Find out how the “boy with the broken brain” unlocked the formula for limitless learning

Brain coach Jim Kwik unpacks why learning faster is the ultimate competitive advantage, and his proven framework for how to do it.

Before he was looked to by astronauts, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and celebrities like Will Smith to teach them how to maximize their potential, Jim Kwik was just a kid who struggled with learning.

As a child, he sustained a severe brain injury that made it exceedingly difficult for him to concentrate or remember anything. One of his teachers even called him “the boy with the broken brain.”

Today, he’s the CEO of Kwik Learning and has been called the world’s #1 brain coach. He was also one of the first-ever authors to utilize Kajabi’s platform to share his message with the world. 

As a part of his mission to create a smarter and more caring world, Jim joyfully debunks common misconceptions like “intelligence is fixed” and “genius is born.” Instead, he teaches that intelligence is limitless, and genius is built. It’s all a matter of upgrading your learning skills. 

“Think about how many times you upgrade your phone, or you upgrade apps. But what about the technology between your ears? How often do we upgrade our mind?” - Jim Kwik

That’s why Jim sat down (virtually) with Allie Fernando, Kajabi’s Director of Brand Experience, to give a masterclass on upgraded learning and why it’s the #1 skill for entrepreneurs to acquire. 

The interview (above) is one worth watching multiple times, because as Jim points out (among the many brain science gems he drops in the video), the average person will forget about 80% of what they hear within a week of hearing it. 

If you’d like to cultivate an above-average memory, plus get your hands on Jim’s best in-depth advice for people who want to upgrade their learning and unlock their potential, check out his book, Limitless, by clicking below:

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