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Automated List Hygiene for better email performance

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Automated List Hygiene for better email performance
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To celebrate our 10th birthday, we’re recommitting to you Kajabi Heroes by releasing multiple impactful features and updates. Some of you have already noticed this change but for those who haven’t, we wanted to walk through an updated portion of our email delivery settings.

Let’s take a look at Automated List Hygiene, an email marketing feature that we’ve recently made some enhancements to. Automated List Hygiene works hard for you by automatically maintaining your contact list hygiene and effectively improving your email deliverability.

How Automated List Hygiene helps your email marketing.

Automated List Hygiene can make your email marketing more powerful by automatically scrubbing your email lists. This means it will unsubscribe subscribers on your contact lists when delivery to them hard bounces. With recent enhancements we’ve made, your contact lists will now also be scrubbed for emails that are misformatted, or had unsubscribed through their email service provider (ESP). All this happens on the backend without you needing to lift a finger.

We enhanced Automated List Hygiene to capture unsubscribes from Email Service Providers (like Gmail) to keep your lists squeaky clean.

Why is email list management important? It allows you to keep your subscriber list relevant and have more accurate email analytics. For example, Instead of those contacts just falling into the undelivered category, they've been unsubscribed automatically and they won't skew delivery statistics any more. At the same time, you’ll be able to access these member’s information in your People section on the app.

With a clean email list, you should also start to see a more accurate representation of your open rates and click rates. Additionally, because Kajabi is automatically identifying unsubscribed  members on your list and cleansing it for you, your email delivery reputation can improve.

A higher email delivery reputation score means more of your marketing messages will get to your intended audiences instead of getting stuck in spam filters.

Note: Automated List Hygiene only opts subscribers out of marketing email, not transactional emails or emails related to course announcements for active members.

What to look for next with automated list hygiene

You may see a higher unsubscribe rate than usual on your next email send. This may seem alarming at first but this is just Automated List Hygiene doing its job.

Once your contact list is properly cleaned, you should start to see higher delivery rates with each email going forward. We’re excited to see how you knowledge entrepreneurs use your improved email marketing capabilities to grow your business.

We know that unsubscribes aren’t pleasant and we’re here to help if you have any questions. You can always reach out to our Support team or you can learn more about email marketing on the Kajabi Help Center.

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