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A Wicked Awesome #KajabiHero Story

Category: Self-Made

A Wicked Awesome #KajabiHero Story
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Today we are super pumped to announce our newest Kajabi hero. She's been with us since before the New Kajabi even launched, making huge waves in the digital world by belting out some killer vocals.

I'd like to introduce you to the songstress, and creator of, Felicia Ricci.

We'll talk about how she used a chance opportunity to build a business and change her life.

So many people don't recognize opportunities, and when they do... honestly, most of the time they let them slip away.

At Kajabi we are passionate about changing lives and empowering people to turn their passions into serious income. One of the biggest parts of making your passion into a business is taking action when you see an opportunity appear.

Train Yourself to See Opportunity

Have you ever made a decision that you looked back on and thought, "Man... how different would things be if I didn't pull the trigger on that?"

That could be a good thing, or that could be a bad thing depending on your situation. But a moment like that can change the course of your life.

For Felicia, that moment was backstage on the massive hit Broadway show, Wicked.

Felicia was an understudy who found herself getting painted green in the middle of a show when the lead actress got sick after the first act.

This one incident became a pivotal moment in Felicia's life.

While she was backstage, she bumped into a gentleman, named Mitch, who just so happened to be a business mentor.

Meeting Mitch proved to be a chance of a lifetime which altered her course and completely changed how she would create an income.

You'll Miss Them If You Aren't Looking

It's funny how your perceptions can alter your entire life. If you’re looking for reasons for not doing this or that, you will find more than enough evidence to validate your negative viewpoint.

But let's not focus on the negative.

What’s the other side of the coin look like?

What if you’re actively looking for opportunities?

If you are open-minded and can recognize opportunities, then you will find them.

Take Advantage of Chance Opportunities

Have you ever been going after something that you thought was the answer?

You're pursuing opportunity then, bam! Something else falls into your lap, and suddenly you're at this crossroad.

You grapple with questions like:

"Do I jump at this opportunity?"

"Do I keep doing what I was doing?"

"What if I'm making a huge mistake?"

We've all been there.

Felicia could have said, "No, I'm going to be an actress. I'm exactly where I need to be. I don't want to create singing courses. I'm going to be in the spotlight!"

But she didn't. Instead, she took this opportunity and changed her career path entirely. As a result, she built something tangible, something that is so much more fulfilling.

Trips to Barcelona, making her schedule on her terms, and financial security... this is what Felicia's life is like now. With her singing courses on Kajabi alone, she's made $200,000 in less than eight months. That's only a snapshot of her career.

And get this.

Anyone can do this!

You can do this.

What you're doing now does not determine your future, and you don't have to stay on the career path that you're on now. Sometimes when you are pursuing your dreams, something else comes along.

Something New May Be Something Better

And at that moment it can feel like a betrayal. It feels like you are doing something wrong because you're deviating from what you thought “was meant to be.” But sometimes, that's where the magic happens.

Sometimes when you are holding on to your current situation, even if it is a good situation, you are holding yourself back from something better. Even if you are "living your dream" sometimes you've got to go for something else when you get the chance.

I think, in a lot of ways, chance opportunities can be some of the most challenging to pursue.

It can cause a lot of internal conflict.

Say you've always dreamed of being a writer. But while you are going after your dream, you start playing with design. So you try it out and find that designing is something that you enjoy so much more.

Or... maybe not. Maybe you find that design isn't all it's cracked up to be so you go back to writing.

I'm here, personally giving you permission to try new things.

You can always go back where you were before. Especially for online business, it's hard to burn your bridges.

Your situation right now isn't concrete. As entrepreneurs, we have this unique chance to wear as many hats as we want to. You can jump back and forth between different projects for different ventures because you have that freedom. Freedom to find where you fit in.

After Felicia had stopped acting, she wrote a book about her experiences: Unnaturally Green. And Mitch was there coaching her through it.

He helped her learn the basics. But he didn't stop there; he kept encouraging her to move forward and explore opportunities. That's when Felicia started teaching people how to sing.

Can you see this chain of events?

Each unique opportunity snowballed and evolved over time. Felicia tailor-made a lifestyle and pursued more than one niche throughout the course of her life.

When you recognize these chance opportunities and how this whole process opens doors for you, it can lead to an amazing life.

Inspired yet?

I know I am!

Let's take the next step.

Once you know what an opportunity is, how do you take that and make it into a profitable business?

Build a Solid Foundation

Felicia understood that in order to make this work she had to learn all of the tools and strategies she needed. She didn't hesitate to invest in herself and get the education she needed to blow her business out of the water.

Felicia became a student to become a better teacher.

Felicia acknowledged one of the key elements to chasing opportunity: there’s power in investing in yourself.

Why wing it when you can follow a time-tested plan that delivers the results you want?

To be successful in any business it is crucial that you never stop learning, never stop opening yourself up to new things, and never stop investing in yourself.

