Kimberly has breast cancer which had already spread to her lymph nodes. She would have to undergo chemotherapy, mastectomy, radiation, and hormone therapy.


Just like that my world changed.

I'm the kind of person who will work tirelessly to fix problems. No matter what it is, I pride myself on finding a solution or a workaround, but this time I was stumped.

We got back to the house and I retreated to my home office so Kimberly could spend some time with a good friend who came over to be with her, and I could try to make sense out of what just happened...and of course, communicate the results to everyone waiting...

My phone buzzed constantly as friends and family texted nonstop asking how she was doing or if there were any updates.

I found myself responding almost the same thing to each and every person. Over, and over, and over. Admittedly the outpouring of support was so incredible, I was worried I couldn’t keep up with everyone individually.

Remember that part of me that’s always seeking to fix something?  Needless to say I had to find something to occupy my mind and feel like I'm helping.... Then it hit me.... Kajabi!

So I created a new site dedicated to Kimberly.  

In just a matter of minutes I had a beautiful page complete with some recent photos of Kimberly I had on my phone. (I never thought I’d ever have to do a Google search for “breast cancer pink hex code” by the way.)

I added a button at the top to let people subscribe for updates about Kimberly’s progress. Then I created an email sequence with a single message which would go out immediately when someone signs up.  

I was starting to feel hopeful and optimistic that I could keep all our family and friends in the loop, all at the same time.

They could read about the diagnosis, and could enter their name and email to sign up for updates. I even wrote a note telling them that this was all a blur, but in the days/weeks following I’d do my best to keep them updated via email broadcasts. Wanting to make it a bit more personal for Kim, I also registered a custom domain name and connected that with the site.

It’s interesting how a brief moment of inspiration can change your path so quickly. First I felt myself hiding in my office, blindsided by the news, and frozen by the weight of it all. Then that spark sent me into action, and rather than just feeling sorry for myself, I spent less than an hour creating a central hub dedicated to Kimberly’s battle with breast cancer.  

I started texting everybody the link and began to get signups immediately.

Kim and I both felt a sense of empowerment, like we had found a way to truly involve all our friends and family in the journey with us.

A couple days later, she had to get an MRI, and I used that opportunity to take her Kajabi site to the next level.  While sitting in the waiting room, I turned on the blog section of her site so she and I can post updates as well as our thoughts about the journey.

I typed up a quick email broadcast letting our family and friends know she was getting the MRI, and sent it to a little more than 100 people who had already signed up, all while sitting in the imaging facility!

It turns out that this has sparked a new passion in Kimberly too. If she has to undertake this battle with breast cancer, she decided she’s going to help as many other women as possible in the process. We don’t know exactly what this will look like yet, but the Kajabi site is going to be an outlet for her to blog about her journey, and share the advice, tips, and tricks she learns along the way to help other women.

I’ve got to say, that even though this is my company, and that I’ve seen countless customers have success with Kajabi, something changed for me when I started using it for this new purpose.

I developed a new level of gratitude for the platform. A deeper appreciation for how technology can help and support us all sharing our message with the world.

It also reminded me that our customers are not just using the platform to make money. Many of you have causes and passions which are near and dear to your heart, and in the same way Kajabi is helping my family and I, it enables you to share your message… whatever your message might be… with the world.

As for us, we’re still in the thick of it. Kimberly has just started her treatments and there are many months of pain and struggle ahead of us. While Kajabi cannot come remotely close to taking that pain and struggle away, it does give Kimberly and I the peace of mind that we are not walking this road alone. There are so many wonderful people around us who are eager to walk the road with us... and Kajabi has made that possible.