What do you look for in online education?

When you are investing in education and online courses, make sure people are consistently getting the results that you want to have. There are a lot of scammers out there who just want your money.

That's why it's important to see past the sales copy and do your homework. The best courses are built by someone who is smart, honest, and genuine. And the best courses have a proven track record for results.

So now you know how to see opportunities.

And you know that you need to invest in yourself.

What’s the next step for you?

Here's where the rubber tears into the pavement. And it can be the toughest part of living your dreams.

You hear it all over the internet. You know it's coming.


You have got to get to work. Use all of this information that you're taking in and do something with it.

Turn Opportunity and Knowledge Into Income

If you had the key to unlocking the life and income you wanted, would you lock it up in a box?

What good would that do you?

Believe it or not, tons of people do this. They see an opportunity, they invest in the courses, and then when it comes to using that knowledge and doing something with it; they stall out.

You can be the most intelligent, business savvy person in the world but if you don't use what you know, it doesn't do any good. If you want to be successful, eventually you’ll have got to stop just consuming all the resources available to you. You have to take action and start to building something for yourself.

Felicia understood the importance of taking in this information and using it to create something of her own.  And when she nailed this process she repeated it again and again with even better results.

That's the beauty of what Felicia accomplished. She knew that a 9-5 job was not something she desired in life. So Felicia learned skills that could apply to any online business she wanted.

So what does this process look like for you?

How do you take your knowledge and turn it into a successful business?

Prepare Yourself To Give Until It Feels Like You're Giving Too Much

This is the key when it comes to quality content and quality courses. You have to go the extra mile and deliver more than you think you should.

The only way you are going to make your passion into a viable business is to solve your audience's problems in an above and beyond way.

It takes time and effort to get to know your audience.

Felicia took the time she needed to engage with her audience and figure out how she could help them. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how great you are. It's not about you. It's about your audience, what they want to know, and how you can bring value into their lives.

When you connect with your audience on that level, you will change lives.

Felicia built a community of people who are passionate about the value she delivers. And that is why Felicia has done so amazingly with her audience.

Here are some of the tools Felicia used to connect with her audience and build courses that would provide value for them.

1. Give away high-quality content and coaching snippets for free.

2. Prerecorded Facebook webinars where she interacts live with her followers in the comments.

  • She used Jotform surveys to ask her list for feedback, questions, and concerns. 
  • She built her course around what her audience wanted to know. 
  • She upgrades and adds to her course with each launch.  
  • She gives her students the best information by addressing their specific concerns and needs. 
  • Ditch excuses and don't allow limitations to hold you back.
  • Did you know Felicia filmed her first course, (that she still sells today) with an iPhone?

I'm not kidding.

I think that’s such a great example of how the content and value we give people is so much more important than having expensive equipment and the best video editing skills.

When we get into these things I think it's human nature to overcomplicate and think all our ducks have to be single file before we launch. I hate to break it to you, but that is a flat out lie.

The most important thing is to get your business built. You can always tweak, upgrade, and add on to it as you go. But without that first step, you have nothing to build on.

Here are some common lies and excuses we let hold us back from launching our online courses:

1. Everything has to be perfect.

This is a biggy. Don't compare yourself to other big online businesses. They had to start somewhere too.

2. I don't have enough experience to teach anything valuable to anyone.

Experience is important, but it isn't the most important thing. The key is confidence in yourself. You don't have to know it all. You just have to know more than the people you are teaching. And that's how you can make a difference and help people.

The experience comes later as you grow and build your business. Willingness to learn and grow is so much more important than experience.

3. What if I make a mistake? I can't make mistakes!

You want to know a secret? Everyone makes mistakes. Especially in online businesses.

What you see in Felicia's videos on Youtube are finished products. She says herself that it's not 100% good all the time. You just have to be comfortable and give yourself permission to make mistakes. That's how you learn and grow. In online courses and life as a whole.

Find a platform that will give you what you want

Before she heard of Kajabi, Felicia started out with courses on Udemy. But she found that she didn't have the freedom she wanted with her business. She felt like an employee instead of a content creator that had total control over her business.

Your platform will either empower or disempower you. It is absolutely crucial to success.

I hear about this every day from people who've tried Wordpress, Squarespace, or Udemy to name a few. Frustration, lack of user-friendly tools, and the lack of freedom to run their business are all recurring concerns.

That's why Kajabi is here, to equip anyone with the tools, and platform they need to launch profitable online courses that change people's lives. And over 1,000 people have made $1,000 or more on Kajabi! Think of how many people our Kajabi Heroes have reached. Think of how many lives have changed, both for the Heroes and their students.

You Could Be Next

With Kajabi, you have the opportunity to build your online courses, and change your life while you change other lives too. Are you going to take this opportunity?

And if you want to learn more about Felicia and her killer vocal courses I encourage you to check out her website &

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A Wicked Awesome #KajabiHero Story
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